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Helzberg Diamonds / fraud and scam

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Bought a 4000.00 wedding ring from them in 2000 which was an upgrade from the 2000.00 ring I got in 1998. Have not had problems with it until December 2008 when I noticed that the shank, 3/8 marquee diamond, and prongs was all missing out of my ring. Took my ring to Helzberg fully expecting them to fix it since they are suppose to have such a great warranty and so customer oriented. Boy was I wrong. They are trying to get me to pay 800.00 to have my diamond replaced.

And get a load of this, between shipping from the store to corporate and back to the store they lost one of my smaller diamonds. I have gotten every excuse in the book about them fixing my ring and have been without it since December. All I want is my ring fixed. Don't go to Helzberg!!! They will not warranty your ring like they say they do. Go to a jeweler that has a REAL WARRANTY and will fix your ring without the arguments and hassles. I am still battling with them to get it fixed.

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  • Ja
      7th of Apr, 2009
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    Hello to you i'm James The Jeweler in Atlanta, Ga and i'm a "REAL ONLINE ATLANTA JEWELER" here. I read your complaint and the first thing i will say to you as i've said countless times to many other members on this site, and this DO NOT BUY JEWELRY WARRANTIES THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN LIES TYPED IN BLACK & WHITE TO GET MORE MONEY OUT OF YOU. I hate that your ring which is an UPGRADE FROM your $2000 ring you owned previously is giving you so many problems.


    I would like for you to do 2 things and that is to FILE A COMPLAINT against Helzberg Jewelers with this organization called THE JEWELER'S VIGILANCE COMMITTEE and they will deal with Helzberg for sure. I've listed all of their contact info below for you to do so, also i'd like for you to contact your GOVERNOR'S OFFICE OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS in the same state Helzberg does its' business and FILE ANOTHER COMPLAINT WITH THEM.



    Normal business hours are 9am to 5pm,
    Monday through Friday (Eastern Time)
    excluding National Holidays.

    Telephone: (212) 997-2002
    Fax: (212) 997-9148

    If you have any questions for me James The Jeweler feel free to contact me here!

  • Ke
      20th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    As a former long term manager for Helzberg Diamonds in Kentucky, I feel for you. We are taught by our Regional managers to avoid honoring them at all costs. There is one female Regional out of St. Louis who brags to anyone who gives a rats behind about decieving customers to keep costs low. She also admits to sleepin her way to the top but thats neither here nor there, it just speaks to her character. All of her managers are taught how to sell care plans as they are 1oo percent profit and pads their bonuses but do everything short of a lawsuit to avoid honoring them. They are liars and scam artists and I am sorry you spent a nickle with them. If you decide to sue them, I will be glad to be a witness for you. Their so called ethics is a total joke.

  • Sh
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    I am sorry to hear about your misfortune! I have had my wedding set for almost 3 years, my husband did purchase the warranty and I am so glad he did because the smaller diamonds have fallen out a few time. They have immediately replaced them with no extra charge to me! The warranty has been honored fully every single time. I am glad he purchased the warranty because it has save me hundreds of dollars. We did not buy from Helzberg but another jewler (Zales). I hope you get your ring fixed, but don't give up on warranties...the way I see it warranties are like our "Car insurance!" I am sure you wouldn't drive without that so you defnitely don't want to wear an expensive ring on your finger without that insurance!

  • He
      16th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am a current worker at Helzberg diamonds and we ALWAYS honor our diamond guarantee. Infact we offer a free diamond gurantee replacing any diamond that cracks chips or falls out. Like any other company we do ask you to bring it in every 6 months to clean and inspect it. As long as your inspections are up to date we will replace your diamond FREE. Now, the care plan you might have purchased in addition would cover any labor that is needed to put the diamond back in its setting along with replacing your prongs. If you did not purchase this than you would need to pay extra for the labor. All of our gurantees and services are competively priced. You can go to any jewelry store and they will have the same 6 month inspection due date. After all, if a company just replaced every diamond for every customer who came in with missing prongs and missing stones for free than we would become bankrupt and everyone would begin popping out their diamonds to get a new free one!! I am sorry you had a bad experiance

  • Mo
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    Helzberg - Sent my diamong to wrong address
    United States

    I ordered earrings from Helzberg online. They shipped them to an address in a different state. It was proven by UPS tracking. They claimed they would replace them, but now, they keep telling me someone will call me back, but they never do. When I call the phone number, I get transferred until the line goes dead.

    I am continuing to get the same runaround. It is clear they have every intention of never refunding my money or sending me the diamond earrings. It is very frustrating.

    I am pissed. I would recommend avoiding these charlatans at all costs.

  • Sc
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    Make a complaint:

  • Pl
      22nd of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I love Helzberg's warranty! I bought from the store in Joplin, m0 in august of 2009. I used to have a job that was very hard on my ring, so I have had to have 2 repairs done. Free of charge. Also, my husband was able to get his re-sized, free of charge. We also go on a weekly basis to get our rings cleaned for free as well.

  • So
      5th of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes


    For starters, I received a 14K Marquis Solitaire .50 UNCERTIFIED ring years ago from my then fiancé. The original sales receipt lists this ring at $3995 retail! He got this on a holiday special and paid with taxes around $3k. At that time, I did not press him for paperwork..I was happy to get the ring and thought nothing about it. He had the receipt and other warranty documentation, and the last thing on my mind was whether he was ripped off.

    I ended up leaving him, and upon his death, he left the ring back to me. Being that I am under 40, single and can’t wear the ring, it will sit in a box in my closet. I figured it would be best and he would appreciate me selling it for something else of value that I could use everyday. HOW WRONG I WAS. I CAN’T GIVE THIS RING AWAY. NO ONE WANTS IT. I have sent this ring to 4 diamond buyers with offers between $200-$300. To my ASTONISHMENT, I took it to a jeweler myself, to receive a verbal that equates to this diamond being a piece of crap. HALF OF THE JEWELERY BUYERS SIMPLY DO NOT WANT THIS RING, or they lowball me offering $200 (majority).

    I wrote to HELL-ZBERG’S CORPORATE OFFICE, to get very RUDE customer service if you want to call it that. I inquired as to whether this ring had certification that was simply not passed on to me or my then fiance’ and I was told that it is uncertified and the reason is that they do not certify all of their diamonds in order to keep a variety of offerings to their customer (total b.s.). I then wrote back asking how it is, if a diamond is uncertified the value is determined. It makes no sense they would price a HALF CARAT RING at $4K retail that is uncertified and they offer nothing..they said the best there were willing to do since I can’t get to a retail store (which I would still get the same outcome anyway) is to get an insurance appraisal. I do not need an insurance appraisal, I need what EVERYONE WHO OWNS A DIAMOND RING NEEDS, PARTICULARLY AT THIS OUTRAGEOUS PRICE…A FREEGIN CLUE OF THE 4 C’S. I find it hard to believe that I can walk in any jeweler and ask for this information, yet the place I purchased it from CANNOT AND WILL NOT provide it after they received $3k for a $200 ring. Anyway, once I caught on to their b.s., they then stopped returning my emails…I was blown off completely. I did warn them that if they treated me that way I WOULD POST THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK THEY DESERVE and they IGNORED THAT TOO, so HERE IT IS JERKS.

    This was my first diamond and first engagement..had I known, I would have NEVER allowed my fiancé to purchase this ring or I would have immediately returned it myself. They seem to prey on men and their ignorance, and clearly they saw mine coming…he is CLEARLY unknowledgeable about this and they sold him an UNCERTIFIED DIAMOND at the price of a PERFECT CERTIFIED HALF CARAT DIAMOND. I could ring his neck for buying me this P.O.S. The only value this contains is that it is from him…it’s a cheap piece of crap and he worked very hard for his money.. It’s nothing short of awful and with all of the complaints I see they will be out of business with these sales tactics. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO ETHICAL SALES PRACTICES….HELL-ZBERG *^&*&^ SUCKS.

    Oh, and for you HELL-ZBERG sales clerks – do not bother responding with your b.s. excuses. THIS HAPPENED TO ME, and it’s happened to many people from what I see..your apologetic emails do no one any good who was ripped off having no recourse. I could have gotten a UNCERTIFIED DIAMOND at KMART or would hold more value than this I am sure of it. The point of going to a “fine jeweler” is to get QUALITY. Jewelers should NOT be allowed to sell UNCERTIFIED defeats the ENTIRE PURPOSE of paying more money.

  • Ir
      31st of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Helzberg has been nothing but a huge headache for me. I just finished posting my complaint and was not surprised at all to see so many more stories like mine.
    I have bought two pieces of jewelry from them, and I have had major issues with both pieces.
    The first one, I didn't even inquire into fixing as it was a relatively small priced item ($500 ring). Lost several diamonds out of it, and the ring itself cracked in half!!
    My diamond earrings that the salesman told me were of the highest quality- I found out had and probably always had (yes, when they sold them to me) HUGE CRACKS in them!
    Terrible customer service. All you get is "there is nothing we can do". I have never felt more ripped off by a company in my life. I am usually a pretty low maintenance kind of customer, but I found the ways this place conducts its business to be criminal.
    Debating standing outside of their store and sharing my story with everyone that walks by.
    Would hate to see many more people taken advantage of like I was. They can take my money and run, but one thing they can't do is take my voice.

  • Ir
      31st of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I really like how the Helzberg worker claims that they "offer a free diamond gurantee replacing any diamond that cracks chips or falls out". You have to read the "fine print" though that basically if you do not bring in your diamonds EXACTLY every 6 months for cleaning and inspection then you are going to be sorry because they will probably not "guarantee" anything. And with all of the dishonesty that consumers have suffered from this moral-less company, it is probably in your best interest to find a trusted jewelry inspector after each cleaning to make sure they didn't swap anything out. And even during inspection, best not to assume that they are "inspecting" your diamonds for your benefit at all, because if they are cracked or chipped- they will give them back to you with no alert to any issues.
    When you go to Helzberg, think of going to a used car lot. You will probably be tricked into buying a lemon. A week after you get it home, something major like the engine will go out. Although no car is ever worth what you pay for it, a used car salesman convinces you that you're getting a great deal on a classic when really you are paying three times the value of a junker. They will tell you to bring it in for free oil changes, when really they top off your pan and slap on a new sticker. And then you are also paying 23% interest on your finance loan. You find out you can't register it because it has out-of-state registration and cannot pass smog. You bring it back only to find out there is nothing you can do. The car salesman has already spent the commission. ;)
    Just like the car lot, Helzberg will you sell you faulty crap knowing that you will be back in a few months because you realized that the salesperson sold you a story and not a product. They will convince you to buy the warranties and bring it in for maintenance and keep leading you on as long as possible to make you think you are protected. You find out the diamond you bought is VALUELESS because no educated or respected diamond collector would embarrass their good collection with your polished rock. And then you go back to what you thought was an honest business and even a new friend you thought you made during your business transactions together only to find that you my dear, have been taken to the cleaners.
    And while you're driving to your modest home with your broken heart and worthless keepsake that you worked yourself to the bone for; you can't help but wonder how Warren Buffett must feel sleeping on his comfortable bed on his lavish island that he is able to enjoy- simply, because there is a sucker born every day. And unfortunately that sucker- bought their diamonds from Helzberg.

  • Se
      25th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    my experience with Helzberg diamonds, is i will chose not to ever use this company ever again, because they do not honor their warranties. i took my necklace into get it cleaned and replace a small diamond. the necklace came back cleaned which is fine and ought to have been included in the lifetime warranty, of which i had to pay 31.00 dollars to get it cleaned, only to get it back and i lost one of the diamond sets in it and also found it. the diamond was not replace, because my husband had to have proof of a receipt that he purchased the necklace and it did not get replaced, which is very sad. if a person buys a lifetime warranty the company needs to keep this in their records and on record, however, this is not the case, the receipt we were unable to find. if this is the case that Helzberg will not honor this warranty on all the jewelry my husband has purchased from this supposed honored and reputable company, i will no longer by jewelry from them from this day forward, especially after what i have read about warranties on this site and others. just remember Helzberg diamond you have lost a valued customer, if your company even knows what that means.

  • Jo
      24th of Jun, 2012
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    My wife's Masterpiece Diamond ring set at $8999 lost a medium sized diamond. We went early to some of the inpsections and were actually up to a week or so late on others. They still helped us out and replaced that lost diamond. Today I purchased a new replacement ring for this set since my son flushed them down the toilet. We told then the story and they all agreed to hook us up with a discount. We've been very loyal customers and have spent a great deal of money, so maybe we are valued to them.

  • Mg
      18th of Jul, 2012
    +1 Votes

    My husband purchased my wedding band at Helzberg and a diamond kept getting loose. We would take the ring for inspection every 6 months like the warranty requires. Two months ago one of the diamonds fell off the ring, so I took it to the store to replace the stone. The Helzberg salesperson told me it had to be sent to corporate office and that it would take a while, about a month to get it back. It's been two months already and every time I call the store or go in person to check if my ring is back they have a lame excuse. I am tired of their incompetence. I am afraid they lost the ring or something. Has anyone sent a ring to get a diamond replaced? How long did it take to get it back?

  • Vi
      26th of Oct, 2012
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    Helzberg Diamonds - Is Incompetent - poor service
    Helzberg Diamonds- is incompetent
    United States

    The District Manager for Helzberg Diamonds- is incompetent (fired from J.B. Whites), who allows the store manager- to mistreat some customers and new employees. His staff are a group of unprofessional people who really know nothing about the Jewelry Business, except for lying to customers, messing up their purchase orders, being rude to customers who complain about the Helzberg unprofessional service. I wouldn't buy any jewelry from those clowns.

  • Li
      29th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Helzberg Diamonds: The District Manager turns a blind eye to whatever happens, and allows the store manager to mistreat customers and new employees. His staff are a group of unprofessional & incompetent people, who really don't know anything about the jewelry Business, except for how to lie to customers, back stab fellow associates, and be rude to customers who complain about Helzberg's bad customer service. I wouldn't buy any jewelry from those clowns. They harass & mistreat fellow associates, who are better jewelry salesmen than they are. Helzberg (Augusta Mall) often violate their own business policies.

  • Li
      29th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Helzberg Diamonds: turns a blind eye to whatever happens, and allows the store manager to mistreat customers and new employees. His staff are a group of unprofessional & incompetent people, who really don't know anything about the jewelry Business, except for how to lie to customers, back stab fellow associates, and be rude to customers who complain about Helzberg's bad customer service. I wouldn't buy any jewelry from those clowns. They harass & mistreat fellow associates, who are better jewelry salesmen than they are. Helzberg (Augusta Mall) often violate their own business policies.

  • Jc
      15th of Nov, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I never used to have anything bad to say about Helzberg and would have recommended them to anyone. Over the last couple of years I can say without regret that I no longer feel that way. I have had several problems with payments being processed on my Helzberg CC with the same as cash time frames. We have had 3 pieces that for one reason or another they would not honor the warranty and 2 pieces that the in store inspection found problems, charged us money to send in the piece for repair only to be returned from the jeweler saying they couldn't find any problems. They then refused to refund our money. I am cutting all ties with Helzbergs after spending several thousand dollars with them and recommend no one buy from them again.

  • Je
      11th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    Diamonds can fall out, prongs can bend, rings can crack in half...many things cause these unfortunate incidents, but it comes down to this - Jewelry is made of precious metals - soft metals and alloys. Soft metals can bend and move, allowing stones to fall out AND alloys (not the gold itself) can corrode and cause cracks to form. It doesn't matter if you are extremely rough with your jewelry or if your jewelry is sitting on a shelf and never touched, it is exposed to elements that are present in the air around us. Chemicals cause corrosion in alloys, which cause cracks in jewelry (claps, prongs, ring shanks, chains). These chemicals do NOT have to be from household cleaners, hair styling agents, or lotions / soaps - the air has many chemicals that cause alloy breakdowns also. I used to live in North Carolina and the humidity was awful at times, mixed with poor ventilation in my house after kids took showers and after the dishwasher ran, I went to wear a ring that I had not touched in over a year and it had completely broken apart and was on the verge of disintegrating - I owned a jewelry store, grew up in the jewelry business and learned that day about alloy corrosion! I used to see various stages of alloy corrosion depending on where our customers lived - very rural areas had jewelry that turned a burnt orange color (from washing hands or even tiny water droplets in the air), some areas had higher chlorine levelsa in their city water. Warranty or no warranty, your jewelry needs maintenance like the many hoses under your car's hood - they need checking and repair from time to time in order to avoid a major breakdown :-)

  • Am
      24th of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I purchased my ring last March. They never told us we needed to get an inspection. A few weeks ago I noticed on the wedding band, one of the diamonds had fallen out. In order for us to have received the warranty it needed to be inspected. Now I have to pay to get it fixed. We are military and don't make that much. I feel like we were ripped off. We paid for a warranty and a ring that now I can't use. Oh well, who needs a wedding band anyways. I am going to tell all of my friends though never to use Helzberg. They are horrible and feed you a bunch of lies to get you to buy their product.

  • Rb
      25th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have the same issue as the lady with the uncertified diamond. Only mine was supposedly certified by helzberg and, well over 3k, and worth $200-300 because of it's major cracks and coal traces. I have been informed that helzberg is selling low end damaged diamonds at high end price. And now I believe it because I own a 5k piece of junk Helzberg Diamond.

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