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R Dec 08, 2015 Review updated:

Tried to cancel my subscription at the end of the promotional period and Hearst stated in writing it was not possible as my bank had already paid the direct debit before my request was received. They advised that I would need to continue subscribing for another 6 months. I checked with my bank who immediately cancelled direct debit and confirmed no monies had been paid. I emailed Hearst again to check status of my subscription and again received written confirmation that my subscription would cease in another 6 months as renewal had been paid by my bank. As I did not receive the next Country Living magazine I emailed to ask where it was! Hearst advised that my subscription had terminated. I therefore emailed back asking why they mis-informed me twice that they had been paid by my bank and would therefore not cancel the subscription - only generic replies received none of which addressed my query. I can only infer from their lack of adequate response why they said they had already received my subscription fee and therefore I could not cancel!


  • I continue to get BILLED for my subscription that I have PAID for !!! As a matter of fact I just renewed my subscription...The checked has been cashed yet I continue to receive bills...PLEASE STOP !!!

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      Jun 03, 2016
    Hearst - Unsolicited subscriptions
    Hearst Publications
    United States

    I just received a "Second Notice" for unsolicited subscription. I entered their sweepstakes but was very careful
    to avoid signing up for subscriptions.

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