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I am Prashant Jain,

I got a HDFC Titanium Credit Card on 9th April-10, as the conversation had with HDFC Team since beginning HDFC people were cleared with the subject that there is no any annual or monthly fee with this Credit Card which has been offered by HDFC only.

Now as per the enclosed annexure which I got along with Credit Card there is clearly mentioned that the annual fee will be of Rs. 4000/- (Four Thousand Only) HOW COME?????? NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL>

As I earlier told to HDFC TEAM that if any annual fee is there than I have to surrender this card to HDFC with immediate effect.

Take it very seriously & revert with the actual immediately.

Thanking You
Prashant Jain

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  • Fp
      13th of Apr, 2010

    You are expecting HDFC to reply to this post??? You think HDFC is even aware of this website? And, even if it were aware of it, you seriously think they are going to be checking it??

    You sound like an educated person, so I'm sure that you're aware that the ONLY proper way to complain and get an answer, if that is want one wants, is to write directly to the Company you require an answer from?

    This forum is only here to make people aware of your situation/problem... NOT to get a response from the Company.

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  • Te
      19th of May, 2011

    my name is Tejas. i had exactly the incident as prashant had above. they mentioned that there wud be no annual fee and the titanium card is free for life.

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