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annual fee


I am Prashant Jain,

I got a HDFC Titanium Credit Card on 9th April-10, as the conversation had with HDFC Team since beginning HDFC people were cleared with the subject that there is no any annual or monthly fee with this Credit Card which has been offered by HDFC only.

Now as per the enclosed annexure which I got along with Credit Card there is clearly mentioned that the annual fee will be of Rs. 4000/- (Four Thousand Only) HOW COME?????? NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL>

As I earlier told to HDFC TEAM that if any annual fee is there than I have to surrender this card to HDFC with immediate effect.

Take it very seriously & revert with the actual immediately.

Thanking You
Prashant Jain

  • Fp
    FPB2 Apr 13, 2010

    You are expecting HDFC to reply to this post??? You think HDFC is even aware of this website? And, even if it were aware of it, you seriously think they are going to be checking it??

    You sound like an educated person, so I'm sure that you're aware that the ONLY proper way to complain and get an answer, if that is want one wants, is to write directly to the Company you require an answer from?

    This forum is only here to make people aware of your situation/problem... NOT to get a response from the Company.

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  • Te
    Tejas_C May 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my name is Tejas. i had exactly the incident as prashant had above. they mentioned that there wud be no annual fee and the titanium card is free for life.

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re: home loan application rejection

I am Prabhat Sharma, Shift Engineer in Pepsi, and getting 45000 Rs per month My local address is Prabhat Sharma, S/o Sh. S.K.Sharma, D-9, C.S.S.R.I., Karnal, I applied for home loan in karnal in 14 Feb.-10 hdfc loan office for chd housing, opp. Karnal Haveli, I have already given 4 installments of flat. I provide all documents that they required, after that they told me, your file is complete, and home loan will be final, and I come back to job (Pepsi) in Mozambique on dt. 12 mar.-10, I comunicate many times they committed me, that donot worry. but now I am in Mozambique, and they are refusing, that your application is cancelled. They reject my application and giving me unsatisfactory reason, that your father took the small loan from another bank and did not giving back regularly, I applied for home loan in hdfc, not my father, then why they are involving seperate matter with my home loan, they took my NRI Cheques, I will give the installments, not my father They wasted my two months. I cannot apply in another bank at this time .Now I am suffering too much, Because my next installment is due, They could cancell, when I was in India, But now after two months, they reject my application . This is not fair, This is the matter of hdfc reputation and also the faith of peoples on hdfc bank. Now pl. solve my genuine problem.I have paid the processing fees also.I do not what they want now, but like that, This is not good .So again I am requesting you to solve my problem . I am giving the proper address of your karnal office and the consult person.

atm card got blocked

My Atm card got blocked as I have applied for a new gold pro ATM debit card but I didn't receice it as I have to change my location as it was very urgent. Now I want my old card to get activated or I want the new card to be sent to my new address. Even I called the phone banking services twice once they said thet will sent the card to the nearest bank location of my house so I called them againg to check the status of my card but they kept me on hold for 10 mins later I disconnected the call as my balance was low.
Please help me I want my debit card.
My Cell # is [protected].

lock on savings account

HDFC bank has locked my savings account on 1st April 2010 without prior notice and the Branch Manager is not aware for what reason the lock has been enforced.The Branch Manger of Ambattur Branch, till now has not given the reason for the memo to lock my account. I have issued a notice to the MD of the bank Mr.Aditya Puri in his official mail id aditya.[protected]@hdfcbank.com and if the issue is not sorted out my legal advisor has advised to take the matter to the banking ombudsman.

home loan grievance

I have a home loan account with hdfc home loan department ambarnath west. account number is [protected]. however when I visited the ambarnath west branch, and enquired about the details about the outstanding balance (as I wanted to make a pre-payment) , the manager refused to give me a computer print - out. his reasoning was that he did not know the file number. there seems to be some negative nexus between the manager of the hdfc home loan department and the builder m/s om shree sai developers. I would like to invoke the right to information act and would like to know the exact factual position. also I have realised that your bank has charged a higher rate of interest for the initial one and and half year over and above the initial offer of 10.25%, which I think is not at all justified. I would like to avail the present offer of 8.50% which has been offered by all the leading financial institutions.

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ipin (internet banking)

I have got the forex card from hdfc as I was travelling to the us for an official trip. The ipin which came alongwith the welcome kit (With card) the print was worst... You cant figure out which is o & which is 0. I literally had to ask onshore people if I was wrong in reading the ipin. I tried all the alpha numeric stuff with the ipin but it didnt worked. I raised a complained on hdfc customer care & followed up 3 times. They didnt come up with the solution. Today I got an email asking to call the customer care in india for further assistance on that... Crazy people.. They want me to spend 2$ per minute & listen the music till the time it reaches the correct person who as per my knowledge doesnt help.& ask to call back again saying system is down or with some silly reasons.

I am hoping that someone should listen to my issue & assist with the same.


threatening calls from credit card company

Respected Sir/Madam,
I need help from your side that’s why I am mailing you my problem, HDFC BANK representative is harassing me so much these days that I cannot explain you but giving you a brief. I am very much frustrated from this. Please help me in this matter as I know only RBI can save me from this torture.
My name is Arif Nasir Butt, Father – K.N BUTT, Residing In RANCHI- JHARKHAND and I want to inform you that I am a account holder in HDFC BANK from 10 years time. While 3-4 years back HDFC BANK has issued me a credit card number is- [protected].Myself is paying regularly to HDFC bank but 6 months back when I came to my hometown,
Till that time always call is coming from Kolkata and girls are abusing me, one time they even abuses my mother as my mother is a heart and BP patient. They are always harassing me even at morning time till night 9 o clock.
All numbers from which I am getting threatening calls are-
I and my parents are very much harassed as they are regularly calling from these numbers in my mobile as well as my mother and father number. After some days One of HDFC BANK representative name is AMIT came to my place and offer me personal loan and asked me to pay 10, 000, so my card blockage will be removed. [protected]- AMIT NUMBER
I am also in need of loan and thought that I can clear all outstanding bill of HDFC BANK directly from personal loan.
I tried to arrange money but cannot do that at earliest time so I paid 2500 RS first, but that guy Amit has not given me receipt of that.
Again after some days I paid 10, 000 but to open my blockage of card. This time also I didn’t receive money receipt.
After payment of money Amit has not received my single call and other guys are always threatening me to pay money otherwise they say they will kidnap me and kill me, whenever I found alone in road.
Today RAKESH from HDFC BANK call me from number [protected], and abusing me with bad language and also threaten me to get all money back at any cost also challenge me not to go outside.
So, I need your help from your side, please try to get me out from this mental & physical pressure.
I will be very thankful to you .


regarding conversion of the swipped amount into easy emi's

The manager,
Hdfc bank,

Dear sir,

I am abhijit satish shetye and I have been allotted a hdfc bank titanium international master card.

In addition on getting the card I have also been allotted a credit limit of rs. 50, 000.

I have swiped my card for a purchase of an electonic goods.

When I had received the card, it has clearly been mentioned on the pamphlet to which the card is attached that easy emi's are available on purchase of any electronic goods. At the same time after swiping my card I spontaneously got a verification call from the customer care to cross check if I myself have swiped the card, at the same time also I have told that I need to get it converted to easy emi.
At that time I got a feed back that the transaction gets booked in 24 hrs and so you need to call after 24 hrs and your amount will be converted to easy emi. But then I come to know that the easy emi scheme is not available on my card but still we will get back to you.
Since then I am calling up the customer care for the easy emi scheme but I haven't got any revert on the easy emi facility on my swiped amount.

Kindly request you to please convert my amount as it will be impossible for me to pay the entire amount in a single shot.

  • Bh
    Bharathi.M Jul 26, 2010

    Even i have faced the same problem.

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  • Ve
    veeramreddy sreedhar reddy Aug 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have card using 8 month, But don't have pin no.

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  • As
    Ashokontheway Oct 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry, I have using around four years and purchased 17 items with easy EMI. You have to call customer care specifically and get the facility. The customer care always calling you because of verification.

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no timings

Hr is sleeping here completely
No timings of bank for the employees
No hike in salary no promotions in time
Always sales pressure making mentally weak, harrassing for sales sales and sales
No resting place no lunch timings, worst bank in india
Breaking the code of conduct for employees welfare, indian govermnet should take strict actions against them.

  • Yo
    YOUNISS Jun 09, 2014


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I have got an account with HDFC bank. I applied for credit and gave all my details my customer ID for bank, ID proof and ID proof however It has been over 10 days now I have not heard anything about it. She called me once and ask to submit another address proof.

She promised me that she would send her executive for the same, however as I mentioned above It has been over 10 days now nobody turned up. I have been trying to contact same girl called pragya for last 10 Days who took all my details for credit card. She has also not been answering my phone calls moreover they are having laugh. Her extension number is [protected]

Look at their audacity that they put the receiver on the side so that It could not be connected. I am not going to tolerate this revolting behaviour. I will complain to Head Office and to Ombudsman as well.

I would also like to tell you that few days back they were kept on calling to me to sell me a credit card. I have been treated so badly. They do not deserve to be there. They do not know the meaning of customer service.

To whom so ever it may concern please take some action against them.

employee related

To the hr manager, Hdfc bank ltd Mumbai Regardable sir, With due respect I bag to state that I umesh...

rejection of credit card

Raman says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
February 19, 2010 at 4:13 pm


Recently hdfc bank rejected my credit care twice.
On email them i just get a reply as of now due to various reasons they are unable to offer me the same.
On my personal enquiry, i gt an informal information that i am listed in cibil.
I have never owned a credit card and never been a dafaulter. To my surprise if i have been, how sbi issued me a car loan about 8 months back which is still running on my name.
So i feel somewhere something is wrong. Hdfc is not helping me out in giving me details where what i have been shown in what context i am a defaulter.
Approaching hdfc bank through email from last many many months now is wasting my time.
How should i proceed now and where to approach. Please help me.



ecs failure


I have a personl loan with hdfc. But my ank is obc every month theare deducting tru ecs from last 2 years. But thismont their ecs got rejected and they called me for the payment. Balance is ther in the account. As I enquired at obc, I came to know that th ecs got rejected due o som connectivit problem between banks, and all he ecss for eery bank which came to obc got rejected. Then all those banks re-submitted their ecs's and encashd their emi's.
But this hdfc pople are pressing me o pay at their counter other wise I will become a defaulter. They are making dozens of calls to me.

I explained the situation to them, they are not ina mood to understand or hear u. They say that it is our responsibility to see that the ecs gets cashed. Atually it I not my problem, the cash is lying in the account it the inability of hdfc to encash tru es, moreover they are blaing us.

If so, whydo they tae ecs, then what is their role.
I think they have to gather information from rbi or obc for the rejection of ecs. They want to put all the blames n the customer.


  • Du
    Duraichennai Mar 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm also suffering with the similar kind of issue with the ECS for HDFC Personal loan. The people filled up my Personal loan application by wrongly entering my initial and they processed the LOAN with the same initial. I would have easily identifed through my proofs which have right name and initials appearing. But the foolish officers, managers verified all my documents just approved my loan and i received it. Now they are calling me and say the ECS is getting rejected due to my fault and i need to pay fine. When I ask them what is the problem thay say it is just a bug or technical diffuct in thier system. How ca i take that blame and pay fine to them. I really disappointed by their very very poor service. The tele callers are also talking very rude in a unproffessional manner.
    Durai, Chennai

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  • Gl
    GL Sai kumar Sep 06, 2013

    Yes! Some people are really a headache candidates. I am also having a similar case for my laon. The previous person was the best one who explained every possible query and all possible choices which are best for me. Later I thought of apoplying for top-up of the loan. This time, the old agent has transferred to other bank. so he arranged someother guy. This guy is a head of agony. He does all kinds of tricks to get the deal passed. He doesnt matter how the costumer feels to pay back and which option is favorouble for costumer. he instead of topping the existing loan, just opened a new loan and passed time for 20 days to get my loan credited and after that only I came to know that the guy made a complete gamble of my case and created hell lot of new problems for me. Now The ECS for first month has failed. and i didnt get any response from the person eventhough I have informed him about the situation for 20 times calling him everytime, but he is simply a lazy and unfit person.

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frizing the a/c during last 3 months

This is habibulla mondal here. I am a customer of sector 5 eternity branch.
My account no is [protected] and my customer identification no is [protected].
The bank authority had frizzed my account for last two and half months showing the cause of pb authorization made by mr archie chokroborty.
They supposed to think I am a vague costumer. I have submitted my axis bank statement and my pan card no to the branch on 28 january 2010. But the told me that
My problem would be solved within 96 working hour. Remain time has gone but my problems remains. Then what are the businesses... ?Have there any regulation act by the reserve bank.. ??We the customer valued our money not the banking system.

making fool of investor

Hdfc unit linked young star plus' (Sarutha ke jiyo)
I had taken a policy of 'hdfc unit linked young star plus' (Sarutha ke jiyo)
With insurance coverage giving me so many dreams shown in excel sheet hdfc promise kid’s education and soooooo and dream are as follow

Reality is this

It involved initial amount of rs 5 lakhs investment, in the yr 2005, followed by payments of rs. 50, 000 for 3 consecutive years. This was terms and condition agreed at the time of investment with hdfc staff that came home (Jiteesh, biju insurance person).
I paid all these payments in till 2009.in 2010 january, I got a cheque of approx rs. 4 lakhs from hdfc bank, saying that all is closed.

For verification policy # is [protected]

You can clearly see that I have lost around rs. 2.5 lakhs at the end of 4-5 yrs. It would have been a better choice to put it in fixed deposit else where which would have given me double the amount by now. How these people are play with us.

So dear friend beware of hdfc any policy... Be careful investing with hdfc bank... Try to send/ pass these to information to everyone so that other will not fall in the trap of hdfc bank

Thank so much

Moncy c varghese

amount debited but cash not received

Sub: pls solved my problem for do not receipt any withdrawal amount from your ubi atm habra branch in time of cash withdrawal. (Ubi atm - id akl0011u).

Respected sir,
I sanjay kumar chakraborty, internal audit in sks microfinance ltd. And I have a salary account in hdfc bank. My hdfc savings a/c no. [protected]. On 06/02/10 I withdraw rs.8400/- from your ubi atm at habra branch for my own bank atm problem.
But I found that at 11:43 am when I withdraw rs.8400/- then link failure & I do not collect money from ubi atm but only receipt transaction slip.in slip shown system error & pls cont. Bank. After this I went to hdfc bank & verify my a/c balance & found that rs.8400/- withdrawal amount shown in my statement. But in time of cash withdrawal I do not receipt any money from ubi atm habra branch. At least I submit my complain in to ubi bank & all document attach my mail.

So, I request to you pls immediately solved my problem very sincearly & obliged to me.
With regards,
Sanjay kumar chakraborty
Vill - subhash pally,
P. O - gobagdanga
Dist - 24 pgs. (N)
Pin - 743252
West bengal
Email: [protected]@yahoo.com
(M) - [protected] / [protected]

amount debited but cash not received
amount debited but cash not received
amount debited but cash not received

  • Ev
    EVANGGELINE ROGER Feb 08, 2010


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  • Ev
    EVANGGELINE ROGER Feb 08, 2010


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  • Ev
    EVANGGELINE ROGER Feb 08, 2010


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time related issue

HDFC bank at bandra east, kalamandir branch mumbai closes te bank 5 mins earlier then the alloted time. I have everytime noticed that every saturday they close their bank 5 mins earlier today also when i reached the bank at 11.58 am the bank was closed and when i asked the security abt it he told me that it is past 12 and i spoke to the manager Mr. Uday Roy that why every saturday they close the branch 5 min earlier he told me very rudelly that we go according to the watch at our branch and the branch watch was 5 min faster then the gmt time. How will a cutomer react to this as there is no support from the bank manager. I would like to see that strick action is taken against the branch manager seeing that he doesnt do this again in future, so that the customer doesnt suffer for it

personal loan

I am an salary a/c holder with hdfc bank sf road, siliguri branch a/c no [protected] working in birla sunlife insurance co ltd. For a whole month the people from the personal loan department kept on reapeatedly persuing me for a personal loan since I was supposed to be a bonafide customer and was eligible for a loan as per their version. I was a fool to fall into this and landed up submitting my docs for a loan of rs. 1.25 lacs on 22.01.2017. I was assured that it would be disbursed on 25th of jan 2017. Nothind being credited till 28.01.2017 I contacted them and was replied that the loan was rejected on grounds which even they were not clear of. Is this a joke I am being pestered to apply a loan and on applying it stands rejected and I dont know the reasons why. Is this what I should get from a concern like hdfc bank. I feel very humiliated and dejected. I would ask the concerned authorities to look into these and give me valid replies or I shall close my account and being a member of birla sunlife insurance co ask my collegues to close their acconts also or they also may have to face such henious acts from hdfc bank ltd.

  • Va
    varun112233 Mar 08, 2010


    Many people has encountered similar experience with hdfc.

    Its really annoying.

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  • La
    Lakshmi Kundu Jun 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had taken a personal loan for Rs 199000 in end March 2017 for a period of one year and I had cleared paying instalments in April, May and June. When I took the loan I was told that I can close it anytime at a charge of 4% on outstanding principal. When I wanted to close now, first I was told that I cannot close before one year. After raising complaints and on my insisting of closing the loan, now I am told to pay all the pending 9 instalments as well as 4% on outstanding principal. If the bank is taking all the instalments - does this fall under closure that they will also charge the 4%. HDFC Bank is harassing and putting customers into unjustifiable traps and cheating on customers by asking for undue charges.

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hold amount in hdfc bank

i am vinay kumar shukla. my A/C in HDFC bank mumbai grant road & my A/C no. [protected]. my amount hold by HDFC loan depart he tell me you have loan 1.5 lac but i have no any loan till date. so you are requested to please clear my A/C.

with regards

vinay kumar shukla

  • Wa
    waesdrguihjo Aug 01, 2010

    i am neeraj kumar, i have a account in your delhi bank branch is G-3/4, suryakiran building,
    19, kasturba gandhi marg, n.d-110001, , my ac/no is 00031050602288,
    my account hold by hdfc credit card department, he tell me your 7000, amount due, now he
    has hold my account 13500Rs, so i request you that kindly clear my amount as soon as possible.
    becoz i am suffering from lung problem...

    its my request to all of you...
    co n0-9650877964

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account debited but cash not received

I had inserted my debit card in the atm machine of sbi bank located in raxual (bihar) but the cash did not come out and my saving account was debited by the amount i. e. rs. 5000.00. I have my account with hdfc bank noida branch. when I contacted the sbi bank for this they said that you have to complain with the hdfc bank and not with us. please contact me on [protected]@gmail. com

  • Am
    Amount debited but cash not receied. Feb 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SUB: Pls solved my problem for do not receipt any withdrawal amount
    from your UBI ATM Habra branch in time of cash withdrawal.
    (ATM -ID AKL0011U).

    Respected Sir,
    I Sanjay kumar chakraborty, Internal Audit in SKS Microfinance LTD. And I have a salary account in HDFC bank. My HDFC savings A/C No. 00211050572665. On 06/02/10 I withdraw Rs.8400/- from your UBI ATM at Habra branch for my own bank ATM problem.
    But I found that at 11:43 AM when I withdraw Rs.8400/- then link failure & I do not collect money from UBI ATM but only receipt transaction slip. In Slip shown System error & pls Cont. Bank. After this I went to HDFC bank & verify my A/C balance & found that Rs.8400/- withdrawal amount shown in my statement. But in time of cash withdrawal I do not receipt any money from UBI ATM habra branch. At least I submit my complain in to UBI bank & all document attach with my complain.
    So, I request to you pls immediately solved my problem very sincearly & obliged to me.
    With Regards,
    Sanjay Kumar Chakraborty
    Vill - Subhash Pally,
    P.O- Gobagdanga
    Dist- 24 Pgs. (N)
    Pin- 743252
    West Bengal
    email- [email protected]
    (M) - 9734659730 / 9836229329

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