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Henrico Virginia richmond 8047478000, United States

on dec. 28th 2012 we purchased aireloom king mattress heather model 0242A8986DM brand 0242 fillbox outer tufted lux plush plus a king boxspring for $2, 500.00 We were comfortable on it for probably a year but then we started getting back pains from sleeping on it.There is quiet a bit of sagging and my husband feels like he is going to fall on the floor so he sleeps in the middle of the bed which feels like you are on a mountain. We put in a complaint on May 16th to the warranty company from Haynes. We filled out their forms and sent them many pictures and information .They eventually sent out their men to measure and take their own pictures. Although we have called Mrs Hicks numerous times we always get an excuse or a '' I will call you back''. After more than 2 months we still have not gotten an answer.

Haynes Furniture
Haynes Furniture
Haynes Furniture

Jul 19, 2016

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