Havertys Furniture / No delivery

United States

Six weeks after paying for a sofa, Haverty's calls to set up delivery appointment. After several phone calls and emails instructing me to be home for delivery in a 4 hour time period on Wednesday, I change my plans for the week, drive 316 miles back early from vacation because I need the sofa. On Monday afternoon Havertys calls to say they are changing the delivery date, and not just by a day or 2 but until the following Wednesday! Why? Because they only deliver to my neighborhood (15 miles from the store)on Wednesdays!

My thoughts: If Haverty's is this unreliable and has this much disregard for the time of their customers, how bad will their customer service be if there is a problem with the furniture? Even after spending $299 for added protection. My guess? Don't count on them. I really regret buying from Haverty's.


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