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Harvey Norman / useless service & ignorance!

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I bought a 42" plasma for $1375 and a couch worth over $1800 on a Monday from this absolutely appalling salesman. I ignored the salesman's lack of ability, it's his loss he is a crap person and that's not for me to fix. But anyway. Here's where I got angry. I get a call on the Wednesday to say it has arrived. No instruction on how to pick it up, just, "It's here, come get it." So i went and wandered around the store until someone was bothered to serve me. They say "No worries go round to the loading bay." When I asked where it was he waves his arms around saying "around the side" whilst walking off to meet me there. Brilliant, so now I drive around the whole store looking for the loading dock. I get there and had to go through every single identification step again at the dock because the salesman who was meeting me there never arrived.

Next thing I have this man at the loading bay telling me- "nope, you can't fit it in the car." I stood there with the measuring tape seeing that it was obviously going to fit, argued the point with him several times until he says to me "There is no way I'm getting this thing down here to see it wont fit." Go Harvey, Go Harvey.

To top it off this has wasted two hours of my time, I still don't have my television, I spent my fuel driving down there when this could have all been fixed with a simple question from the incompetent salesman at the start - "What sort of car do you have? Ok, no worries, it's not going to fit in there this is what we can do for you..."

Ha Ha yeah right, it's got nothing to do with customer service any more. Trust me Harveys, you sell T.V's? I sell homes, and crap service isn't going to win repeat business.

I'll never buy from Harveys again, and I will be sure to tell absolutely everybody I see about this incident. Oh, and the reason I'm complaining here and not to Harvey Norman directly? They don't have a complaints department. Must have realized they'd have to employ too many more staff.

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