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Hartford Insurance Company / Hidden fees

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When I cancelled insurance with the Hartford Auto Insurance I was charged a 10% cancellation fee. AARP promotes this insurance and when I asked AARP about it they told me it was in the info book provided but they did not know where. Not finding it I called Hartford and after 15 minutes I was told the info was contained on the last page of the book. The sentence reads, "Additional terms and rules are contained at the Hartford main office". NO! other insurance company I have spoken with does this and all of them said "are you kidding?, they do that?

In these days of hidden fee's, know that Hartford Auto Insurance is out to screw you!

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  • Er
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    All insurance companies do that. If they are acting like just "The Hartford" does that, then your current insurance company is pulling the wool over your eyes.

    It's a short rate cancelation fee, everyone does it, AARP knows the hartford does it and your current insurance compnay will do it to you when you cancel on any date other than the affective dates. It's the cost of setting up the policy for the full year and you not keeping it.

  • La
      18th of Apr, 2008
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    hartford is very rude to older folks like us, last night the manage screamed at us over the phone and then hung up on us. AARP is supporting the wrong insurance company.

  • To
      16th of May, 2008
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    Ive changed auto insurance policies 5 times in the past 10 years due to better rates and I have to tell you that NONE of them charged me a cancellation feel. I just cancelled my Hartford policy after they increased my rates by 110 dollars when I bought a new car and sold my old ones. They charged me 10% of the rate increase on top of the 10% of the remaining balance for a 63 dollar "administration" fee.
    I asked "what would have happened if I cancelled the policy at the end of the month (seeings how I cancelled it right after I made a payment) they told me that they wouldnt have sent me a refund and just kept the remaining amount. BIG TIME RIP OFF!

  • Ki
      20th of May, 2008
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    I cancelled a policy over the phone for an additional car added on for 1 month only. They cancelled my whole policy including my car that I had insured with them for years. I received NOTHING in the mail, and they refuse to reinstate me. AARP should get rid of this rip off company.

  • Mu
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    We had a hial damage claim and they said they only paid on good not excellent. Kelly Blue Book Value $7600 and they are paying $5816.23. They said they used NADA $7300.00. Then they said they used someone else when we told them what excellent was on NADA. When we told them we had spent $3000. on a new engine, they said they couldn't pay excellent because the motor wasn't orginal.
    They put us onm hold and went home. We contacted ou state ins. commissioner, and tey still haven't done anything to resolve our disagreements.
    Customer service was rude, and their 'mediator" is hired by them, go figure. We are not at all happy with thheir ins or claims adjustment.
    At no time did our premiums go down to reflect their decreased value of our vehicle.

  • Pa
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    I have had similar problems when I cancelled with Hartford. This was for my business insurance. I paid annually and renewed with a different co at a better rate and cancelled with Hartford. They sent me an official form absolving them of any liabliity after the renewal date, which I faxed back to them. I still got bills so I called them again and they sent me another form (same thing) which I sent back. They said they had overhauled their computer system and some accounts were affected by missing info. I sent them the other form back and received an emailed acknowledgement as I requested. I later got a letter from a collection agency and responded with a dispute and sent copies of paperwork. I had a call
    from them implying they dont care and I'm dealing with them now and as far as they are concerned I owe them!
    I am not going to pay, and will see what happens in court.
    I have cancelled insurance policies with other companies and have NEVER been treated like this. I will NEVER buy ANY insurance, auto home, business health from HARTFORD regardless of the outcome of this case

  • Fa
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    I, too, have extremely disappointed with the service received from Hartford after a car accident. The claims handler was rude and treated my phone call as a complete inconvenience. A week later my car was still in the tow yard and no one had looked at it. I called again and talked with a woman named Josie Medina who was outstanding. She listened and truly cared. She helped me set up a rental car and gave me the number of the claim handler's supervisor. But the supervisor did nothing more than apologize and made promises that she didn't follow through on until I started calling every day.

    Finally my car was picked up and taken to Denver which is 5 hours away. A week later an adjuster called and said the car could be fixed, not totalled as the computer had designated. He agreed to have the car brought back to my hometown to be fixed. His boss called later and said they didn't want to bring the car back but would have it fixed in Denver. I reminded him that according to my policy it is my choice. He unhappily agreed to have the car hauled back. An hour later he called again and offered to buy me out. Thankfully I got the offer in writing via fax.

    Two weeks later the person who was to cut the check called, only the price he quoted was two thouand less than the offer. He all but called me a liar when I told him the real offer, until I told him I would be happy to fax him the quote that had been faxed to me in writing.

    t took over a month and numerous phone calls to rude and uncaring "customer service" people before the claim was settled.

    As a 54 year old Human Resources professional, I deal with stressful issues all day long but have to say that by the time my claim was settled, I was pretty damned fed up!

    But it didn't end there. When I purchased a new vehicle, I was told that the wrecked car was still on the policy, and that I was to have called to have it removed. The claims handler does not do that. As per my call, the premium for the wrecked car would be backdated and deleted.

    But lo and behold, I get the endorsement and the wrecked car is still on the policy and I am being billed for coverage. I call again and am assured it will be taken care of, and that I will be refunded the two months premium I'd already paid on the wrecked car. Then another bill, the car is still on it. No mention of a refund. All three premium amounts have been different, the one over the phone, the first endorsement bill, and then the next. And each one higher than the previous.

    Enough I say, cancel the policy and go with a certified agent here in town.

    I got a letter in the mail today from Hartford. Yes, they are charging me a 10% cancellation fee.
    Well worth every penny to be done with such an incompetent organization.

    Bottom line, stay away from insurance companies that only offer 800 number service. With any claim, write down who you talk to and when, and get whatever you can in writing.

    As for AARP, as long as they endorse a company that writes policies without the resources to back them up, I will not belong to that organization. Thankfully I was young and savvy enough to jump through all the hoops and FINALLY get my money. Thankfully this did not happen to my mother. I can only imagine how hard it would have been for her. She too, is cancelling her AARP membership.

    To me, ripping off the elderly is the ultimate low blow. Shame on you Hartford! Wake up AARP, do a complete audit of what is really going on with the company that you are endorsing.

  • Pa
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    I had property insurance with Hartford and had paid annually in advance. I was offered a better
    deal with another insurance company and accepted. I kept getting bills from Hartford. I phoned them on several occasions and told them I did not renew as I had found a better deal elsewhere. Most time they were just very rude. I completed and sent in a "cancellation" form twice which confirmed that the policy was canceled and that they were not responsible for any claims after the old policy had expired. I then got a letter from a debt collection co for the renewal premium. I called Hartford and at their request completed another similar waiver form, but still got calls from their debt collectors. I wrote them that they did not have a legal valid claim and that I was not going to pay, and also called the Hartford back and told them the same thing. They have threatened to take it to Court and I told them fine, but to cease all collection activity in the meantime pending the verdict. I am still awaiting a trial date, but have not had further collection activity. I will never ever insure anything with Hartford even if they drop their claim.

    Had I made a claim under the policy after it had expired they would have denied liability on the grounds that I had canceled and absolved them of any liability. The Hartford is one insurance company to stay well clear of

  • Be
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    Since my husband drives for his company work, they required us to carry very high limits, which were higher than Hartford was insuring us for. My husband talked to 6 different people, all very rude, and got six different answers. They couldn't insure us for the required amounts, then they could but had to wait until Hurricane Ike was no longer in the picture. Then 6th person said they couldn't insure the cars for that limit because we didn't carry enough mortgage insurance. That insurance is with another company because Hartford wouldn't insure our home in Florida. Sorry we don't live in a big expensive house so don't need a lot of insurance! This person denied that the other person said they would write the policy after the hurricane had passed.

    Bottom line, we switched to Geico and are paying less even with the higher limits. We canceled Hartford and heard the same song and dance about the 10% penalty, which I can't find in writing. They have had my full annual payment for three months, earning them interest. We are so glad we won't have to deal with them any longer and really glad we never had to file a claim and get the same run around they gave my mother.

    Yes, AARP should stop endorsing them. AARP probably gets a kick back so what do they care. Think I will be canceling AARP since I only subscribed to them because of the supposedly great Hartford insurance.

  • Su
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    Do not get involved with Hartford! My husband and I switched from Farmers to The Hartford for home and auto at the end of July. I called on Sept. 2 to ask why I had not received an invoice and was told not to worry, I could go online and pay my bill before Sept 26. Imagine our surprise when we get a letter in the mail on Sept 20 telling us that our insurance has been cancelled since we failed to comply with the necessary arrangements for a high value inspection. This is the crazy part--supposedly we had been left all sorts of messages from the Hartford and/or the inspector (they were never very clear on ANY of this!) They finally gave us the times and dates that the "inspector" left messages for us. Well, we have caller ID and not one of these calls ever showed up!! My guess is that the inspector wrote down the wrong number and was leaving messages for someone else. Trying to get this straightened out was insane!! I guess they'd rather take the word of their inspector over ours--well, their loss!! We have never claimed anything on our home owners insurance--we were easy money with a great credit rating--what fools!! I'm so glad I found this site and I'm so glad we didn't end up with The Hartford. We are now going with Amica thru the recommendation of a friend that says they're the best and their rates were not much higher than Hartfords. Thanks to all for taking the time to write about your experience with Hartford! I will be warning everyone I know to avoid this company at all cost!!

  • Ju
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    Wow! An awful lot of complaints. This company is not a good one. I recommend that you DON'T get insurance thru them. Bad. Tons of complaints. If you have dealt with them, and are not happy - call the Better Business Bureau and complain.

  • Ro
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    I am a certified Allstate Insurance Ageny and we definitely have NO cancellation fees. We also reimburse any funds owed to the customer.

    From my experience Hartford is the only one that I have come across that does this. I have associates at Geico, Esurance, State Farm and Liberty Mutual. No of them do this.


  • Th
      31st of Aug, 2012
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    I just got a quote from The Hartford for auto insurance. Was pleased with the premium rate and considered making a switch. However, after reading the above complaints I am reconsidering. These complaints are pretty outdated and I'm wondering if the "cancellation fees" have been eliminated and if the "claims" complaints have been resolved to a high degree. Have had present insurance co. for over 25 yrs. and never had a problem, have been very satisfied, just can't afford their rates any longer. Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated regarding resolutions to the above comments and complaints.

  • Be
      5th of Dec, 2012
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    As many of the posters comment, the Hartford apparently is NOT a good, trustworthy insurer. We have been with them for almost 20 years: Home, Auto. Two years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable illness and having to get regular transfusions, we (seniors) decided to get a condo in town, where I could stay the days I had treatment. I called our Hartford Homeowners Insurance Representative and explained that and why we had now also a condo in town, which we would like to insure with them. They sent the insurance policy for this condo BUT sent us a cancellation notice for our homeowners insurance for our house!?!? I called and the Representative told me there is nothing they can do because I am selling my house!? I never said such word. On the contrary when asked by the Representative to get our condo insured, I explained how much we love to live in our home but when the day should come in the future that we have to sell it then we would have to do that.

    Well, it took all my strength to stay on the line with this Rep and when he did not want to relent, even though I told him that we do not even think of selling the house, I started crying, being emotionally drained by such behavior by Hartford and mentioned that there must be a law to prevent that this can be done to people, only then he withdrew the cancellation and transferred me to another person. What the result was: We got a NEW policy with an almost $200. higher premium with another subsidiary insurance carrier of Hartford. It did not help that I complained and referred to our almost 20 years of insurance with them and NO CLAIM. They did not reverse this policy.

    Now, almost two years later, since my condition worsened and I had to realize that in the future I will have to spent more time at the condo with my husband being in the house, we decided to sell it. I called the Hartford and asked, if it sells, at what point I should inform them of the cancellation of this homeowners insurance. I was told at the time of Closing the escrow and transference of the home to the new owner. As soon as I learned when the settlement would take place I called Hartford again to tell them the date (11/8/2012). That was approximately five weeks before we cancelled and the close of escrow. We removed our furniture and personal items from the house on November 3 and on November 8 was the settlement and close of escrow. The Rep had told me that we will be issued the unused premium part of the policy, but that it could take 4 weeks before we get the check. Yesterday, 12/4/2012 the check arrived: $35.00!!
    The term of the insurance policy was from 9/11/12-9/11/13, My calculation as to the return of the unused premium: Premium divided by 365 days to get the daily premium ($1.6) and the the amount of the unused premium days (311), multiply by $1.60 results in $497.60; used premium days were 54 multiplied by $1.60 = 86.40. Unused and used premium results in the amount of the total premium paid: $584.00.
    I understand if there is an administrative fee deducted, maybe $35. or $50.? BUT to sent us a check for $35.00 instead of the expected $497.60 is an insult, especially since this was a medical necessity...
    Anyone an idea of where I could get help in fighting Hartford? Thanks in advance for any information you might be able to give. When I looked at the Short Rate or Old Rate List for penalties [which I think is uncalled for since my medical condition required to leave this house] it said that an insurance may retain 25%.

  • Be
      12th of Dec, 2012
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    This is a follow-up to my complaint of Dec. 5, 2012. I had subsequently filed/requested help from the Attorney General's Office and yesterday; I fell almost of my chair, we received from Hartford a check for $491.00, which - when added to the $35.00 they had already sent before - sums up to $526.00. Just wanted you all to know that we were lucky, it seems, and got most of the prepaid premium returned to us. :-) If that was in response to someone calling them on my behalf, I am not sure. But it certainly looks like this. Because this second check for $491.00 had the same notice "cancellation" as the previous $35.00 check.

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