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Harrah's Casino / Harrasment, F0rced to pay for a cab ride home, strong armed and frightened

1 Maryland Heights, MO, United States Review updated:

Firstly, please let me start by saying i am an upstanding person with no criminal history of any nature, and that I have been copletely dumbfounded, and shaken, by the vulgar and baffling display of unprofessionlism by Harrah's Casino in Maryland Heights, Missouri this morning of Tuesday May 19th, 2009. I was at the Ameristar casino, and a male and female friend of mine which suggested we go to Harrah's Casino, right across the bridge from where we were. While Ameristar Casino where we initially met ( my friend drove me up to meet this girl i was fixing him up with) I had one bud light lime bottle and 15 minutes later one bud light lime aluminum can. I am a 202 LB male, and was in no way intoxicated. As my 2 friends and I approached the entrance to harrahs, casino gate where you show your card to walk inside the gambling facility, we were having a conversation where as my 2 friends suggesting getting me a shot, i said no i really am not up to that i said i don't want to be walking around like wow my friends got me drunk".. jokingly. So the security staff heard a section of this conversation at the gate and said " you need to stand aside " in a very rude manner and let my 2 friends go inside. I said " sir what is the problem?". The security gaurd then said" did you say you were drunk when you walked up here?": I said " Sir yes i was saying my friends got me drunk kiddingly as I was suggesting to them I DO NOT WANT ANY SHOTS TONIGHT, you were not getting the context of our conversation." before I got out 4 words of that i was stopped in midsentance with a very rude " you're going to have to leave the premisis imediately " . I then said sir you're not understanding, can i please speak with a supervisor"., He did not answer and told me to leave ( mind you I was very pleasant, nor were any of my friends nor i being beligerant, etc. ) . I then walked to the other entrance to the other side of the casino on the way out, and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was met with a lady that said, Yes i am the supervisor". I then said, " Thank God, here is what happened I'm a little concerned, i'm being kicked out of the casino, for sometihng you are in misunderstanding of." The supervisor than said " are you carl, did yousay you were drunk ? I then said " yes ma'am I was speaking with my friends saying " ( what was above mentioned and I was stopped before getting 4 words out and threatened to be removed from the casino, . and before i could get this out she called a " code 6 " and told me I as " TRESPASSING" and she was calling security to have me removed. please keep in mind at this point i am at a loss as to what's happening being dumfounded trying to eplain what is going on and trying to figure out what is happeneing. She then had security on me ( my friends are scared at this point saying let's just leave ) as they walked back out through the gate. I then said sure let's go this is rediculious, then they escorted me out ( security did ), and walked me down to the front parking lot below the escalators, and one of my friends was with me, and I had asked to call the police i was very scared as my friend said, " I will go get my car from level 4 and we ( meaning him and I, will just go".). The security gaurd lady then said, you can go get your car but he's not leaving with you, we're making him, meaning me, get a cab. ( they forced me into a cab, told my friend 4-5 times that " NO HE CAN NOT TAKE ME HOME THAT THEY ARE HAVING A CAB ESCORT ME OFF THE PROPERTY. I was scared and did not know what was going on and my friend was scared to leave me alone with security. He did not quite understand what was the problem either. It was very confusing and scary. I called 2 police stations after this as the cab driver took me to my home. both police stations told me I'd have to file a civil complaint against harrha's. I called harrahs, and spoke with their security dept., the supervisor said" oh yes " carl" " we removed you because you said your were drunk", I tried to explain to her they were absolutely taking a conversation out of context that i am not drunk on 2 light beers at 202 LBS over the time period of 2 hours, and that they would not let me finish before calling in the swat team or whatever " code 6 " is. I then said to the supervisor of Harrah's security, " what happned up there, what is going on i would sincerely like an answer to this i am very shaken up and i have done nothing wrong. and I was FORCED TO GET INTO A CAB BY THEIR SECURITY and pay a taxi driver to take me home when my friend was right there telling them he will go get his car and pick me up right out front where I was escorted to. The security gaurd supervisor then said, "i DIDN'T TELL YOUR FRIEND HE COULDN'T TAKE YOU HOME. ", I said " Ma'am, you told him 5 through 5 times that ver batum. The supervisor of security, then said " NO i didnt" in a realy sarcastic manner. Very upsetting. I said ma'am, who is to pay this taxi bill that cost me 30 dollars to get to chesterfield, missouri from there. She would not answer that. I said ma'am, although I have done nothing wrong in any manner, been threatenend and sincerely scared by you people there and my friends been scared by you, and we are very concerned about your treatment to us. We've done nothing wrong, my friend said he'd take us both out of there, and you told him NO" HE CAN NOT TAKE ME OUT OF THERE ONLY A CAB CAN, THEN FORCING ME INTO A TAXI, TO PAY 30 DOLLARS TO GO HOME THEN THE LADY totally denying that ever happened. I am very upset and I will not let this go until i get a resolve. Horible experience. I asked to call the police from the premisis, as i was being threatened by security and they LAUGHED AT ME AND SNICKERED and said go ahead call the police. i THEN DIALLED 911 and not sure if it went through i was too scared to put my phone to my ear as they were telling me to show them my hands, etc. i wanted a record of the last place i was seen alive had they been taking me to kill me or something????? i REALIZE that's a little exageration but wow after that point it's a very scary situation. NOW I AM LEFT WITH A 30 DOLLAR CAB RIDE HOME OUT OF MY POCKET FOR THERE MISCONDUCT AND UNPROFESSIONALISM. AND WAS FORCED AND THREATENED TO BE REMOVED AND SINCERELY SCARED. I will conclude with this. I am in no means any kind of trouble starter, i have NO criminal record, I am not any kind of card couner nor do i even play black jack ( as you can see from my kind contributions of the last 10 times going to the boat losing 200 dollars on the machines in 20 minutes, i am just an easy going down to earth guy. I am shaken by this. I was scared by this. and I was forced to by a ride home while my friend stood right there offering to go get his car and we both leave the premisis ( as he was not drunk either ) . We are upstanding and well dressed people, and just out to having a nice evening and this was vulgarly imposed upon us. Harrah's was absolutely out of control to the point, that i feel very awkward not getting some kind of resolve from this horrible experience and issue. I tried calling 2 police stations to make a report, both police stations said they agreed with me that is way out of control that harrahs would act like that. I suggested right away, may i come to the police station and take a blood alcohol test right now, the police stations said, we don't really do that, and that they would persue civil action against the extablishment if that happened to them and really that's my only recourse. I am amazed something like this could happen. Had i been out of line or a drunk idiot, i would not be persuing this nor it be this important to find some resolve from this issue. concluding, I have been shaken to the point of almost tears, by to say the very least the "lack of professionalism by this establishment". On top of this it was a very frustrating, scarey and embarassing situation that cost me financially as well. Harrah's Casino In Maryland Heights, St. louis Missouri is out of control to conduct any business in this manner. Just a shame to even find anyone who in life who acts the way these Harrah's employees acted.

Very Sincerely,
Ryan T.


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  • St
      19th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    i can identify with you, because i had a very upsetting incident that happened to me while there one night. i had been there for approximately 4 hours, i was playing two machines side by side a white lady came over, and wanted to play one of the machines that i was playing, but i explained to her that i was playing that machine, i even had money in the machine. she told me to cash it out because she was going to play that machine. i told her no, so she tried to put her card in the machine, mind you, i have my money in the machine, so when she tried to put her card in, i slapped her, she started screaming for security, they came, she told them i hit her, and she wanted to press charges, well, needless to say, i denied slapping her, but explained to them what had just happened, another gentleman told them that he heard me tell her in a very nice way, 3 times, that i was playing that machine, even though they saw that i had money in both machines, they still put me out of the casino. i was escorted by security to my car. i guess i should be happy that i didn't go to jail, but it was at least a year before i ever went back there again. so you are right, harrah's is a trip.

  • Sh
      23rd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I think you are being just a little dramatic about this, don't you think? I mean you went to a casino (private property) and were asked to leave... so what? You were drunk... or at least you appeared to be... and that is all that it takes. Why should Harrah's take any chances on a 150K fine? Is your good time and ego worth that much money? I don't think so... at least not to them. As far as them FORCING you to take a cab when you had a designated driver available... a little hard to believe. They were probably taking to long and the Missouri Gaming Agents on duty were probably breathing down security's necks to get you off the property. How things may have seemed to you may have seemed on way... but, they were just doing their jobs. It was on night of your long life. No use in dwelling on it.

  • Wi
      12th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This is a copy of the email I sent to Harrahs and have yet to receive a response:

    On the evening of December 10, 2010, my 30th birthday, i made the 100 mile trip to your st louis establishment to do some gaming. After being there 5 hours, and consuming 5 or 6 drinks, I was approached by one of your employees and told that I was too drunk to play and I had to leave. After a civil conversation and still no answers, I was forced to either check into your hotel or take a cab to another casino. I asked why I was singled out, as others around me and others in the place were visibly intoxicated where I was not.
    My whole family uses your properties in St Louis, Tunica, And Las Vegas and we have always been treated well. If I had been drunk or showing signs of being drunk i would have had no problem with this. I have been drunk at your casino before and never been even spoken to. What im requesting is a copy of the rules that justify me being removed. Im sure you keep records of everything and I dont know if Im banned from your establishment or what. The supervisor was very rude.When I asked him why it was more like a "because I said so" kind of answer. The young man who "escorted" me out of the building was very friendly, as was I. I never got loud or mad, I just wanted an explaination that I think I am owed. From the driver of the cab who took me to Ameristar to the dealers at Ameristar when I got there, nobody could see any signs of me being intoxicated. Please if you can contact me in some form and let me know what happened. My 30th birthday with a great dealer and a fun table turned into something that has been eating at me for days now. Please let me know what I did to get booted so I dont do it again.

    Thank you,

    Now some things to take into consideration:
    Im 6'5 and 350 lbs...5 drinks isnt even a good start for me
    Ive been so drunk there before they had to carry me out years ago and they just kept letting me gamble
    I was not loud or disruptive to any other guest
    And heres the kicker...I was winning and buying rounds for the table and tipping very well
    ive played with the drunkest meanest ###s and that made me question why I would keep going there. Now I know I will never be back. They threatened me with being arrested if I went to my vehicle to leave ( again I wasnt drunk, id be the first one to admit if I was) and having already traveled 100 miles I spent 5o.00 in cab fare to get to Ameristar and back. And they had the balls to tell me feel free to come back in the morning!

  • Ji
      8th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    i was 'code 6'd' last friday and i'm not quite sure what i was doing or why. out of no where, a man comes up and tells me i have to leave. i asked why. he didn't really say except that i was brought to his attention. i said 'by who'? i didn't argue. yes, i had been drinking but i wasn't being obnoxious, i was keeping to myself, and i wasn't falling down. we were staying in the hotel, so it wasn't like i was driving, either. harrah's needs to hang on to as many customers as they can. ever since ameristar was built no more than 5 miles from them, they have really let their casino go. needless to say, i will not be going back to harrah's. eventually they will lose all their good paying customers and will be forced to close. and i will standing by waving, yelling "code 6" at them when they do.

  • Le
      24th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes
    Harrah's resorts & Casinos - Bait and switch
    Atlantic City
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: 609-343-4000

    Received two comp room offers for two nights each, one for total rewards card # 15701414273 and one for card # 15701414274. Reserved two rooms on-line under card # 15701414274 and when I tried to reserve two rooms under card # 15701414273, the offer had disappeared off the screen. One and one-half hours later, on the telephone, someone finally told me "one offer per household." Nowhere does the offer state that. We had to buy two extra rooms to accomodate our two out-of-town guests we had promised the "Atlantic City experience." Harrahs used the old "bait and switch" tactic, never telling us the "one offer per household" thing. They should be prosecuted for "Theft of Service."

  • Cr
      24th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Funny how everybody wants something for nothing, I always had to pay for a Hotel Room no matter what Casino I went to. Have'nt you heard they save those comp rooms for the High Rollers so the Casino can try to get some of their money back. What they did'nt comp you with free drinks to keep you in their Casino Gambling? Thats usually how the Casino's do it.

  • Cr
      24th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    OMG How did this complaint turn into Desperate for Love.Com? & G your right this guy has no clue what the old bait & switch is - he just wanted something for Nothing.

  • Ha
      18th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Harrahs really does have issues. I was there today. I play Bararrat. I had a 40 dollar bet on the table and the dealer called tie hand. when there is a tie you get to keep your money so we all pulled our money back. few people on the end disagreed with the dealer and she paid them on the bank. hand still looked like a tie to me but around an hour or so later after the dealer went on bread couple of guards comes to the table and ask to speak with me. said I took my bet back when I should have lost. so I said oh. I didn't know. I was going by what the dealer said. he said well she made a mistake so I said ok. you can have the money back. they tell me well we have to evict you for 30 days due to this issue. I said well how can you kick me out for making a mistake when the dealer deals this game everyday and made a mistake. how can I know this game better than she. he says you've been playing this game many years you should know the rules. I told him its not my job to tell the dealer how to do her job. he says you arent the only one getting evicted for 30 days. theres 3 others on the table did the same thing as you on this hand. I said ok you are kicking me out for making a mistake so what will you be doing to the dealer for making the mistake? He tells me don't worry about her, she works for me and I'll handle her. so I just left. who cares if I can ever go back there. these people are crazy. they asked me to sign papers. I didn't even look at the papers. I told them I am not signing any papers. they said ok you don't have to but if you come back into the casino before 30 days we will have you arrested for trust passing. I told don't worry I won't but I'm not signing those papers.

  • Ki
      30th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    I hate those casinos, they hire the rudest people! I had a similar situation happen to me!

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