Hardee's Restaurantsunethical behavior

M Aug 18, 2017 Review updated:

Today, 08/18/2017, my boyfriend and I decided to go through the drive through at 960 Houston Northcutt Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29464 around three in the afternoon. My boyfriend ordered my combo, his combo, and appetizer when the guy on the mic started asking questions about my combo, the first thing that was said. Then, nothing. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was radio silence for at least three minutes, up to five. Then the same guy randomly comes back on, asks about the first combo yet again, and then disappears, yet again. We waited only a minute or two, my boyfriend said, "Ok. Have a good day". and we drove off. When we were driving away, we had to go around the whole establishment, meaning we passed the drive through window, and the employee had a customer at the window but decided to flick us off as we drove away. My boyfriend flicked him off in return, out of frustration. Then, as we waited to turn right out of the parking lot, this employee came bursting out of the restaurant, yelling at us. Our rear driver side window was down and this employee reached into our car while yelling profanities at us, and challenging my boyfriend to a fight, then taunting him. Other employees then came out to support this man, and decided to take down our license plate number to call the police on us. I was utterly terrified, and could not believe the actions of the staff. He broke the law, and we are fortunate that it did not escalate. We are thoroughly disgusted by this attitude, and will no longer be visiting a Hardee's or Carl's jr.

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