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My husband (Tom) and I were comeing home from pigeon forge.. We decided to go different way instead of I 75.
We went toward nashville... We were on highway 40w. We decided to stop and hardee's to eat. Tom went in to get food... He came out and said.. I dont think you will like your choc. Shake.. I looked at it. It was watery. I walked back in hardee's. A girl asked me what do I want... I said I want a choc. Shake not water. She grabed it from my hand and threw it in the trash.. And proceeded to make another one (With a rude attuide) not saying a thing to me... While she was makeing the shake I walked to the tables and picked up comment card.. (The girl was lucky.. I would have like to show her what she could do with that shake) the girl came back to me and handed me the choc. Shake, saying to me heres your shake. I ask her what her name was.. She said cassie.. (If she told me her right name and I spelt it right) the shake was better but still not thick... I left, and my husband and I sit out side with our little dog eating.. And I filled out card.. It ask location.. I went back in and ask the location.. (Sence we didnt know area. ) cassie said the location was peavine.. We were in ky. I checked on computer to find peavine ky so I can get you the right name and store number... But I couldnt find peavine.. So the girl lied... We were on 40 w going to nashville.. I hope you can locate her and store.. Cause someone else might not be so nice.. And show her what she can do with the shake... There is no reason for the rudeness of this girl.. We visit hardee's in louisville and radcliff areas... 3/4 times a month.. We love your breakfasts... But when we decide to pass threw that area again.. We wont stop at that hardee's... Again... Promise you that... If you dont mind please let me know.. If you can locate this store... Thank you delia

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  • Mr
      Sep 14, 2008

    Looks like you really showed them. They will be out of business before you know it.

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  • Dc
      Apr 16, 2009

    Jason you are an idiot...

    Why do you slander people and stick up for those that are RUDE? What ever happen to the customer is always right..

    Oh I forgot, your too busy pulling up your pants and shinning your stupid gold tooth.

    Lets not talk about spelling, I have read your post... PLEASE!

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  • Normally I would side with the person posting the complaint and not with Jason. However did appear sort of rude in this letter. That saying "The customer is always right" is outdated if they act like her.

    No offence dciulla, but you are no better than him by calling him an idiot and stooping to his level. Here is an idea, we all know he is a troll so ignore him.

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  • Also half these people replying to him and telling him to get a life are probably him on another account. He admitted in one letter that he purposely makes spelling and grammar mistakes to attract trolls to poke fun of him. I am sure(if you are not one of his other identies) that he is making fun of your responses.

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  • In
      Apr 28, 2009

    Here is what I think...I worked at Steak n Shake and the customer is not always right. There were people trying to scam them all the time. Oh my eggs weren't cooked the way I asked...they'd return their damn plate twenty times until they got it for free. Yes I'm sure this person was rude, but there are a lot of rude people in the world. That's when you speak to a Manager. Oh wait...don't they have a complaint line or something like every other place? Wouldn't it be better to take it up with them instead of posting it all over the internet? guess not because that wouldn't be the more "grown-up" thing to do.

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  • Zo
      Jul 31, 2009

    Lol! I know the Hardee's in Radcliff, on Knox Blvd. Once we ordered meals there. It took them over 6 minutes (there is actually a clock you can watch!) and we got 23 french fries with our order. It was supposed to be a go large.

    I'm glad they at least do breakfast right, because dayam. Heh.

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