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2006 N Reynolds Rd , Bryant, United States Review updated:

My husband and I have enjoyed eating at your store here since it first opened up at 2006 N Reynolds Rd
Bryant, AR 72022.. They are usually very clean, and courteous, but today when we walked in we almost turned around an walked out.. We walked in an looked around an counted the workers(6) were there so there was no excuse for the shape of this store today. I have worked in more than one of these type restaurants an if it comes to it, even the manager their self would help out with keeping this store clean an getting the food out on time. It wasn't just us that was embarrassed at what we walked into an saw today, the drink station was nasty an hadn't been cleaned, the ice was running over out of the tray of the fountain drink machine onto the counter and all the tables were nasty and still had food, salt both on the table an on the seats on some of them an under the tables too and were nasty also.. Some still had the order numbers from other customers that had already left still on them also, the floors were nasty also an not only us, but other customers had to clean off their own tables in order to be able to set down to eat.. It was a total disaster, and my husband went into the mens restroom and even that was nasty. Pardon the expression, but there was dried bowel movement all over the bottom of the lid that was up on the commode.. He opened the door an showed it to me. I am not trying to start trouble for anyone, but since there were 6 employees there, an this was all before noon, one of them should've been able to take just a few minutes to go out an clean the place up because their were only 2 other customers in there when we got there, but by the time we left it got full. Cleanliness is what brings customers back to your store and makes them keep coming back along with the food being cooked right, an orders getting out on time. There were quite a few customers there complaining on how it looked today.. one lady came out an wiped off 1 table and didn't even finish cleaning it, then went back to the register.. It doesn't take long to clean the front or the bathroom. One of your employees that worked back behind the register an does the cooking, was up front helping to fix some of the to go bags also while we were ordering, she dropped the pair of tongs she was using, an instead of going an washing them off or getting another clean pair.. she picked them up off the floor an put them right back into the spot where they put them while using them, and that was a health hazard right there alone, then she went to the back to help put orders together.. From the shape it was in today, I'm not sure if you'll continue to have the same kind of business and frankly I couldn't blame them, we're not sure if we will be back either. I'm not one to complain much, but I've worked at Hardee's before an I know how things go, and exactly how your suppose to keep the store clean. I think you would appreciate me letting you know exactly what kind of shape this new store was in before you lose business due to the uncleanliness of the store. I have also sent a copy of this to the District Manager (Ryan Taylor) for this store..

Mar 4, 2014
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  • Ge
      20th of Mar, 2014

    You walk into a dirty restaurant, and your husband decides to use the bathroom? Good thinking.

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  • Ka
      9th of Aug, 2014

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