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Be warned: never buy anything from harbor freight tools!!!

I just purchased their cordless jig saw for $24.00 online. The price was unbelievable, and now I know why. It didn't come with a battery or charger!! So when the item arrived, I lost an entire day of work and had to purchase a replacement somewhere else just to finish the job. No here is where it gets interesting. When I talked with a supervisor with my complaint — namely that no where on their ad is mentioned that the cordless saw does not come with a battery or charger and that the item photo clearly shows the saw with the battery attached, she openly lied and stated that the advertisement stated that it didn't come with a battery, that the battery and charger are sold separately. She lied through her teeth... Nowhere on the ad was this listed. Never in my entire life have I ever seen a cordless power tool that didn't come with a battery and charger, until now. Which leads me to the following conclusion: the reason that harbor freight tools is so cheap is that many of the items don't have what is advertised on their website!!! When I asked what the price of this missing battery and charger would be, it cost as much as the entire saw itsel[censored] This is what is commonly called in the business, "false advertising," and is punishable by law. Harbor freight tools is, in short, a fraud and a scam of the highest order.

All of the supervisor's of harbor freight tools are outsourced indian slaves with phony american names like, “john smith"and"heath scott"or the insidious # that I talked to,"adam swift." when I pointed out his false advertisement, he became agitated and refused my request to send me the missing battery without cost, as advertised. When he refused, I told him that harbor freight tools would shortly be contacted by the department of consumer affairs, which I assure you they will.


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