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I bought a couch from hanks fine Furniture in harrison, AR. a few weeks ago. My husband and I did the 9-day layaway plan. We payed 300 down. The next week I went in and paid the other 300. My salesperson said that they had new computer software in and that it wasn't going in the system that I had paid the total amount due so he scratched out the number on my receipt and wrote 0.00 to show that I had paid for it. Well, when my couch came in, the computer still hadn't shown that I had paid for it, but I showed him my receipt and he remembered. So he loaded up my couch for me. (NOTE that they will not load your couch unless it has beem completely paid for with the lawaway plan) Well, its been about 3 weeks Since I recieved my couch and I got a call today form hanks fine furniture. The man on the phone proceeded to tell me that I owed them 300. I kindly told him that I had paid that amount and that my salesperson had to handwrite me a receipt because When i came in the software was messed up. He said, "well, in my computer it has you as oweing 300 and home office tacks all of that and they don't mess something like that up and they don't have their money for that sofa and that I needed to pay for it." I asked him if I could talk to the person that Sold me the couch and he said that he didnt work there anymore. So I asked him for home offices number and told him I would contact them. In a very rude way, he said, "well that would be perrrrfect" So I told my mom about the incident and she decided to give hanks a little call. She let him have it. She then told him that she could fax him the receipt which, indeed had his name on it as well as my salespersons name. He then told her he would try to figure things out. IT is pretty dang sad that even if you have a receipt of sales, that it doesn't seem to matter anymore. It apparently has no worth and is no form of proof anymore. And the way this idiot called me and ACCUSED me of taking a couch without paying for it just bewilders me! Especially because of the fact that THEY load you up, THEY check before they load you up to make sure you have paid. I will NEVER be going there again. And if they have an employee STEALING their money they need to get their ### straight and find the person instead of Accusing customers of not paying.

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  • La
      Sep 04, 2010

    Hmm, odd. The man whom I talked to on the phone had his name on my receipt as well. He was THERE that day I paid. They had a whole stack of people who had paid their amounts and it wasn't putting showing it on the computer and they had to scratch out amounts and rewrite amounts. I asked the man if he wanted the receipt faxed to him and he did not.He did not even want the proof. If he hadn't of handled it rudely and told me that HOME OFFICE DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES, i wouldn't of gotten rude back. PEOPLE make mistakes. PEOPLE run home office. I had every right to rudeness. I shall return rudness with rudeness. And sue me? ha, right. They are NOT allowed to even load furniture unless paid for. They load the furniture after they see your receipt and make sure you have fully paid.Their story would not of added up.

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  • Ch
      Dec 11, 2010

    stealth...obviously...looks like you must work there part time! Lauran...nice to know! I am shopping for an entire house of furniture right now...Obviously...the home off there - made multiple mistakes! Looks like hanks could also used some quailified I.T. support!

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  • Ab
      Dec 16, 2010

    Just scornfully swat that malevolent green fly whose * husband * on Quatloos forums, bmielke(the lawnmower ruler), cathulhu(in rattlesnakes boots )are comfortably scoffing at us.

    Aliases obviously ignored by the Quatloos gens.

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