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Handyman Club of America / unlawful harassment

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I made the mistake of subscribing to the Handyman Club of America. They promised all kinds of things for free but at best they were trinkets! I paid them on August 3rd, 2007 $12 via VISA credit card. Within days, I got a letter thanking me for agreeing to a life-time subscription. I have made more than a dozen calls each time I was told that I would not receive any more invoices.

Soon after I started to receive collection calls. I kept repeating myself with all of the above, yet the calls and letters kept coming. Finally, last night, June 18th, 2008 (less than one year from the time of my $12 payment for one year) I got another call from someone claiming to calling about the Handyman Club debt. I have caller ID and the telephone number [protected] which is located in upstate NY.

When I called the number a recording came on and told me that the I have been forwarded to voice mail and that the person at that number is "unavailable". Then the message comes on that says that the "mail box is full" and cannot accept any other messages.

A friend of mine is an attorney and he called Handyman and after being placed on hold for about 40 minutes spoke to a woman by the name of Wendy. Wendy said that she wasn't the person to speak to and that if my friend held on, she would get someone. Being on hold for over an hour, Wendy came back and said that if my friend held on some more she "might be able to find someone to talk to him". My friend, acting in my behalf told her that he would wait five more minutes. Seven minutes passed and she never got back on the line so he hung up.

Based upon my searching the Internet I found posts that a company called RETRIEVAL MASTERS CREDITORS a/k/a RETRIEVAL MASTERS CREDITORS BUREAU INC a/k/a AMERICAN MEDICAL COLLECTION AGENCY located at 2269 Saw Mill River Rd, # G1, Elmsford NY [protected], [protected], [protected], has at some point handled collections for Handyman.

I spoke to a man who identified himself as the "Chief Operating Officer" who acknowledged that his firm did and continues to do collections for Handyman. I gave him my name and he stated that my "account is not placed with his company". I then asked him if to his knowledge any other company was handling the collections for Handyman and he replied in the negative.

I then sent Handyman an email advising them that should I be contacted in any manner I would sue! Within 2 hours I received another call, this time from a woman who refused to give her name, refused to say whether or not she worked directly for Handyman or a debt collection agency. The caller ID information for her call said "RESTRICTED".

I plan to follow through and file complaints with the attorney general in my state (VT) as well as in MN where Handyman is located. It should be noted that the parent company of Handyman has many different "clubs" that all apparently operate under the same modus operant of making offers for merchandise, but providing at best "trinkets".

I recommend that anyone else having a problem contact me at because I have an attorney willing and able to bring a class action lawsuit against these fraudulent companies!

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  • Ti
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    I, too, have fallen victom to this fraudulent, bogus, so called company. Just today I received a letter marked "DELINQUENT" in big bold letters. I do not know where the hell this company got my name and address. I have not joined any clubs nor would I ever. This letter today does have an 800 number at the right hand corner that appears to have been typed in afterwards. It is barely legible. I called the number and never got thru to a human. I work very hard for my money and I pay the bills I truly owe. They can threaten me all they want to, I will never pay them one single cent!!! Has a matter of fact, I feel they owe me for all the threats and aggrevation they continually cause me. From what I have read from other victoms, this company is relentless and will not quit. Let's all join together and fight this bogus company and their illegal practices.

    Tim LeStrange

  • Je
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    I received a letter (BILL) threatening me with sending the bill to a collection company for $34.00 for a 2 year membership. Only one problem I never heard of the Handyman Club of America. I called the phone number talk to a lady on the phone who said they buy mailing lists. Then she started going thru her sales pitch about the company and wanting to send me a free magazine so I could check out what they have to offer. So I said, why would I want anything from you after you sent me a threatening letter that you r going to send me to collection for something I never signed up for. I ask are you crazy!? I said what I want is you to disappear and never send me anything again. Don’t cal me nothing!! She immediately started closing my account (so she said). I told her I am keeping this letter and marking all this down.

    Bottom line is they are buying mailing lists and sending out threatening letters for collection. They are committing fraud to get you to send them money.

  • Cl
      19th of May, 2010
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    To whom this may concern, I have reviewed a numbers of complaints, some of them were pretty inaccurate in their statements! I, too was a victim of fraudulent by Handyman Club of America, I have paid all dues and met all my obligations however I have not received all of the items that were promised to me over the phone and I had been insistent over the items ever since the fall of 2008 and failed to get satisfaction of their answers as to why they have not kept their promises, well, I may as well say good bye to all of monies that were paid of over $500 including books and few tools that were sent to me were overstated of their values of which one can purchase for much lower like at Harbor Freight, etc. I have received numbers of untested tools because I have no other means to testthem without those tools that were supposed to come first such as router then router bits afterward and cordless drill then drills bits, etc. I am 78 years old and very much active in woodworking projects also have array of tools to use but they are of 1950! Claude Wilson, VA

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