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What is up with HALF? Who appointed them God over book sells? I have been blocked for no reason at all! I have kept up with all their requirements. I have 99% feedback. I ship out the same or next day and am prompt to respond to all emails. And when my sales are in the 1, 0000's they put you on holiday and make yo jump through all their AUTOMATED response, can't talk to a person, and then weeks later they respond and say you are suspended. THey don't have to give a reason they keep your money for 90 days and make interest on it that they don't pay you back, when you go to get your money they make you go through more hoops to claim the money. Isn't there anyway to sue their buts off! I am not about sueing people, I just want to get my money that is mine! HELP! Is there a lawyer who would be willing to take on the so called almighty of books sales? Just found out about one that will be coming soon and you can bet that I will be going there. Half needs to be taken down a few links so that they think of the real honest person who is trying to make a living instead of padding their stockmarket pocket books especially in this economy now. What can our government do? They probably are in half's back pocket though. Any one else fed up? Maybe we should all unite and get a lawyer willing to take on half. Any ideas? Thanks

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  • Bo
      Sep 02, 2009

    What can the government do? Jesus Christ. Why the hell should government do a god damn thing? Don't people know how to deal with things themselves anymore? Must the government save everyone from themselves?

    Just do what they ask and get your money. If you don't like selling on, sell on Amazon. That's what a free market system is about.

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  • Ba
      Sep 25, 2009

    ARE YOU NUTS! I just found out I was suspended. 99+% rating. Always follow the rules and they will not tell me why I have been suspended. On the 15th they owed me over $30k now they owe me over $40k and I was told I have to wait 90 days to get my money.

    The free market has to do with buying and selling and fair practice. There is nothing fair about the practices of The fact that nobody will take phone calls and nobody can tell you what is the matter with your account is pure Fraud. It's as if is having a cash flow problem and we are the ones to suffer. If you sell $10 worth, no problem. You sell large dollars and you can expect to get stuck and receive no money.

    If there was a way to sue them, I would. In no other business is this allowed. What a complete scam.

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  • Ne
      Oct 16, 2011


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