H‑E‑B / customer service at the heb floral dept.-south valley mills, waco, tx

Waco, TX, United States

To whom it may concern,

I would like to bring your attention to an unfortunate incident which occurred on Monday, 5/15 at the HEB store located on South Valley Mills in Waco, Texas.

I came to HEB, as I always depend on their excellent customer service and quality products. On this day, I came to the floral department to receive assistance in ordering flowers for my sister's funeral service.

I was depending on HEB's record of excellent customer service to deal with the sensitive and delicate task of ordering flowers for a loved one who recently passed. Instead, I was shocked to encounter rude, unprofessional, and insensitive customer service from HEB employee Sarah.

I informed Sarah my sister and I were there to order flowers for my sister's funeral service. Rather than assist us, Sarah tossed us the order book and appeared distracted and annoyed. It seemed Sarah was trying to clean flowers as a result of the previous Sunday's Mother's Day rush. I acknowledged Sarah seemed busy but asked for help about floral prices. Sarah continued to respond in a rude manner and directed me to look at the order book. My sister and I were somewhat lost and seeking assistance on which florals might be ideal. However Sarah said we could speak to her manager if we needed assistance. I asked Sarah if she could help us, but again she refused.

I eventually left, as I did not want to receive such treatment, especially at such an emotionally sensitive time.

Afterward I did speak to an HEB manager. However, I want to ensure this issue is appropriately addressed. I want to prevent other customers from receiving this type of service, especially customers like myself, who come to HEB to receive assistance with a funeral service.

Best Regards,
Julie Moreno
j. [protected]

May 16, 2017

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