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Gym Company / account

1 Gauteng, South Africa

This is the not the first time i am emailing, i have been emailing since beginning Nov and no one is helpful. I have been struggling since i signed up and no one is helpful...

And that is not included in the letter. Yet again my account was debited on the WRONG date. Unauthorised!!! (just so you know this is fraud)

Thus it just proved this company only cares about sales targets and not customers service!

I done my research and i saw all the articles even on News 24, hallo peter and your throwing the company name away...
Reqd my letter carefully and please assist. Cause ill never set foot in that company agaunt.. With my partner being a laywer and my other friend also. It's safer if i stay away and someone assists, cause they're ready to make fire.. And i don't want innocent people to get hurt...

Some math class i missed apparently cause these people can't calculate...

I know the gym is in the news and of many who is ready to file a lawsuit..

To whom it may concern.
It is with deepest regret that I am sending this email. And I do apologize if I sound rude. I work with
parents and I know how rude people can be 
I did my research, and I know I am not the only one.
I thought it fair to inform you to see what will be done to my issue with the company, before
addressing Hello peter. Because I have been struggling weeks on end for answers! And I have a full
time 12-13 hours' a day job just like I know you do, I can't go running around to baby other people in
their professions. I don't believe in running to hallo peter and name shame other companies that's
why I am emailing you.
I signed up in the mid to end July 2017 at the gym being promised a one month free, so my first
payment will be only in September 2017, but I was informed that a payment tried to go off in August
2017 and failed… no one assisted me.
In September a payment went off of my bank and up till TODAY it is still not showing on the
"system" of the gym company… and it's frustrating me. All they say is email your bank statement
and well look into it, but nothing. and my statements are private documents it's got nothing to do
with no one, every damn time I have to re email my statement, but nothing is done!!! And they keep
saying I must come so they'll see. I sent them the same equation as I do you now, but still they don't
And now they say I owe the gym R1294!!! In what universe??
So not only didn't I get my "month free", but I am "sommer" paying double for that month!
I was supposed to start paying from September so let's see if I can outsmart the gym company
systems maths…
September R199.00
October R199.00
November R398.00 (maintenance)
Tag R100.00(which I only gotten 2-3 Months after)
R896.00 (Even with a payment in August it would add up to R1095 Not R1294)

So they say I owe R1294
Lets see …
R 1294.00
- R 896.00
R 398.00 (Where does this come from!)
/ 2
R 199.00 ( 2 Months fee)
And Now back to the above equation
R 898.00
- R 400. 00 (paid in cash)
R 299.00 (Which should be Novembers fees R 100 paid in advance)
I really don't want to be part of this gym anymore and, I refuse to get my contract signed
over and let my friends suffer like this!!
I had few people lined up to sign up and gym with me from December, but I am too good of
a person to let them struggle like this.
I never complain and I told all my teaching colleagues how fun it is at the gym, but not
anymore. I want to cancel my contract, with the money I am paying I can buy my own gym
equipment. I didn't even go this month or most of last month, because I feel irritated to
know my tag will say I didn't pay! It is embarrassing!!!
Don't get me started on the debt orders that's going off on wrong dates, and wrong
Please let me know. Seeing that I am not going to gym from next week I will be in
Lichtenburg for two months, and when I return I'll be moving to Alberton for a teaching
positon and ill apply at a gym there!
I will pay the remaining R299 which I do owe, but from there I want my contract to be void.
And cancelled please.
Anika De kok

Dec 28, 2017

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