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Some of the things they do to Chiefs on the different shows is crude, and shouldn't be allowed, it's not funny. Myself and my
husband have both been fans of Food network but you are turning us off and probably others also..The worst cooks in America I will not watch and not worth my time, and the last thing, I can't believe your putting a show on with the creep Johnny Weir. He's not a chief and doesn't know anything about cooking so he doesn't need to be on there just because he won a gold medal, that's stupid and I won't watch it along with thousands of others. The last thing is judges going over and talking to contestants who have time restraints when the are cooking, that should not be allowed that's tacky and irritating. If this keeps up your going to lose many viewers.

  • Updated by Lucy 1, Jun 11, 2018

    No different than initial comments

Jun 11, 2018
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