Gumtree / iphone 5 advertised on gumtree.

United Kingdom

I contacted lee about his iPhone 5 via the gumtree messaging site, we came to an agreement I would do a bank transfer into his account the next day which I did. He didn't post it, he told me in a couple if days that he had listed it but didn't send it signed for, he then said he would send me a copy of the receipt of listing but never has. I might add he even said that for another £14 he would throw in docking station. So I paid into his account £70. I am beyond gutted £70 is a lot of money to me being an old age pensioner. I will never ever use Gum Tree again. I've used EBay for the past 15 or more years and never had a problem.
Joy Rutt

Dec 27, 2018

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