Gulf Oilterrible customer service and lying

I visited the Gulf Gad station at 10960 Buselton Ave at 4:30 on 10/17. This was my 3rd time visiting the gas station. On my first visit I was told that the car wash was not working. At my second visit I attempted to use my car wash voucher and was told that it exported 3 days prior. I explained to the cashier that it had been raining the past few days which was why I could not utilize the voucher. I visited the gas station again the very next day (today) because the cashier told me that the owners would be in the next day, for me to talk to them. The same cashier who I spoke with the previous day was there and I decided to tell him my story. He was the same person who told me that the car was was initially broken yet this time, he proceeded to yell at me and call me liar. He literally yelled that I was a liar in front of other customers. HE told me that the car wash was broken on my first visit! I was completely disrespected by this man and belittled when he called me a kid. I am petite but I am an adult. I hope someone rolls back the camera and audio to see his aggression. I will NEVER support them again!! I am also going to make a report to the BBB because this was completely unacceptable. Please also roll back the cameras and take a look at all my other visits. How do you treat your customers like this??? Is this man a representation of your company and brand? I'll be sure to tell everyone I know about this incidence. No one should support a business where an HONEST CUSTOMER is called a liar.

  • Gulf Oil Customer Care's Response, Oct 19, 2018

    Thank you for your email, please accept our apology for the incident described. This matter has been sent to the distributor for this site, 121 Point Breeze Management, 1800 Chapel Ave, Cherry Hill, NJ for handling. Gulf would like to send this customer a gift card, please provide the customers name and address.
    Thank you,
    Gulf Customer Service

Oct 17, 2018

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