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I went to the Guitar Center in West Covina, California and got ripped-off! I bought two pedals and instead of putting them in the same receipt they made two different tickets and charged me double the tax. And the pedal I bought for $52. they charged me $15. more for it.

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  • Ca
      Nov 06, 2011

    They can't charge you the wrong amount of tax. The computer figures it in. If you were charged the wrong amount for the pedal - also very hard to imagine - just return it.

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  • Ga
      Oct 26, 2012

    You need a math lesson. The tax amount is the same whether they're on the same or separate receipts. Tax is a percentage of the order's subtotal or all of the product's prices, not a flat per-transaction fee. For an easy illustration using nice round numbers...Let's say the pedals were $5 each and tax is 10% ---> One receipt: $5+$5= $10, 10% of $10 is $1, $10+$1=$11 /// Two receipts: each are $5, 10% of $5 is $0.50, $5+$0.50= $5.50, $5.50+$5.50= $11... $11 on one receipt = $11 total on two.

    GC has many issues (demanding work for low pay, loss of commission for lack of warranty sales, opening more stores when they claim they can't afford to give employees an Xmas bonus...) this is not one.

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