Guitar Center / online order — poor/damaged & repaired guitar sold as new

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I purchased a new guitar from their online store and when it arrived it was obviously a previously damaged and repaired item. The body of the guitar had been dropped, filled in and then painted over with matching paint. I sent it back promptly using their return process and have yet to receive a replacement. Customer service keeps telling me it is in the system and I will be notified when they ship.

If you shop, I would suggest a visit to their store versus going online. Their online business is not as responsive as the local store and if you deal with them online you can't work with the local store to resolve an issue. That is just dumb as a business practice.

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  • Sp
      Oct 09, 2009

    Jeez now I'm worried about an order online I placed for a new gibson LP. I placed the order on Thursday and asked forovernight shipping and was told "no problem, you will have it next day." Now I am told that there is a 24 hour hold for verification and won't get the guitar until monday yet am still getting dinged for the overnight shipping charge. I just hope I do not get a "used guitar" when I should be getting a new one. I'm not dealing with this company again, I'll go out of my way to shop local mom 'n pop shops instead.

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  • Wa
      Mar 16, 2010

    If they jack you around, send it back and place a hold on your card. I dealt with the local Atlanta store and figured the online would just be an extension of that service. Not so, they acted like they didn't know me when I told em I bought it online.

    I hope your LP works out either way...would like one myself.

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  • La
      Jul 30, 2011

    Just ordered a new amp and recived a used, and I mean used. Have not returned yet, I will let you know how that goes.

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