Guitar Centeroffers coupons, raises prices to compensate

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I use Guitar Center regularly through thier website, and I'm always e-mailed "limited time" coupons and offers. Today I was sent a coupon for "Dad's and Grads Get 20% Off of Qualifying Merchandise". They give you a list of brand names that qualify when you go to the site. As I browsed, I noticed something wierd. I don't know if this applies to ALL of the couponed merchandise, but everything that I was interesed in possibly purchasing had been marked up in price. I price checked with and just to be sure, because thier web sites are almost always identical with prices. Also for example, I wantd to buy this half stack I found a few weeks ago that was $400. During the special coupon sale, it was listed at $500 before the 20% off coupon. That's only $20 off, not the $80 it would have been if they kept the price where it should be. So what's up Guitar Center?<br />
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Also, if you cancel an order because after waiting a week you finally get a notice that your item is out of stock, make sure they add the balance back onto your card. Afterwards, make sure they refund the tax! Every time I had to cancel n order, they still charged me tax. I didn't know it either untill I did some digging.

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  • I keep in mind when I or if I ever am ready to go looking for another bass. I remember when Guitar Center first open up in Chicago, IL I purchased a used Fender bass amp, half tube/transister. It is still working. But now it seems times have changed with the way everyone is doing buisness and I recently was out near by one of their stores in Minnesota but my mind told me to keep on truckin. I fill sadden for all the musicians that are filling like they are getting ripped off from this company. This is a lesson for all of us out here wanting to jam with others on our new equipment without having to go through these tough times and filling the pain of being cheated. Remember before you buy look for the best deal and read the fine print. Thanks for your commits as well, peace out.

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