Grubhub / grubhub has horrible service that will cost you time and money

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The whole point of their food delivery service is to make things more convenient for the customer. Attempted to order a sandwich on the phone app. Even though I had entered in all my address data and driving instructions before, I had to re-enter. The detailed instructions for the driver on getting into my gated community would not take - I kept getting an error message, 10 min go by and two attempts finally gave up, called customer service. The lack interest in entering my data was unbelievable - he got through typing up two sentences and told me to just wait till the driver calls to navigate him through all the steps. Apparently explaining that detaining me on the phone for more time to deliver one little sandwich was counterproductive, fell on deaf ears because he continued to talk over me and explain why this was a hassle for HIM. Hung up, CB to speak to a supervisor - received a weak, "Sorry, we'll look into it." Canceled order -

Jun 20, 2017

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