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Do not buy anything via Groupon where you would NOT be happy with JUST your money back. If you are a Business HEED this WARNING or you could become a ZAZZLE.COM

At ZAZZLE, you can build things like CUSTOM Christmas ornaments by uploading photos, editing them, adding text, etc.

Zazzle gave GROUPON authorization codes to include in our GROUPONS. I paid $70 for $150 worth of ornaments... my family loves Christmas.

Zazzle gave GROUPON March 13, 2012 expiration dates. Some gnome at GROUPON entered the date as March 21, 2012. So we are there building our ornaments... spent hours and hours... only to find out we could NOT checkout because GROUPON put the wrong EXPIRATION date into the GROUPON COMPUTER.

GROUPON refunded by $70 and told me to go take a hike on the $80... leaving me still wanting my ornaments and $80 short because of a VERIFIABLE GROUPON ERROR.

This probably happens more than we know. Had I bought discount car washes, hadn't used them, and got a refund - that would have been fine.

ZAZZLE has had to deal with unhappy customers... and they did not get properly paid. GROUPON has ZERO understanding of customer service.

PLS save yourself the headache - never buy a GROUPON where you do WORK before you cash it in... it could cost you $80 on TOP of the $70 you paid - to recould your lost time.


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