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Got notice from Groupon my email was changed. I didn't do so, and on checking it was an email I never heard of. Fraudulent $1200 charge to my registered credit card for a gaming console followed. I was able to cancel it in time since the fraudster didn't change my password so I used the fraudulent email address to get into my account. I also changed the PW to a long random string. Groupon was then helpful in disabling the account and transferring my legitimate purchases to a new account.
Moral: pay close attention to emails about account changes you did not make. Also subscribe to credit cards that email you notices of every transaction immediately, and check them. If you are risk-averse, add a Lifelock subscription at the intermediate level that checks known identity sale web sites.

Apr 8, 2014
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  • Ey
      8th of Nov, 2018

    I own a business and Groupon has debited my account for thousands of dollars ... for a deal that was not even authorized! It’s some NEW DEAL... that Groupon decided to add!! I Haven’t changed deals since 2015 now all of the sudden they added a deal that gives 30% cash back to customers?!
    Please advise! If anyone knows about lawsuits...
    I am feeling so upset. How can they get away with this?!

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