Greyhound Lines / refund and complaint against staff

Denver, CO, United States

My name is jacquela robinson and im filing a complaint against your supervisor at the denver station who name is otho is the second incident I have had with you grayhound staff now the first I let slide but I will not let this go. I will not be disrespected in shape fashion or form.
My ticket was from salt lake city, ut to jackson, ms I am suppose to arrive in jackson, ms at 4:10 on 10/27
I had a layover in denver and he issued the tickets and booked the wrong route when I ask him to correct his mistake this is what he told me this :file a conplaint he the head man over here and aint nothing going to happen people file complaints all the time and his female employee told me "[censor] me and im stuck and there not going to change it so deal with it. I know this is not how your company handles customer so I will first like a refund for my full ticket which is $205. Because your supervisor booked the wrong ticket and refuse to fix it I have the comformation number for both tickets and I was told by your staff to call customer service at normal business hours. So you will be receiving a call from me.

Oct 26, 2017

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