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Today, at new haven, Ct greyhound bus stop, we experienced the WORST customer treatment. our bus was to leave at 7:30am and the lady behind the counter was extremely rude, refusing to answer any question simply because according to her, " that would be too easy". She continued to be rude when the bus was delayed and was not at all helpful.
When I requested her former name, she said that she didn't need to give her name and if I wanted to complain then I should just tell greyhound the time and they would know who was working there.
At this time, the man standing in front of the counter started yelling, calling us annoying, stating that if I was married, my husband would want to commit suicide. At this point, I requested him not to get personal. He proceeded to state that because of people like us, Donald Trump had won and so on.
I felt harassed, unsafe and reported him to the cop at the station. Thecopsaid that the staff at greyhound is known to be very rude. There are multiple complaints about this man every week but Greyhound refuses to do anything about him or the lady.
He told me to complain and see if anything is done.
Will Greyhound do anything or as the cop said I am wasting my time and Greyhound takes pride in this kind of customer service?


Nov 11, 2016

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