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Greyhound / dirty and rude

1 Canton, OH, United States Review updated:

I bought a round trip ticket from Canton Ohio to Clarksville Tn.The price was great, I bought it on the 14 day advance purchase and it was cheaper to go this way than to drive my vehicle. That is where the benefit ends. I am a larger male and I found the seats way to narrow so that when someone who is smaller or larger you become attached at the hips because you have no room. Then combine that with no leg room in front of you especially when the person reclines back into your lap. Very uncomfortable. The buses are so dirty that the only thing I could think of while riding the bus is what a great way to spread viruses. Bathrooms on the busses just about all of them had something wrong with them. But when you get off the bus to use the facilities those bathrooms are really dirty. Very disgusting, donot sit on the toilets. Also when you get off the bus and the bus driver announces which door to go to for your next connection you better check when you go inside more than half the times on my trip the bus driver was wrong and you would be standing in the wrong line. There are no signs or notices in the terminals to assist you which door you should go to. Greyhound should learn about electronic signs. On we go the bus driver in Cincinati, Ohio is one of the rudest and most arrogant and inconsiderent so called proffesional I have ever met he goes by the name of CJ. He has an attitude and acts like he is better than everyone else riding the bus. He wanted me to lug my luggage around the terminal to get a destination ticket for my luggage which the terminal in Clarksville failed to do there job and put one on. We had already made stops in Nashville, Louisville and it was fine. But he caused a rucus in cincinati. my other complaint is when you transfer busses and you get on a bus the other travelers will take up two seats and pretend like they are sleeping as so they donot want someone to sit by them, and some will cause a comotion when you try to sit there. I found this to be very accurate with african americans. This has to rate as one of the worst transportations ever to take if you have another option use it. But unfortunately some have no other choice, may God be with you and keep you safe.

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      27th of Jun, 2009
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    I agree, the travelers who were african american were so rude to travel with, I was surprised that they actually acting in a manner that was racist towards any other race that traveled along with them. But whenever another african american person entered, they would offer the seat right away. Many of the males were just very offensive, when a woman would walk onto the bus and pass them, they would get their camera phones and take pictures of their butts, it was gross.

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