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. On nov 21 my husband went to a cvs store and purchased a greendot moneypak card for 1650.00 when he went home to transfer it to paypal to pay or rent it was saying there is no funds on it so my husband called me I was at work I told him to wait till I got home when I did I tried to transfer the funds and it stated 0.00 funds on the card so we went to cvs and told them had all the recipes and the cards and showed them they told us they could not do anything I told them I gave them my money and trusted them to put it on this card and there is no money on it and they cant do anything I contacted the greendot they told me to give them 5 days well its been over a month I also contacted the police and cvs again nothing is getting resolved I would like to put in the paper and warn people to not buy greendot or moneypak card at cvs that they will not take any responsible on this they stole 1650.00 from a hard working family I do not trust cvs they are thiefs something happened to our hard earned money and they are not taking action in looking for it how do I know if the sales clerk didnt keep it never again will I ever shop at cvs they lost a good customer

Dec 29, 2014
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  • Je
      Mar 01, 2009
    greendot - overcharged
    greendot corporation
    United States

    I got ripped off for $39.95 on 2/20/2009. Did not order anything and charge showed up on mmycredit card. Mygrantsitenet bad--watch out you will get an email about the stimulus package, when you open this email they have any credit card info. you have stored on your computer even if you have a password!!!

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  • Je
      Mar 01, 2009

    correction the site name is mygrantsitenet not greendot, that was just the card that was over charged. thanks

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  • Da
      Mar 17, 2009
    greendot - would not active my card
    s1903 county rd A #49
    United States

    My name is David Christian and I tryed to active my card oh-line. It was turned down, so now I want a full refund of 39.95 sent to my home stated above . Thank David

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  • Ca
      Jul 22, 2009
    greendot - Fraud
    United States

    I am a green dot victim in new york. I found an attorney in california and am preparing to sue Green Dot for stealing my money etc.

    would you be willing to help by sharing your experience with the attorney on the case?

    It is a proposed class action.

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  • El
      Aug 14, 2010
    greendot - cant activate my greendot visa
    207 Harwood Rd.
    United States

    I recentlly ordered a greendot visa card and It will not let me activate when I called. It Is saying that my birthday does not match

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  • Wi
      Oct 15, 2011

    I loaded $40 on my card, and when I went online to activate, it said "Invalid Address"? We will send you a refund in 10 days.

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  • Ta
      Dec 31, 2013
    greendot - amber stevens
    United States

    I had dispute ed moneypak for my five hundred dollar moneypak that wouldn't load well they finally got it on there and I had my temperature card and called it and that's when I found out the money was taken off there and called green dot and found out my permant card was sent to the wrong address

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  • Dy
      Jan 23, 2016

    Same thing had happened to me. I bought a 500 dollar green dot card in Minneapolis at CVS on 37th and central ave Ne. The lady swiped it, I went home and typed in the correct website it said to activate with and it said error invalid card number.. And to wait 15 minutes after my purchase. I have purchased one before at a different place and had not had any problems before. Anyways. So I called to register and it also said invalid. Basically it was extremely hard to get a Hold of anyone at green dot for . I even went back to CVS and complained and demanded my money back. They said no because they can't refund, saying I will have to contact someone at green dot. Well after going through weeks of constant phone calls to them They asked for me to send pictures of my receipts and cards they went from saying it was a invalid card to, someone else had activated this card and used your card but they know when (but they switch stories on you if you start getting a little more in bobcat with them to save themselves) you contact local police to make a police report they are going to tell you that it's a civil matter. I even went so far to visit the Green Dot Corp in Califorina and they were no help. Wouldn't even let me past the front desk. As far as I got was a phone call saying as far as I got with them before. I'll have to call police authorities.. Its all BS and pretty much is a trap. I've even bought a 2nd card just to prove to the CVS people when I demanded a refund. I put on 20 bucks on this second one and did everything step by step on the card with the manager there and same thing happened. So CVS says call green dot, green dot takes like 4 weeks to go through jumps and hoops of investagations and sending pictures then send you to the police. Then police say there is nothing to do about it... This company is rude, dishonest I will never see my 500 bucks.. Thanks green dot, hope to expose you as much as I can!

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  • Re
      Mar 03, 2016

    I arranged for deposit of tax refund, the irs sent it and it wasnt showing on my card. I tried to call and kept getting someone in a another country and couldnt speak english well, i asked for supervisor and they refused to get one on the phone. Im trying to move with deadlines and i need my money

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