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I purchased two $500 Money Pak cards for Green Dot on August 10, 2009. One at 4:13 PM and one at 4:15 PM. They were purchased at a local Walgreens store. The clerk tried to load the total of $1000 onto one of the Money Pak cards, but the computer rejected the second purchase. I walked over to the shelf and picked up another Money Pak card. This one did not work either. I again walked over to the shelf and picked up another Money Pak card and finally it dawned on me that this needed to be two individual transactions. I told the clerk to make them 2 transactions and finally both reloads were complete. There were a total of 4 cards on the counter top. When I came home and waited the hour to reload the card with the Money Pak purchased at 4:13 PM there was no problem with the transaction on the phone. Walgreens receipt indicates that only one $500 reload can be done per customer in a 24 hour time period. The receipt also indicates that Walgreens does NOT issue any refunds connected to the Money Pak purchase. I waited until August 11 at approximately 6:00 PM and tried to load the second $500 purchase. Immediately the recording told me I would be transferred to an agent and the call would be recorded. I gave the agent all information on my receipt and answered all questions that were asked. I was told they would have their department research the transaction and someone would call me in 1-2 business days. THERE HAS BEEN NO PHONE CALL TO ME FROM ANYONE AT GREEN DOT (today's date August 16). I have made numerous calls to them every day since August 11. On Saturday (August 15) I was told by an agent I would need to seek a refund from the Walgreens store. All receipts were faxed to Green Dot on Friday August 14.
The Walgreens manger has called Green Dot and was told they could not give her any information on the credit card or the transaction. I believe what happened was that when the clerk tried the different cards in the computer and they were rejected he laid them on the counter top and when the second transaction was completed, he handed me the cash register receipts and accidently picked up one of the rejected cards and gave that to me.
The agents have told me the pin number on the back of the card is locked (or blocked, they don't speak English very well) and did not have any money on the card. I called Walgreens (and have also made 2 trips to the store) to ask if they destroyed the rejected cards and was told yes they do. I have gotten no help from Green Dot AT ALL. Surely the computer would show that 2 transactions were completed from Walgreens (I assume there is a unique number associated with the Walgreens store in Illinois) and would also indicate that one of the $500 purchases was executed and the other is floating around in cyberspace somewhere looking for a home. I have since contacted the Walgreens Corporate Office, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and sent a letter to the Corporate Office of Green Dot in California. My next step will be to call the Green Dot Corporate Office and ask to speak to someone who speaks English and has the ability to research my complaint and let me know where the $500 has ended up. So as of this minute, I am out $500 and dealing with a company that does not seem to have very competent employees. By the way, this was a Green Dot Mastercard credit card, so beware of purchasing one of these cards.

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      Feb 28, 2011

    i purchased a greendot card and loaded over 300$ on it, and greendot tells you to wait 60 mins to register the card, and i did . when i called to register my card, the automated teller couldn't register the card so they put me on the line with live representative who was foriegn who couldn't speak english let alone understand it. Then when finally get mt point across they tell me that me and another person has the same card number and they have to refund my money, so i would have to fax in my id, ss, reciept of purchase, and copy of the card, I willingly faxed this infomation, and it is now two months later and i have not recieved my refund, and when i called back there are constant constant excuses on why.if anyone from the corporate office reading this complaint please contact me, so that we can resolve this matter without my lawyer . thank you . Denika Reed [protected] jackson ms. 02/28/2011

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  • Wi
      Feb 18, 2012

    I purchased a greedot moneypak at walmart for $300 on 2- 18-12. I used the card for the touchpay system which limits transactions to $200 or less (it does not tell you that until AFTER it has your card number! But thats another story!) Anyway, I split the payment thinking (after going over the card with a fine toothed comb) that I could put the balance on my pre-paid Wal-mart card. I made that payment then when I went to put the balance on my Wal-mart card it said I had $0.00 left!!! Total Payment to touchpay with their fee was $156.00...SO WHERE IS MY $144 thats left?????
    So I called and after having a LENGHTY argument they FINALLY agreed to send me a paper check refund. REALLY? You want me to wait 7-10 BUSINESS days to process a refund then mailing time, plus another 7-10 days hold at the bank to clear the paper check!!!
    Do yourself a favor if you are considering buying one of their products...DON'T DO IT!!! If you CAN NOT AFFORD to lose your MONEY or are not able to wait till they FEEL like bothering to send a proven unused amount.. I HIGHLY SUGGEST using another reputable company. The absolute inconvience they cause FAR outweighs ANY CONVEINCE they offer and makes it NOT WORTH THE RISK!!!

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  • Sa
      Apr 03, 2012

    green dot cards are expensive and time consuming ...i have sent three fax to aid in a refund ...well pulling teeth is much easier...i just want my money took 30sec to take my money off the card an now i am being told i will get it back in 2months. wow... when I do get my funds back I'm going to Burn this card to make sure i never use it again...PS i was told on the 3rd attempt that the fax needed to be typed on letter head paper From national car rental with all my info on it and the reason for my fund an that's the fax they say they didn't get

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  • Ki
      Feb 13, 2013

    I'm soo glad that I found this sight!! My mother used her "get it card" which she received when she did her 2012 tax return. She went to Walmart and had them take $1, 000 off her card and put on my "get it card" Now we get home thought the transaction went through...uh NO, called my card customer service they said it was declined due to I can't load a $1, 000. But the transaction did come of my mothers card. Now everyone is accusing one another. Walmart says they don't have it, Greendot says they don't have. I'm going to call both of their cooperate offices and someone better come up with my money. Reading this stories let me know for sure Green Dot is not a good company. No one should have to go through this much trouble when it's our money not theirs. So who ever reads these terrible stories "DON'T BUY GREEN DOT CARDS OR MONEY PACKS"

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  • Mi
      Dec 21, 2014

    I am so happy that I found this site! When it first happened, I felt that I was alone! So to read your stories is very soothing to know that I'm not alone! Is well purchase a $500 card at Walgreens, came home and loaded it and it had a zero balance. Mind you, it is Christmas time and I had all my money tied up on that card. Now I have no money for Christmas! I have been given the runaround from customer service that barely speak English! I just wish I had researched this prior because it seems like this has happened to thousands and thousands of people. I am going to call the corporate office on tomorrow and if I do not get any assistance in calling my local news channel and I will be contacting a lawyer. It seems like everyone is willing to rally in together for what is right! If you have never use this card, please please don't ever use it!

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  • Ki
      Aug 10, 2016

    I purchased a prepaid Walmart card and it came with Greendot bank services. Greendot has a horrible reputation so I never would have gotten this card had I known Walmart was banking with Greendot. I paid for a rental car on July 29, 2016 with this card. My purchase was $1, 290.87. Greendot then held a pending charge of $1, 296.00 after they received their money from my Hertz Merchant. I called to get the hold released and was told that it would be on hold until September 28th, 2016 unless the merchant sent over a release form which they did on August 5th. I called Greendot on August 8th and they confirmed that they had received everything and the charge would be reversed by August 10th which is today. I called and was told that case was denied because the paperwork was missing a signature letterhead. I then called the merchant who assured me that the paperwork was on letterhead and had a signature. Greendot then said that my request was still denied. I have a paycheck going into that account today and will not be able to pay my bills. My payroll department says that it was too late for me to stop my direct deposit. I had no idea that Greendot would keep my money on an already paid claim which puts me in a bad spot with my creditors and rental office.

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