Great Wolf Lodgelack of compassion, service, customer service, or followup from leadership aka james anderson - gm of colorado springs

Wow. Where to start. We had many issues during our stay which is very, very, disappointing, and uncharacteristic of Great Wolf Lodge. Our family loves Great Wolf Lodge. We have stayed at the location in Dallas, Texas at least 5 times. We try and make it an annual thing. This year we decided to visit your location in Colorado Springs. During our stay, our family encountered several issues.

Our first came up 2 days before our actual stay at GWL. We received a call from a clerk at your front desk who told me that our room was double booked and that we would need to spend 2 nights in a different room. We were told that since they were at capacity, we would start our stay in one room... Then need to swap rooms mid stay. I was told there was no other options. My wife and I were extremely frustrated and asked for a Manager to contact us back with possible concessions or changes for us. Nobody called us back. We actually showed up for our stay, after two days of waiting for a callback and the stress of knowing we would have to move rooms, only to find out that a manager was able to fix our issue and that we would not have to move rooms.

A rep told us that the room issue was resolved 2 days ago and that someone was supposed to call us back. I was happy but also extremely disappointed that nobody called us back, apologized for the stress we went thru, or offered any compassion. We could have avoided a lot of stress had someone called us back.

My wife and I agreed to make no issue of this and decided that we would just enjoy ourselves. The next morning, my 5 year old son lost his paw pass while playing in the tree house. My son was crying while we searched for his pass. Some wonderful staff assisted us in looking and when we could not find it, we were told to let the front desk know and that they may be able to help us out. They did say that we could not get a refund but they still may provide other services. Of course, we get to front desk, speak to the assistant security manager, and he flat out said they can do nothing. Again no compassion and no alternate solutions were offered. We were very disappointed.

Luckily, Amy (from the front desk) did indeed find the pass and things were made good.

On our second to last day, my daughter Leena Garcia, became trapped in an elevator. My daughter is 10 years old and is very tech savvy. She was trapped for 7 minutes before the elevator began to move again. During her 7 minutes ordeal, she pressed the help button in the elevator and was able to speak to someone not on location. When my daughter finally got out, she ran hysterically into a family of 4. That family walked my daughter to our room via the stairs. This was an extremely traumatic experience for my family. My complete family immediately walked down to the front desk in an attempt to alert GWL so that no one else goes thru what my daughter just did. I on the other hand took the same elevator down.

Low and behold, on my trip down, the elevator froze again. All functions seized and I was basically trapped for about 3 minutes before the elevator resumed again. I personally along with 3 other guest experienced this.

When I got to front desk, I spoke with Katheryn and Denis (both managers). They were awesome. They offered to to refund my paw passes that I had bought and possibly provide a discount on my room. I was grateful for the offer and I was about to accept it (since GWL was also a victim of the elevator). My wife this whole time I was talking, was sitting in the lobby trying to comfort my daughter. She had guest walking up and offering condolences and hugs to my daughter. It was in those conversations that my wife learned that this elevator had been malfunctioning all day and that each instance was reported to the front desk. When my wife walked over and brought this to my attention, this complete ordeal was a completely avoidable situation. Had management closed off the elevator from earlier complaints, my daughter would have never gone through this.

My daughter Leena remains today afraid of entering elevators. She has an anxiety of them.

I struggle with what to do next. I have attempted to contact James Anderson _General Manager - 16 times and he has only called back once. For the complete ordeal my family went thru, James Anderson offered us a refund for our paw passes and a future upgrade for a future stay. He has made good on the paw passes refund yet all the old memories popup when James refuses to contact me back regarding a upgrade for a future stay we have on June 25th, 2018.

What I would like as a resolution is to completely wipe clean my stay in Colorado Springs. What I am willing to accept "today" is a full refund for my stay at GWL along with Vouchers for each night I stayed that I can use at an alternate location. My family has always seen GWL as a place to rest, enjoy ourselves, and have fun. Our stay was everything but that and worse. The question is does Great Wolf Lodge really care about its customers. If I have to put anymore effort into remedying this situation, what I am willing to accept will be drastically different then what I have asked for today.

I do have a video of my daughters explanation of what happened in that elevator. I would like to send it so please respond with an email address that I can send it on.

Reservation confirmation no.

Guillermo Garcia

May 31, 2018

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