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I've been going to Great Clips for 3 yrs and always ask for the only good barber. This one time, my wife took my son for his school cut but the good barber wasn't in so the asst manger cut my sons hair. It was horrible. Like a cereal bowl cut. I took him back the next day and nicely explained to her that my son wasn't happy and could he get it cut the way he wanted. To make a long story short, the asst manager and the manager began to call my son a liar and yell at my wife and said they'd have to pay again.

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  • Sk
      Nov 15, 2009

    One of the worse service ever. They are racist. I can keep growing my hear instead go to these unethical companies to cut my hair. They are not equal customer opportunity company. They are one of the worse. So please don't ever go there, I instead will open up a blog against them. Don't ever go to Great clips. Racist and unethical company ever. They will soon going out of business.

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  • Dc
      Jan 05, 2019
    Great Clips - Hair stylist
    Raleigh Rd Pkway Wilson NC
    Wilson NC
    United States

    A blonde loud mouth girl cut my hair last week. She proceeded to complain about the publicity surrounding Pres Bush's funeral. Ranting and raving. About politics. I would have walked out but my elderly Mother was with me. Don't know her name but will not go back if she is there.

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  • Ca
      Apr 24, 2019

    I always go there to get my haircut. I have been totally happy every time but one. That was because I wasn't happy with the look but to short to undo so I didn't say anything. Everyone is always polite and nice. I'm 65 and have been to many salons in my lifetime and this one is just fine. Parking is easy, and the parking is the reason I started going there when they opened. Been going ever since and I'm happy.

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  • De
      Jun 16, 2019
    Great Clips - Clips for Kindness

    I called this salon this am. They have never heard of "Clips for Kindness". 315-935 St. Albert trail Street 315

    Why is this that certain salons do offer this service and so don't?

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  • Ye
      Aug 12, 2019
    Great Clips - Hair issue
    Glades and441
    United States

    I brought my child to this store and they said I had to comb his hair out for next time.i never had that problem before at other stores thank you

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  • Ga
      Aug 25, 2019
    Great Clips - Haircut
    Gresham Oregon Division St
    United States

    My wife stopped by this Great Clips to get a haircut for her high school reunion and the district manager butcher her hair. We had to go to another Great Clips and the person told my wife that it looked like she got two different cuts on each side.

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  • Ra
      Sep 09, 2019
    Great Clips - Haircut
    Logan Twp, New Jersey
    United States

    The worse fade I have ever seen in my life . I dont expect perfection but it straight up looks like she shaved the bottom of his head then booted him out the chair . [censored] looks like a straight line

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