Great Clips / attempted to book a haircut - relocated to bel air - md

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My family and I had relocated to the area about 3 weeks ago. In the mail, I received welcoming coupons for the 615 #5 Bel Air Road, Bel Air, MD Great Clips at the TollGate Market Place. I have always had my hair styled at Great Clips having moved here from Annapolis I was expecting the same GREAT SERVICE. However, what I received instead was an abusive, unfriendly, unprofessional and uncooperative attitude from a male stylist that was at the phone desk on Sunday April 02, 2017 in the early to late afternoon that day. The issue was that I do not know the area that well, I was attempting to find the location of this great clips, and phoned the store. I had to phone twice to be certain of my location. On both occasions, it was the same person, and on both occasions he was rude and abusive. I asked him to provide directions, and he sustained an attitude of talking over me, and not listening. It was very frustrating. I asked him to please stop talking and to please listen so that I could tell him where I was, and he could then give me accurate directions. Well, he said, "we're too busy for this - you need to find your way here." I was really upset and angry at this. I hung up and said I would take my business elsewhere. So far I have convinced about 31 of my family and friends to go elsewhere, and by social media they might do the same and convince their friends and family. I TRUSTED THE GREAT CLIPS BRAND and this #### destroyed that trust. I will never, use Great Clips again. The market is VERY COMPetitive, and GREAT CLIPS at TOLLGATE MARKETPLACE, BEL AIR, MD was the absolute worst experience I have had in dealing with a business over the phone. BEST ADVICE STAY AWAY AND GO TO SPORTS CLIPS - THEY WERE AWESOME !!!

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