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  7th of Nov, 2008
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yes i actually had the same problem! i got a hold of them at 800-964-2892. They basically told me when you first order it you automatically get signed up for a 90 day supply in which they charge your credit card. i didnt like that idea so i told them to cancel it and they said thats fine and to send back the supply and they should refund me. im goign to keep up on it though! hope it helps!
  22nd of Jul, 2010
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I'm having the same problem and I tried calling that number 800-964-2892 and it says it can not be reach from my calling area grrrrrrr
  16th of Nov, 2010
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1.800.964.1892 try calling this number and tell them u are going to sue them if u get one more charge on your card. and u are not the only one who is going to sue them. that will scare them . i am having same problem . now i have to pay a bounce check fee, dum F____ S .. good luck...
  1st of Dec, 2010
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It's a front for a dating web site and a dirty phone calling company, so time to start asking those questions.
  16th of Jul, 2011
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I have tried to cancel a full year ago and the didn't cancel me. I went on line and sent them an email to confirm.
We then called Three months ago and they promissed they wouldn't charge us again or send another shipment. Guess what they sent another shipment and charge my card again!! When I called them the operator said no manager is available and they have no record of my cancelation. This is a fraud issue! Do not do business with this company. After a full year I can't get them to stop . This is terrible.
  13th of Aug, 2015
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I ordered the shampoo a month ago. And paid the charge. A new charge showed up two days ago.
I reported it to my credit card company. They have marked it as a fraud.
What a shame. I liked the product but I will never order from them again.

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