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Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware of this product!! Purchasing on line or over the phone will put you into HIDDEN membership that automatically ships out more product and takes the money right out of your account. If it's written, its hidden in very small print that your order creates a membership agreement to have them ship you more product for over $100!!! If you take the $29.95 offer, its introductory and they gouge you for way too much money then the product is worth! If you buy the introductory offer, you must call them and cancel your membership right away or they'll take more money from you! Then calling to cancel and complain won't do you any good because the operator just doesn't care!! Be Careful !!!

Worst hair product and company!!!

This is by far the worst hair product and company ever!!! I was mesmerized when i watched the tv commercials about the conditioner. So i decided to buy this product for my friend and myself in hopes that it would bring our dull damaged hair back to life. Needless to say after 30 days of using it nothing changed. Our hair not only felt looked and stayed the same it left a disgusting heavy texture. After i received my first shipment i called to discontinue the product (Which took about half ab hour for the customer services person to finally agree to cancel it) . But guess what next month on my doorsteps was another box of wen products with this time a 37$ charge. I quickly called wen and asked to speak to a supervisor, i told them i had discontiued this product. (There was no apologie for this mistake from the supervisor) . She just said this is a 3 month supply blah blah blah. Getting annoyed by this whole thing i decided just to keep the product (And give it as a gift) and once again i told her i no longer want to receive this product!! So, next month i'm reviewing my account and be hold i find a 29$ charge from wen. I call and end up talking with susan one of the supervisors. (She is the worst person you could ever imagine talking to) . Susan said this charge was from the 3month supply wen product they just break the payment into 3 months. Wow, that was truly news to me i told her no one said i have to pay three months worth a product i never wanted in the first place. After an hour of our heated discussion she refused to do anything. Moral of this story if you want an exspensive, useless, horrible product and customer service buy the wen conditioner. This whole company is a scam and a joke!!! Definitely not satisfied!!!

  • Jo
    jo cronrath Feb 15, 2012

    Write to [email protected] and then follow up with a call directly to Guthy Renker Hdqtrs at 310-581-6250. It took some research but I have just written and plan on calling asap!
    I have gotten nowhere with the pretend customer service in Argentina so I'm going to the source!

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Deceptive Claims about Cleansing Conditioner

I did some research on Wen cleansing conditioner and found out the ingredient list contains no cleansing agents at all. Chaz Dean claims the herbal extracts in this product will gently cleanse hair, but there is no research to substantiate the fact. So, the claim that you only need this one product for all your hair needs is totally false. You DO need to use shampoo if you want to get your hair clean, not just conditioned. According to the infomercial, the introductory package contains four products: the cleansing conditioner, a separate deep conditioner that can be left in overnight, an additional styling cream and a small container of texture balm. Hello? I thought the whole point of using this product was to eliminate the need for additional products? all you are really getting is two heavy conditioners and two thick styling products. The menthol in the cleansing conditioner could be a real irritant for some people. One model from the infomercial claimed, "I even use it on my face!" Well, I tried that, and it stung! Some people could mistake that tingling sensation for cleansing action when all they are really doing is possibly irritating sensitive skin. To find out more about cosmetic ingredients, please refer to Paula Begoun's website,


I ordered Wen from an infomercial I saw in September. After I received my introductory shipment, I set up an online account on their website. There is a link where you can change the shipping schedule, so I set up my next shipment to be sent in 16 weeks. The next shipment arrived in FOUR weeks and was much larger than I had anticpated. I hadn't even used half the product from my intro shipment. I was out of town at the time, so was unable to ship the product back to them in time to receive a full refund. I called customer service and received $30.00 off the $97.00 price for the shipment. The introductory price is only $29.95. They don't tell you the price goes WAY up after the introductory offer. (The containers are larger, but not enough to warrant the steep increase), so read the fine print. The customer service rep was very friendly and extended my shipping schedule. He claimed the premature shipment was a mistake, but I suspect this is a routine practice Guthy-Ranker (the distributer for Wen) employs to trick people into paying for more product than they need. They have a 60 day return policy, but by the time I found out about the error, it would have been to late to return the product. Sure, the brochure states that you'll receive an automatic shipment every 30 days, unless you adjust your schedule, but never informs consumers of the price increase. You don't find out until you get the bill for your next shipment. Also, YOU MUST CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE TO ADJUST YOUR SHIPMENT SCHEDULE. The website can't be trusted, even when it tells you your changes have registered successfully. Also, be aware that you will automatically receive all three of the Wen products in your shipment package, so if you don't want everything included, be sure to contact them directly. There is no way to adjust product preferences online.

  • Sc
    Scarletletters Apr 29, 2011

    This is an add-on to my previous complaint. The auto ship schedule stated in the brochure said every 90 days unless you contact customer service by phone or through the website. As previously stated, they didn't even wait 90 days to send another shipment, even after I extended the ship date and it was registered online. There is no warning about the price increase either in the infomercial or any of the brochures I received with the product.

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Deceptive Advertising and scams

I recently purchased a starter kit for the Chaz Dean Wen product through Guthy-Renker. The product itself builds up on your hair with continued use and no longer works after a month. Also, Guthy-Renker does not adequately advertise that upon purchase of the starter kit you are actually comitting to 3 additional months of product delivery and an additional amount charged automatically to your debit/credit card. It is not clearly stated on the G-R site nor on the Chaz Dean homepage.
Guthy-Renker and Chaz Dean are obviously working together to defraud the consumer marketplace in this situation.


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Unauthorized Charges

Wen by Chaz Dean forces you to sign up for their "service" which does auto delivery and auto billing every two months when you order their products. I canceled my Wen By Chaz Dean service several weeks ago, but they are still charging my credit card. They've stopped sending the products, but they haven't stopped charging me for them. BEWARE of signing up for Wen by Chaz Dean auto payments through Guthy-Renker because you may be charged FOREVER. Shame on you Guthy-Renker. If Wen by Chaz Dean was really so great, you wouldn't have to force people into making repeat purchases.

breaking of hair/cant cancel

I ordered product wen and after 5 uses I have broken hair, split ends. I have tried for 5 days to canel any future orders they may send me with no advail. Every phone number you call they transfer you. I was once tranfered to pro-active line. The last call I made my phone number was taken because the rep told me they did not know how to cancel shipments. I would love to know what can be done to these companies that rip people off. Please help me so nothing more gets charged without my consent to my credit card.
Darlene Wood

Shipping and billing

I saw the commercial and decided to try the product. I ordered the product on January 27, 2011 and called immediately to give the proper billing address which was different than shipping. I was told I had to call back in 24 hours which I did. I confirmed the correct shipping address 3 times and was assured the product would be sent to the correct address. I called back on February 16, 2011 and was told the product shipped to the billing address (It never arrived their either) and I was told that it would be re-sent within 3-5 business days and the shipping fee would be waived. Again, I checked both address on February 28th, 2011 and never rec'd the product. I called back on March 2, 2011 and was told that my 90 day follow up order was ready to be shipped. Again, I never rec'd any product but the were going to charge my credit card again. I have now cancelled the order completely and was told that it would take several days to post to my account. Then I read reviews about the product which weren't very good.

Taking unauthorized money from my account and sending orders I didn't place

I ordered 3 starter kits of Wen, Chaz Dean. I made it very clear I didn't want any other orders. I've have to call several times about the order was mixed up. By the 3rd call, I was told everything was corrected. I recieved another UNWANTED order in the mail. Called again and was told $ 47.44 was taken from my account without authorization. I do not want any farther Wen, Chaz Dean products. I've contacted my bank and will be contacting B.B.B. if this doesn't STOP ASAP. Wen doesn't want responsibility! Chaz Dean doesn't want responsibility, all info leads back to your company. SHAME ON THIS COMPANY FOR MISLEADING PEOPLE. My people have told me your company is known dor this, I will be letting all my friends know to avoid all purchases with this compamy.


If you sign up with them, they automatically put you on a 90-day autoship, broken down in three payments - charged each month.

In order to get through to customer service via the 'computerized system', say that you want to order the product rather than cancel. You'll get through immediately.

Next, get a 'return to sender' number which will go on the package you want to return (if you want to return the last and cancel your upcoming three months of payments still due), and be sure to send it back with a tracking number to prove you sent it back.

Next, get a 'cancellation number' from the customer service representative as well as their name, and document for your own records the date you called. Then...keep an eye on your credit card account.

I had to pry all of the above information out of the customer service representative. They don't offer help - they just say you are cancelled without telling you to send it back for the refund of the last package, nor do they give you a number to write on the package unless you ask for that, nor do they give you a cancellation confirmation number unless you ask for that.

  • In
    Ingrid Deoliveira Dec 04, 2012

    Chaz is a scam! their billing service is terrible!
    I was a customer since 2009, I moved to Hawaii in April, i called to cancel the service in February, maybe early March. In May, i got a letter from them that my account was past due, i called immediately and i spoke with a lady, ( i ended up trowing all this paperwork away after) she was very pleasant and apologize about the inconvenience and that she was making a note in their system so i would not get more bills since this account was cancelled.
    Today, 12/04/12 i received a letter from a collection agency... Chaz sold my debt???! Of course i called and Francisco (if indeed they give you their real names) told me that my account has being cancelled as of November?! What?
    I told him about my call back in May 31st. He said he saw it in their system, that i called inquiring about the bill and that i was explain why i got and that was due. He didn't the account being cancelled. I told him i was upset because they sent me to collect with no reason and that i needed this fix or i will sue them. He transferred me to a "supervisor" Janell that was very rude and told me that they would not have sent me to collections if i paid my bill on time... What was she implying?
    This account was cancelled and they failed not me. I should have to pay for something i requested to be cancelled, or being sent to collect for that reason.
    According to them, they sent me 8 letters! 8 letters??? how come i got the one in May and not the rest!???
    Be aware of this people, they have no principals and now they will be reported to the law for fraudulent charges

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  • Th
    th!sman Dec 06, 2012

    Always use CMRRR or signature required to cancel stuff. No one later claims they didn't get your request.

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Charge money on my credit card

GRC CHAZ DEAN Charge me 29.95 for 3 months for no reazon whithout my permition and they steel dooing wath can I do Help please

  • De
    Derek Bell Nov 16, 2010

    Continue to bill for Credit Card for unauthorized charges - they will not stop even after complaining!

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  • Je
    Jesse G Apr 19, 2011

    I just finished canceling my wen subscription that was renew automatically every 90 days without my permision. It was not hard and was not a hassel at all. I called 8888950843 and gave them my zip and address. they looked me up and canceled. The only one thing that I did not like was that they told me that I had to make one more payment to complete the 90 day cycle. But thats ok with me as long as these automatic paymetns stop. If I were not to be able to cancel, my other option would have been to cancel my credit card number and get a new one. Hope this works.

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Charging for unrequested product

A month ago I called them because they charged my account for product that I had previously told them I did not want. They told me that there was a note to that effect in the system but the person who wrote it did not change the system to stop the product from being delivered. They told me the product had been shipped the day before and I should return at my cost and to make sure I sent it by some method that proved delivery and they gave me a Return number and said it would take 4/5 weeks for the money to be returned to my account! The product did not arrive for another week so I would suggest they were lying when they said it already been shippied. I told them categorically (again) that I did not want their product and that if I did I would order it. So 30 days later I find they have charged my account yet again and there is no product delivered at this point. I cannot get hold of anyone there ; "all our agents are busy talking to other customers", probably because their lines are clogged by people making complaints. This practice of companies signing you up for automatic deliveries when you specifically told them you did not want that is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS and SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICE. They should be reported to every possible complaint site on the web and to Better Business Bureaus across the nation. Too many companies follow this practice and I am for one, am tired of it. I have no intention of using my time and money to return something I did not order in the first place - they can collect it themselves or I will toss it in the bin, I don't care which.

  • Ga
    Gaviota Jan 25, 2010

    I thought it was my fault when they sent products I did not think I had ordered -- and at a much higher price.

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  • Ge
    German Oct 18, 2010

    NO WHERE IN THE AD or in the ordering process - was it mentioned that this would be RECURRING ORDER. It was only when I noticed a second charge on my bank statement - that I called their order center, only to be told that the order process did advise me this would be a recurring order. I don't recall seeing or agreeing to that . . so it must be well hidden!

    I told the rep that I wanted the order canceled, he said in order to get the "discount" for the 30 day supply, the recurring order was mandatory. I repeated that I wished to cancel the order. He than said that 3 additional shipments had already been approved, including the one for which I had just noticed the charge to my account.

    These charges are executed one month at a time . . how is it NOT possible to cancel the charges and future shipments????!!!

    I have subsequently canceled the debit card on file for my WEN account order and will advise friends and family to NOT try this offer. The rep also said that these type of products are not available anywhere except through WEN - which is ALSO NOT TRUE. My sister later told me about an organic product named "no poo" - available through her hair dresser, locally.

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  • Gi
    Giff Jul 05, 2013

    After a strong recommendation from a friend I decided to try the WEN hair care products. All I can say is that I really like the products, however purchasing from the official WEN website is a big mistake! Not only are the products overpriced compared to QVC or Amazon (depending on type and quantity) their policies are one step above theft. The customer service people are not product knowledgeable, not courteous or professional. Most businesses view the customer is "always right" in this case the seller is. I just wonder if this is how the whole Guthy-Wenker makes money - not off of product but stealing from the individuals who try the products. All I can say is never again and advise everyone out there to never order from either.

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shampoo shippment

I returned a shippment the first of april and was told as soon as they received package they would reimburse my money back in the back, well they haven't yet and now i find another payment taken out of my checking account. This is what the opst office gave me. Package delivered on April, 13 2009 at 10:24am in RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA 92688. I know that you have received your merchandise so please I would like my$62.85 back in my checking account, or a check mailed to me, I hvae a lawyer whi says he would love to get ahold of this. RICKI A ROGERS


sent more product automatically when I specifically told the sales person that I did not wish to have the product automatically sent
charged my bank account $97.80 when the original order was $35
I reached them by phone and they said they were sorry, the sales person must have misunderstood me (yeah, right)
Now I am out the money in my bank account for several weeks while I ship the product back and wait to get the money in my account
Not really impressed with the product and did not find it to be any better or worse than anything you could get at a local store

  • Do
    Donna Marcantel Jul 24, 2013

    I received a package with the address on the letter on the box reflecting the addres as Wen by Chaz Dean, 6 commerce Way, Commerce NC 28704. I want to cancel getting packages from Wen and now I wish to return this recent package back you. In fact I returned the last two packages.
    How do I do this the correct way?
    Donna Marcantel

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They scammed me, I'm sorry to say! They claim the kit is $29.95. Then they charge your card $97.00. They should just be honest and say that it's $97.00 and not try to scam and say it's $29.95. Talk about using spin! So, they just lose all of the customers they could have kept. That is the price for sketchy business practices. Tell your friends not to buy from them!!

  • Ka
    Kathy Jan 24, 2009

    I was scammed too. They said they will return the money back if you don't like the product. In my case I returned the product but they didn't give my money back and also they try to charge another $60 to my credit card. My credit card number have changed and now they are sending me mails after mail to pay the bill for which I haven't even received the product.


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  • Kr
    Krislynn Feb 18, 2011

    I disagree with Jennifer. If she had listened to them carefully when ordering, they describe the 3 month 'plan', and tell you that you will be charged for the 3 months, but at least with me, they only took the $29.99 + taxes and S&H out of my account, and I'll be paying the rest as I can. And, tho I have what I thought was pretty great hair to begin with, but very long, and shiny. But I take care what I put on it, and his premise is sound, so I decided to try it. Like many of their models in the infomercial, I will never use anything else again. I returned to my expensive regular shampoo and conditioner once, and couldn't stand the way my hair felt! I'm wondering if you are using the product correctly...? Kris, 2011

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  • Kr
    Krislynn Feb 18, 2011

    As I said, my hair is straight and shiny, and couldn't see how Wen could work on ALL types of hair. My best friend was coming in for a few weeks and we were gonna do a mini spa with new products we had found. She is black and has very typical black hair. Somewhere I read a complaint that Wen doesn't work on Black hair, so I was curious to see what my friend thought. Used as directed, she LOVED it!! Again, I wonder if these people who are dissatisfied with Wen are using it as directed...

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Chaz Dean hair care will not stop charging my credit card. Cannot get in contact with them. WHAT TO DO!!!

  • Me
    Megan Nov 07, 2008

    yes i actually had the same problem! i got a hold of them at 800-964-2892. They basically told me when you first order it you automatically get signed up for a 90 day supply in which they charge your credit card. i didnt like that idea so i told them to cancel it and they said thats fine and to send back the supply and they should refund me. im goign to keep up on it though! hope it helps!

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  • Na
    NancyArch Jul 22, 2010

    I'm having the same problem and I tried calling that number 800-964-2892 and it says it can not be reach from my calling area grrrrrrr

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  • Fl
    flo ryck Nov 16, 2010

    1.800.964.1892 try calling this number and tell them u are going to sue them if u get one more charge on your card. and u are not the only one who is going to sue them. that will scare them . i am having same problem . now i have to pay a bounce check fee, dum F____ S .. good luck...

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  • Kn
    KnowItAll99.9 Dec 01, 2010

    It's a front for a dating web site and a dirty phone calling company, so time to start asking those questions.

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  • Rm
    RMMTAX Jul 16, 2011

    I have tried to cancel a full year ago and the didn't cancel me. I went on line and sent them an email to confirm.
    We then called Three months ago and they promissed they wouldn't charge us again or send another shipment. Guess what they sent another shipment and charge my card again!! When I called them the operator said no manager is available and they have no record of my cancelation. This is a fraud issue! Do not do business with this company. After a full year I can't get them to stop . This is terrible.

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  • O6
    O6livia Aug 13, 2015

    I ordered the shampoo a month ago. And paid the charge. A new charge showed up two days ago.
    I reported it to my credit card company. They have marked it as a fraud.
    What a shame. I liked the product but I will never order from them again.

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Received product not ordered

Was charged and received auto order from Chaz Dean WEN hair products. Do no want. Cannot get through to them via phone to cancel.

  • Ti
    Tina Aug 04, 2008

    They say that they are not open on Mondays but they answered the phone right away. I called 800-964-1892 I canceled my auto order with in 1 minute. Tried to sell me other hair stuff but they are just doing there job.

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  • Ja
    Jackie Aug 04, 2008

    Western Silver has always delivered a quality product on time and to the person I ordered it for. I'm sorry you have had problems.

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  • Da
    Dawn Aug 26, 2008

    I agree. It is difficult to cancel the order. I am not paying for any product I no longer want. Contact bank and cancel credit card payments. They said to cancel at anytime but they are running a scam by not letting u cancel.

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  • Aj
    AJ Sep 12, 2008

    I ordered Wen online, and specifically declined the auto-ordering program. Got the product, and disliked how it made my hair and my daughter's hair limp and oily. It also left our scalps itchy. To my surprise, a second charge for the product appeared on my credit card. Called 1-800-964-1892 dispute the charge, but I was told that I had to return the product (which I don't have) before I could receive a credit. I didn't ask for the product, I don't have it (yet??), and yet they're going to charge me for it?? FRAUD!! I disputed the charge via my credit card company. I'm hoping that they will have more clout.

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  • Kr
    Kris Oct 10, 2008

    Wen is just conditioner. Going without shampoo was pioneered by the Curly Girl routine (look up "no poo"). I don't use shampoo and my hair looks great! You don't need an expensive "cleansing conditioner" though. Just use what's already in your shower. Regarding oiliness or heaviness, it can take an adjustment period of a few weeks.

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  • Gi
    Gina Oct 19, 2008

    We ordered Wen online after we saw their infomercial on TV, and **specifically declined the auto-ordering program** Got the product, and didin't care for it. We were shocked to see a second charge for this stuff on our credit card the following month. Then a third - we figured that would be it and we'd chalk it up to a bad decision to buy this lousy product. BUT then after the 3rd month - it started all over again with another 1 of 3 charge.(where they charge you payment #1, payment #2, etc each month) We immediatedly called and said STOP - and told them we had originally told you we did not want the auto-ordering program.
    They are doing whatever they want - not sure if 'even legal. They refuse to cancel anything until we return the product - so far they have got $140 out of us for an original $29.95 one time, one product, order (we thought we were making)
    BEWARE, don't order ANYTHING from Guthy-Renker, we had the SAME exact problem with them regarding another product ordered from another infomercial - re a rip-off - apparently this is how they do business - YOU'VE been warned.

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  • Me
    melmonster95 Mar 14, 2014

    I have heard some horror stories about ordering the Wen cleansing condtioner off of the actual Wen website. People being charged for things they didint receive, being charged mystery amounts on credit cards, getting a monthly subscription when never signed up, terrible customer service...etc. I was wondering if any people have had crazy issues when ordering Wen off of QVC. Let me know!

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  • Sh
    Shari Hamilton Mar 19, 2014

    I never had a problem with QVC, my Wen products are on auto delivery and I am billed monthly. I can cancel at any time

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