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If you went to Granville Toyota on Fraser, I am not surprised you had a bad experience. When I went for a new Camry I was really excited about it. I got into some good natured negotiating at first, then the furtther along we got, the more conflicting was the salespersons (EU) promises, to the managers (BM) to the finance office (FY). I bought the car taking their word that they would follow through on what was agreed, but when it came to the day to take delivery, I didn't get accessories I was promised (visor and undercoat), paid a different price because they said freight costs had increased since I ordered the car, and was forced to pay for some theft insurance they said was already on the car. Now I'm not the most loud spoken guy and my English isn't perfect, but I'm NOT STUPID, as they thought i was because they actually tried to convince me undercoat was applied when there was still bare metal in the wheel wells and no sticky black stuff on the underside! Also I really was dumb or was tricked into not getting a copy of the deal sheet the day I signed the deal and left my deposit (only got credit card receipt at that time), but I know they offerered me $700 on a "rewards card" in writing. What was the most insulting thing to me was when I looked at the open file on the finance managers desk, on the original deal sheet I had signed they had the audacity to change the handwritten 700 into a 400! I didnt even say anything about that because i was really in shock they would go so low and was even second guessing myself at the time if it really was 400 or not, and being already frustrated about the other things, I didnt even care about their rewards program(suppose to be like cash on your next purchase). I went along with everything since it was a beautiful day, I just wanted to get out in my new car (Black 2012 v6 Camry SE) and just vowed never to purchase another Toyota again. But after thinking about it and talking to people, I realize it is the dealerships fault and nothing to do with the brand. Should have asked earlier, but everyone I talked to who drove Toyota for a long time(a lot of people), knows of this stores bad reputation for sales and servicing, lying unprofessional and rude staff, unethical pricing "policies" (and many other horror stories, even from insiders!). So unless you want to learn the hard way, what i learned was to goto Regency or Openroad in Richmond, and STAY AWAY FROM GRANVILLE TOYOTA!!!

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  • Se
      2nd of Jul, 2012
    Granville Toyota - Poor customer service and disrespectful
    Granville Toyota
    8265 Fraser Street
    British Columbia

    I would not recommend this dealership at all. The salesperson I dealt with was wonderful and I would give him five stars, but he was let down by his colleagues and bosses.

    The Financial Services Manager had very poor business etiquette, poor communication skills, no time management skills, and no respect for customers’ time. She was supposed to send some information to my insurance agent the day before our morning appointment, but an hour before our appointment I called and she told me nothing has been sent yet because the office fax machine was broken. She should have tried to resolve this issue the day before! She did not seem very sure about whether there’s a certain insurance clause in the lease contract and did not offer to confirm or find out more information when I asked. She told me if I was concerned I should just go buy more insurance coverage myself. What’s worse, I made an appointment and showed up at the agreed-upon time, only to find that someone else had cut in front of me. The only thing the Financial Services Manager said to me when I arrived was “I’m with another customer right now”. I found out that this person had an appointment at a later time but showed up at my time slot, so the Financial Services Manager took him in and made me wait instead. I made an appointment, yet I was ignored and left waiting for an hour.

    I complained to the General Sales Manager, but he was very defensive. Although he apologized, he was making excuse after excuse. I could not sense any sincerity in his apologies. From his attitude, I could tell that he really didn’t think that making his customers wait and wasting their time is a big deal. Why am I paying so much money to be neglected and brushed aside? So I decided to walk away. I walked into the Financial Service Manager’s office to get my deposit back, and the first thing she said to me was “what’s the problem??” She did not apologize, nor did she look regretful at all.

    Both the Financial Services Manager and the General Sales Manager displayed very poor attitude. They talked back, sometimes even very rudely, to my comments. I felt that they simply didn’t think they did anything wrong, or they just didn’t care (“if you want my car, you just wait there until I have time for you” attitude). I tried to communicate this issue to the general manager of the dealership, and was treated very poorly as well. He immediately took the side of his staff and tried to defend them. Our conversation lasted about one minute, and it was one sided as he did not offer to listen to what I had to say, and then he shrugged and walked away. The general manager made it really clear with his attitude that he had more important things to do than listening to customer feedback to make his dealership a better one to increase sales and retain more customers. These people have not the faintest clue what customer service is, and they don’t care.

    I would strongly suggest anyone wanting to lease or finance a car to stay far away from Granville Toyota, unless you want to pay big money to be treated like a “nobody”. If you’re not buying an expensive car, I don’t think they care about doing business with you. Save your time and go elsewhere.

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  • Do
      27th of Jul, 2012

    Granville Toyota
    Fraser street
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: (604)263-2711

    I also had very bad experience with Granville Toyota. I bought a 2012 Corolla with undercoating last month. It had odour smell even after one & half months. I had talked to the salesman who said it might be because it was new car and they had no facility to absorb the smell. The ODOUR smell was really unbearable and we had to open the windows during driving.

    It was mentioned on Granville Toyota website that I can get $25 reward if I complete their survey for the new car. Anyway, they denied to give me $25 reward because they said I had mentioned the odour smell problem in Toyota's survey. I think they are cheater to deny even $25 reward. Did they think I spent lot of money on the odour new car and will tell a lie to exchange for $25 reward? I really lost confidence on Granville Toyota.

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  • Te
      7th of Jan, 2014

    First thing is your both foolish for ordering undercoating that is just a big scam and rip off, did you know Toyota's already comes with a corrosion warranty on the body. I agree with complainant the EU sales guy is a lying SOB who should have his sales destroyed. This ### is unethical. I also was promised many items on my new Toyota, Eddie never delivered on any of them only until I kept calling him everyday afterwards and then I complained to Toyota Canada. I received one item out of 4, it was the only one I really cared about. They also tried charging me for Etching that was on the vehicle, I refused to pay for it and didn't even though the vehicle was already etched. That's another scam. Basically if you want to deal with an honest Toyota dealer it isn't Granville Toyota, these guys are very dishonest, if you look at other reviews they have on other sites, You'll see some 5 star excellent all around reviews written by the Sales Management and/or Staff of Granville Toyota, basically writing False Positive Reviews, you can tell it's them by how they name off people in each department of the dealership, only a Sales Employee or Manager would do that. Beware of the ### at Granville Toyota.

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