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I received an sms from Grab telling me the reason why i've been refused by a rude driver:

Yes! I will admit we're more than 4 because 3 adults, 1 kid(6y)& 1 baby(1y)!
My 1 yr old baby of course sit on my lap coz we don't have a car seat and my 6yr old sit on the middle, so it's obvious we do not need a 6 seater car right!????
Technically the only sit we took was only for 4 persons so why we need a 6 seater!!!???? And also the driver was not professional and rude to cursed me back!

I really don't deserve that kind of treatment from any Grab driver coz i've been so loyal yo your service that's why i'm a gold grabber!

Pls see attached grab driver and the sms grab sent me.

GrabCar / GrabTaxi
GrabCar / GrabTaxi

Jun 10, 2018
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  • Mi
      Jun 10, 2018

    Hi Gret. I had this experience too. Just now. So grab just defended the driver? The grab driver who refused to let us ride was rude too. He even took a video of us while we were questioning why our baby is counted as 5th.

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  • Ca
      Jun 11, 2018

    @millenialmom30 he took pictures of you so he will have an evidence. Pls don’t force a driver to accept you because there is a policy that is being followed. Besides, you must remember that grab cars are brand new private cars that are maintained by their owners/drivers and not by grab. Moreover, grab is very strict with the drivers. When a driver cancels a booking, it will be a negative mark on him. That is why there has to be a good and concrete reason for the said cancellation. Lastly, many passengers would tend to abuse and not take care of the vehicle, thinking that they have the right to do anything inside as they are hiring it. People who have tried a brand new vehicle will surely understand that It’s not easy and that it’s costly to maintain it. There were high- end vehicles registered with grab, but did not pursue with the business because it doesn’t pay to have demanding and abusive passengers.

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  •   Jun 24, 2018

    On 23rd I’ve return from Batam and tried to book Grab service at Harbourfront. Upon successful getting a respond, I immediately inform the driver that I’m carrying durian as I don’t want him to reach my pick up point than finds out. He told me he can’t accept the booking and has requested cancellation. He did not want to do it on his end causing it’ll have negative marks so he request that I do it instead. In the grab apps on cancellation. There’s a option saying “Driver requested cancellation” which I choose that option. This happens on the 2nd booking. On the third tried I was block from using Grab. On calling Grab Customer Services today, I’m disgusted to hear from them in confirmation that I was punished for correctly doing what’s need to be done so and it directly makes me feel that I was fully Victimized thru my right action. They carry on ranting that it’s no faults of their drivers rather than is The passenger’s faults that’s why the punishment was in place. If I’m to be able to use grab immediately, I have to surrender and registered my credit card details to grad in which I’m unwilling to due to past unpleasant incident resulted in unaccounted charges. In conclusion, Grab optioned to pamper its driver and victimized its customers/passengers instead. As a passenger thru this incident and today’s conversation with grab customer service, a lesson was learned.
    1) Never cancel the booking even if the driver cannot accept your booking after taking it on.
    2) Let the driver arrived at your pick up point than decide whether to continue the booking or not.
    3) Never registered your Credit card with them cause if the driver arrived and did not accept you. He will registered it as you didn’t show up or you’ve cancelled upon his arrival and you’ll be charged as well.
    4) Remember this! The driver can make cancellation on his app stating customer has special package(Durians, seafood or any pungent Smelling food) so you don’t have to cancel it on your side.
    5) As of today’s experience, Grab is not customer services orientated as stated because customer is not its top priority rather their driver is.

    In short, I can live without grab as with numerous taxi around. Just to share the days ending at harbourfront. After two unsuccessful tried with Grab which charges me $23 and block me in the end. I manage to take a comfort taxi back with a $19.75 meter charging. Only things is that the taxi uncle requested that he wind down the windows to let the durians smell escape which I gladly obligated.

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  • Ca
      Aug 31, 2018

    @浤鉞郭 I presume that almost all already know that durian is a big NO to public tranportations esp if there is an air conditioner. In addition, you already knew that you were requested to cancel the booking yourself as it will have a negative record on the driver. Still you chose that option. Choosing that option has its own other purpose. The said request for cancellation was valid because of your durian. Your durian would have left an awful smell in the car, so that it could be a cause for other passengers to cancel their bookings. Wouldn’t it just be right for you to try another vehicle that has no air conditioner?

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