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Today at 612 pm we booked an 6 seater economy taxi number sku5435e
Driver named : burhanudeen bin jalaludeen.

We had 6 adults and 1 small kid when we stepped into the car he rudely told us "hello what the hell you doing behind only 2 can sit and only total 6 people.

We told him listen you can just nicely tell it instead of shouting.

We said we'll then it's okay we will find another taxi since the location is very near

After we stepped out he rudely told us to get out and and cancel the trip.

And we said we won't cancel since your so rude. we would want to clearly complaint against the service.

We had a very bad experience with this driver and as a customer we are treated in a very bad manner and after he left he wind down the window and told us you want to take a photo of me?

We weren't intending to do it but since he said that he agitted us and we snapped a picture of him.

This driver does not know how to treat a customer.

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Jun 26, 2017

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