GrabCar / GrabTaxi / driver's coercion, unethical behavior

Incident date: March 10, 2017
Name of Driver: Ronald dela Paz Sarte
Plate: ABG 7985 Hyundai Accent
Pick up: Shangrila Plaza Mall
Drop Off: Genesis Cubao

We were already in transit when I overheard the driver cursing "grab" for allegedly giving him another client to Cubao since he just drop off someone from Cubao. he preferred trip going to Ayala. He commented that the traffic is heavy going to Cubao. I never said a word, suddenly while we were already in Edsa just passed by Ortigas, he told me he has to change his route because " it is no longer permitted to drop off passengers along Edsa " . I asked when did the circular/memo released he told me " since last year ". I was astonished to hear that because since last year I've been using grab weekly every Friday to be exact going to Genesis Terminal and our route was via Edsa and they dropped me infront of the Terminal. I told Ronald that and challenge him I can show my saved records every week same route different grab drivers but that was the first time I heard that grab cars are not permitted to pass by and dropped off at Edsa. Then he started insisting what guarantee I can give if ever he'll be issued a traffic violation ticket. I asked him back what kind of guarantee does he wants from me but he is not giving me a precise answer but keep asking me a guarantee. He is insistent that feel being COERCED .
I told him I can prove to him that drop off is allowed to Edsa by showing him or the "allegedly" police officer that might apprehend him my grab's weekly drop off history. I also told Ronald that I will call my friend from Camp Crame to ask/to confirm weather there is a memorandum released regarding his claim. From there he stopped and he's planned of re routing did not push through.
This incident has been brought to the attention of my colleagues and relatives from the PNP . I have decided to try my direct complaints to your office before I decide for the next step.
I am looking forward for your prompt action regarding this matter.


Cory - a patronize of Grab

Mar 12, 2017

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