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I order some business cards from My order was 100 of one order of business cards and another set of 100. The company sends me only one set of 100 PLUS 44 of the same person business cards. I immediately call the company only to get that a answering service answer there phone calls and then I was advised they cannot help me over the phone and instructed me to send an email and someone would respond to me within 24 to 48 business hours. I am livid and follow the instructions and send and email. Luckily someone calls me back within a few hours and after receiving the call the representatives hangs up on me informing me that they printed the right order and tells me to count all my business cards. I am insulted by this point and then I receive a startling email after that. If I am pointing out that it is there printing error as the cards I received they are informing me that I am still wrong. I send all the cards that they printed for me. And the only refunded me half my order and charged me for business cards that was never sent to me. This company does not understand what customer service is and takes a long time for them to respond. They do not call you by phone as they try to only handle the issue by emails and if your order is wrong you are just out of luck. Then they send me this email to top it off (I copied and pasted the email as I changed no words):



We have received only one (1) set back on this order (435494), it was required of you to send both sets back. Please be advised at this time we can only refund you on the one (1) set that you have sent back. Be advised that from this point on Printograph inc/ cannot honor any order from your company (Your account has been closed). Please allow 4 to 8 working days to receive your refund that the one (1) set you have sent back

Thank you,

Got Print

(All I wanted was my correct order and when I point it out to them that they gave me the wrong order they did not want to correct it and send me the right order but the only refunded me half of what I paid and then tells me not to order from them again) What kind of company will tell a customer after letting them know that you received a wrong order that you can no longer do business with them)

The only outcome from this as I would never use there services again and I would not recommend them to anyone. As I was telling a friend about my experience they directed me to and I must say the customer service is remarkable and they match any competitors price. And they have prompt delivery and when you call them over the phone they handle the issue right then. After I notified gotprint I ordered business cards from and by the time gotprint even responded to me sending them back my business cards to them that I received after a 2-3 day delivery I received my order from Vistaprint. Gotprint shoppers Beware!!!

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  • Je
      13th of Nov, 2007

    I have been doing business with them for about 1 year. On this order (My last order) I ordered 1,000 post cards from them. paid for a rush. the cards came in printed wrong, one side printed with the correct trade show information and the back with information about an anniversary. The show was to be held 2 days after I got the cards and they refused to remake them in time because I needed a date change on them due to the fact that the customer had to move her show date up to a week after because she did not have any cards. I have been in the design/print business for over 10 years and I know it does not take any longer than 5 minutes to change a date on a postcard. They spent more time on the phone insulting me than what it would have taken to correct their mistake. I called them 12 times before one of them had the guts to call me and actually give me a solid NO answer, but I was happy to at least know that I could go somewhere else and get this customers job done. Everyone else promised to call me back and never did. Also my customer got a hold of their company name from the shipping box goggled it and called them about the order. They told her everything even the price I paid them for the order. This company should have a meeting about how to handle customers and change some of their management/quality control personnel.

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  • Du
      25th of Mar, 2008

    I have used GotPrint several times and I have been very pleased with my orders. They have been on time and you can't beat the price. Maybe rushing them was the one does their best when pushed. Or is it possible your files were incorrect?

    D. odom

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  • Do
      24th of Apr, 2008

    Got Print may very well be run by uncaring crooks but this complaintant's letter is so poorly written that I am not sure the writer could be an accurate berometer of any company's operations. I am reading these complaints to see if I want to use them a first time.
    D. Wood

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  • Je
      9th of May, 2008 SUCKS !!! What you pay is what you get - You pay nothing - you got nothing! I'm almost sure that Durleen is either managing or very closely connected with the business development.

    I used them less than a year and they are stinky cheap but you WON'T find Customer Care there. At all !!!

    My story is a bit different. I called a day prior to place my order and asked one of their "customer care representatives " information regarding the opportunity to upload, print and ship all together about 20 different design files. I had to spend about an hour clicking, scrolling and filling fields for each design separately even the only difference was in the Name text! Yes, there isn't a way to do this process at once. I was told just because everything is going to the same address and is under the same Order # the shipping cost will be depending of the total weight and size of the order. UNTIL I saw what I was charged for - each box was charged separately. Their website's UPS shipping cost calculator shows that for 5000 prints, I'll be charged around $17. My prints where less than half than that and I ended up with shipping cost of over $40. I'm talking for Ground sipping in both cases.

    So, I just called talking to another "Customer service rep". I explained what I was told before from the previous employee and I wanted my shipping cost to be realistic and fair. At list to charge my 2500 prints for the same shipping cost as 5000 prints :-) And of course I was asked immediately to email them! Oops - match with a previous blogger! I refused, so I the guy asked me to stay on the line about 4 times. I had to stay and listen some cheap music and loose about half an hour. I expected that my issue won't be fixed, so I asked to talked with a higher positioned person in

    His name is George and as he told me that he's the manager in charge in GotPrint. You won't believe how he was dealing with me - what you see sir is what you get, no chance to do that shipping together, can't do that, we don't want you to call us again, can you send us an email with your problem, I can't talked about it ...

    I had to receive 20 separate boxes with prints, charged separately for shipping but brought together in the same day from the same UPS truck.

    I felt unwanted there and YOU will be TOO if you need fair deal or personal support from them.

    So, pay a buck or two more somewhere else and don't waste your nerves and precious time with Printograph inc or

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  • Je
      13th of May, 2008

    I had my business cards printed and the register was so far out that it hurt my eyes I filed a complaint and never heard back from them so now I do all my printing threw ZOO PRINTING.Much beter quality and CUST. SERVICE!

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  • To
      17th of Jun, 2008

    Hi guys!

    It is nice to see some real feedback on these companies. Online printers are very questionable. I find the quality of both, product and service, to be very bad. I worked with a few different companies including gotprint and I have nothing good to say about them. They do not offer any unique value to the industry and clutter the online world with cheap crap. My brother in law works with a company called Canb Business Solutions ( from Canada and I must say they are quite awesome. I am very glad that they offer an online ordering system - I never expected to see quality of this nature online... definitely give them a try. Unless you are a broker, you will need to pre-pay for your order but at least they know how to handle screw ups. Also, I read that many of the "online printers" are actually resellers of other online printers - including that zooprinting that was mentioned by Jeff :) What a surprise... right? In any event it would be great to hear more people comment on their experience with other companies. I know that overnightprints and vistaprint are horrible to deal with... are there any other companies of similar "caliber" that we should be aware of?

    Let me know how helpful I was. Cheers!

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  • No
      30th of Jul, 2008

    I am amazed at all of this complaints. got print has printed cards, postcards and flyers for me over the past few years, I have recommended them to numerous people and have not once had a reason to complain. Neither have the people I referred them to. Their work is outstanding and much better quality than I have received in most other places. I have always been surprised how fast they turn orders around too.
    I give these guys two big thumbs up.
    When you realize how many orders they do, it sucks when you are one of the very few people who gets a bad order. I think McDonalds gets my order right 50% of the time and I still go back. Give them a break and try again, you'll probably be surprised. AND if you treat someone with respect when things DO go wrong, you're more likely to get better customer service and a faster turn around too.

    To add to a comment above, they do combine the shipping too, they did not used to, but do now. Obviously they are listening. I'd use them anyway. To the people who order print material to arrive 2 days before an event, think ahead and plan on something going wrong no matter who you do business with.

    I noticed a comment on vistaprint above too. They only match price on the exact same size, weight and cover of the paper. If any part of it is off, they will not match. It's very misleading. I do a lot of printing and will be doing more now and will continue t use and recommend gotprint until they give me a big reason to leave them.

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  • Bi
      31st of Jan, 2019

    @nolan collins you make me laugh how long have you been working for got no print

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  • Al
      31st of Jul, 2008

    As someone who has done everything in printing form brokering to owning a small print company, retired now. I have had very few good experiences with online companies. The first thing I always do is call. If I get someone that seems helpfull I do not mind paying a bit more just for the 1 on 1 service.
    Never count out the smaller printers they normally have the best customer service. To this day if I have any old customers ask me where to go I send them to a place called Image Zone. I believe the web address is . I have always had great luck with them. They have even refused to print some of my files because the files were not hi enough quality. I know a company that turns down $$$ right. It saved me in the long run with the client.
    All I can say after reading all of these is be picky, cheap is not always best for you. And, sometimes you really do get what you pay for.
    I hope this helped.

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  • Fr
      28th of Aug, 2008

    Hello, Scott K. (If this is your real name). Please be careful about what you write. Please research the matter thoroughly before attempting to spread rumors that are not true. Have you heard of slander and libel?

    Zoo Printing is a real printing company. They are not brokers. They have four 40" presses and have been in business for over 8 years. They are located in Commerce, CA and have a state-of-the-art printing facility with 50 employees. They have a spacious 25, 000 square foot building that is equipped with top-of-the-line equipments. Please feel free to visit them.

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  • Ch
      20th of Oct, 2008

    First off saying that Vista Print is better than Gotprint is silly...the person who wrote this complaint no doubt works at vistaprint..

    Anyways I think companies like Gotprint are necessary in today's printing industry..they help keep prices competitive and they help move the industry forward..

    For example..I think Gotprint was one of the first companies that featured an online business card designer...soon other printing companies copied the idea so that they could compete...

    Don't get ripped by your local printer...its happened to me before and now that

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  • Sa
      30th of Oct, 2008

    I must agree that has disappointed me. I have done business with them for a couple years. Within the past 3 months i have had 2 problems with print jobs that have forced me to go with a different company. I had them print letterhead and it came back with the colors wrong. (I'm a graphic designer and print coordinator. Yes, my files were correct.)They only offered to reprint the letterhead at a reduced cost if i changed my files. I had the letterhead reprinted with the same files from a different company and everything was fine. The last job i had them print were business tent cards, and they came in with the inside upside down. The said they would refund my money after i pay to ship back the cards. The deadline for the cards have come and gone, they are useless to me.

    In both of these situations the company did not assist me in trying to make things right. I have since moved on to using

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  • K
      26th of Nov, 2008

    I have made 9 orders with gotprint and been happy. Postcards, Rip Cards and 7 sets of business cards. My Credit card didn’t go through because I keyed in the wrong ccv number and the gal I spoke to was extremely friendly. I was also impressed because while I was on the phone I received the email that my order had been updated. so far so good for me.

    I have seen vista prints and dealt with clients who used them, I could never use the free cards they offer which are on little more than notebook paper and the website is so aggressive to get you to upgrade it really turned me away.

    to the gentleman who wrote the initial complaint, if speaking with you is as difficult as reading what you wrote I can see how a misunderstanding would occur.

    K from Las Vegas

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  • Kr
      26th of Nov, 2008

    I have used for almost a year for things like postcards, flyers, etc, and have been very pleased by the results. The customer service people have always been helpful, and they actually called me personally to let me know of an error I made when ordering. I also know of a local business owner who uses them and is very pleased.

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  • Jw
      2nd of Apr, 2009

    GotPrint consistently delivers high quality products on time and at a fair cost. Have done over half dozen orders in last year and everything is done properly.

    I highly recommend their services.


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  • Jo
      17th of Apr, 2009

    I have placed over 300 orders with gotprint and have NEVER had a problem... they are also very easy to deal with. I have often had to upgrade shipping or downgrade shipping based on customers' time-frame and have always been accommodated by gotprint.

    I also use uprinting for other products and they have excellent customer service. Just yesterday there was a discrepancy on my invoice and what their production crew was doing. I need an order in my hands in two business days... and paid for 2nd day air, expecting a shipment date yesterday and they told me the shipment wasn't scheduled until today, which would miss my deadline. They put me on hold for about 5 min. and then another gentleman got on the phone and told me, "Just sit back and relax, we have upgraded your order to Overnight delivery(no extra charge) and you will have your order as expected."

    Both companies are awesome.


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  • Ke
      4th of May, 2009

    I have used and recommended GotPrint and have never, in three years had a complaint. The quality of the card stock and the actual printing were superb. The fact that this is the most economical purchase you can make (important to small business owners) is the icing on the cake that keeps me as a loyal customer.

    Let us all understand something. If you want immediate customer service, you have to pay a premium. The original poster of this thread ordered 200 business cards. That's a $20 order. You cannot even print your own cards on store bought stock for $20. And, we are talking about two different runs of design. GotPrint was probably lucky to make $3 on the order. Now this person wants customer service to fall over them? Give me a break. Go to your local printer and see what they will charge you for two runs of 100 business cards. Welcome to 2009.. economy of scale. If you want cheap, you deal with email customer service. If you want to tie up customer service reps or belly ache to a live person, you don't get that for the cheapest price. It is what it is.

    I also find it highly suspect that other negative posters conveniently added alternate URL's suggesting other printing houses. I'm not buying that bill of goods.

    The final negative comment I will address is the poster whose lack of planning became someone else's emergency. You wait to place an order that will come in two days before a show AND you were the one that made the mistake and then you come on here and complain? Again for an order of 1000 cards, which GotPrint charges $18.55 (they don't make money on your rushed shipping), a person expects bend over backwards customer service.

    These complaints, in my opinion have ZERO legitimacy. Its a shame in this age of anonymous digital interaction that a few people with nothing better to do can slander a company and get away with it. If you are planning to do business with GotPrint, go forward. You will not be sorry.

    So you know I am not affiliated with GotPrint I am leaving my full information in a signature line.

    Ken Fenner
    - owner PressurePros, Inc
    - owner Restore-A-Deck product line
    - retired Finance chairman United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners.
    pressurepros @ mail . com

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  • To
      4th of May, 2009

    I just read another post regarding and became very interested in getting to the bottom of it all. I am a graphic designer and have been running my own business for over 11 years now. I went from small local printers to large printers to online printers and all the way to the moon, but found that there is no MAGIC in the world of printing!!

    All the printers buy their printing equipment from large companies that produce them. They rent/buy a location and hire people to work there. So if all these are equal, what is the bloody difference??? Well, there is enough difference to make people hate or adore their printers. I have come to know a few different factors that help understand theis madness better: not all clients are the same.

    What I mean is that geese are different from quails. They have different needs and different priorities. A graphic designer will look for certain qualities in a printer. So will a guy who has a late night enlightening experience and suddenly feels calling for a new profession as a plumber. But they will look for different qualities. I love plumbers but, lets face it, most of them do not give as much attention to color consistency and print clarity as they do to price. So in other words, you can not expect every printer to be everything you ever wanted!

    Good printers specialize in certain products, period. As soon as a printer tells you "I have got the best postcards, business cards, and best rates on life insurance out there" you better run... like a quail. Without getting into the "100 reasons why you should not look for printers based on price", I would simply say that you need to have a realistic expectation. If you look for business cards and you find 3 companies that offer them at rates ranging between $4.00 to $400.00 you better believe that there is a difference in what you will be receiving in the end.

    We can all probably agree that "Joe the Plumber" should not be too upset if he got his cards done at or or or for $5, and they arrived 3 weeks after the deadline, or perhaps were misprinted, or simply looked like that stuff that geese do best (please see your back yard in the spring for more details). So for all of you "Joes" out there, go ahead and use these online printers - they are truly awesome for the quick/cheap/simple solution to your print problems. BUT, please do not ### about how miserable you are with your choices! If you do not have the cash, go ahead, and get a Kia. "It may look like chicken but it sure does smell like fish" is a good motto for something that looks too good to be true!

    For those of you who do want to have assurances and are willing to pay what it costs to get something of true quality and value, you have to be a lot more careful, my friends. Do not buy into the cheap, old fashioned strategies of free this or free that. Do you think that if I offer you 1000 business cards at $20.00, I will also offer you almost-cost on folders or letterheads? NOPE! I will make sure to get compensated for the initial loses on the business cards later on when you buy other products. Wouldn't you? So you will pay one way or another, it really is a matter of value at the end.

    I can't blame the companies for doing that because they need to attract clients! So if you are a graphic designer, or a marketing guru, or other 'print related' professional, you should probably look for a relationship with your printer and not a one night stand. Relationships, in the long run, produce much, much stronger connections and thus help you build a lasting business.

    To conclude, I did not do so well in my English courses in University so I will not attempt this. Conclude yourself.

    PS: I found a company called CanB Business Solutions,, on another forum and worked with them for some time now. They may not (I think...not sure) do one night stands with clients but they will, however, be open to a relationship. Another good company I have been working with is - they specialize in folder printing. Both companies have REAL service and REAL commitment to quality products. They take responsibility when geese crap hits the fan and seem to provide consistency... I love that in print. While is my main supplier now, I also use a couple of local printers for things that are outside of their area of expertise. What works for me may not work for you, but if you like my findings/logic I think you just may find my ideas quite awesome. :o) I will post this on all the other forums I can find, otherwise my work will never be recognized for what it is - "glorious". I wish everyone a great 2009 and a quick economic recovery!!!

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  • Sh
      10th of Jul, 2009

    I'll agree with one thing. GotPrint is really weak when dealing one-on-one with the customer.

    Service is something you pay for. With GotPrint, all you are really paying for is output and postage. You GET what you pay for.

    This is drive-thru printing. You order through the box and you get what you put in. You either follow their instructions to the LETTER... or it is wrong and there is nothing you can do, short of eating the job.

    I have eaten my share. Two to be exact. One was my error (lazy preflighting) and one was my customer's error. In the five years I've been dealing with GotPrint, they have only messed up due to their error once -- they cut my cards a quarter inch short. To their credit, they fixed it immediately at no charge to me or my customer. Even gave me a credit of $6.00 to cover shipping.

    Here is where Local Printers vs. Web Printers differ.

    Most localized printers change files every single day and the customer never even knows it. We are used to getting files that need "tweaking" and it's part of our job to double check. We are full service printers... that's why you pay more with us versus a place like GotPrint.

    GotPrint, like I said above, is simple drive-thru printing. If there is a problem with your file, their people usually aren't going to catch it. They are running a 100+ cards at a time. If all 100+ customers sent them a color match sample, wanted to talk to them on the phone, had special instructions... how many cards would get out in a day? Not nearly as many. They make their money on QUANTITY. The more they can print, the better they do.

    THIS is your trade off. If your file is right, you win.
    If your file is not... there is no one to fix your file for you.

    So you get back a crappy looking card and they tell you they printed what you sent.
    What was wrong with your file? They don't know, and to be honest... you aren't paying for them to know. As one of the local printers... here's the dish:

    You didn't follow their instructions to the letter. Read them. EVERYTHING is there. Download the templates. EVERYTHING is there. The only thing that they can possibly do wrong if you follow ALL the instructions to the letter, is misregister and trim wrong. If they did, you have a beef. If not, pay for your cards! They DID their job. It's not their fault you didn't do YOURS.

    They can't be expected to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. That is the job of your LOCAL FULL SERVICE PRINTER. Once again, you get what you pay for.

    I understand your frustration at dealing with horrible customer service, but when I consider all the money we have saved with GotPrint over the last five years of brokering... I think it's worth it for the quality and speed of the service.

    When it works (which is most of the time now that I have file submission down to a science) it works *great*

    The key to getting along with GotPrint is to avoid their customer service if at all possible... and make sure that if something is's wrong because of them, not you. And even if it is their fault... be nice.

    Those people are getting just barely over minimum wage and work REALLY long days to keep up with the workflow. When their bosses say they don't want to be disturbed, it could mean their jobs if they disturb them and even if it's the middle of the afternoon for you, keep in mind that they've been working since 6am.

    Not saying the original poster's account of what happened is tainted in any way, but sometimes our own level of malcontent can "conveniently" make us forget that we... say... called someone an incompetent idiot 2 seconds before asking them to do us a favor.

    Being nice, even in adversity, works so much better... especially when you consider you have been complaining about not getting 4 star cuisine from a McDonalds, when you ordered in Swahili and didn't use the Combo Numbers.

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  • El
      21st of Jul, 2009

    GotPrint sucks bigtime. I am 10 years prepress and longer as designer. I use 3 other online printers and a few local offset and digital printers with 0 problems from the first job to the ones I am currently running. The very first job at GP was a disaster, their customer service is the very WORST, their management is a little better but still inept at professional printing. The software to upload and approve was a joke.

    The second job, which I only did as requested by the same client who refererred me to them originally, went so badly that I shredded their customer service representative so badly that they cancelled my account.

    Good. i wont need it.

    Cheap Price=Cheap Product. Every Time.

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  • Ch
      26th of Jul, 2009

    I agree - you should really try They have overnight printing service available for low prices. Their quality is Excellent and turnaround is super fast! They also have a wholesale printing program for print resellers located at

    They provide free sample packets as well. You will be blown away by the customer service and great printing!

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