Goodwill Industries / management and state of store number 55 hudson nc

Hudson, NC, United States

I am a recent and now former employee of Goodwill located in Hudson NC. This establishment has at it's core management even reaching district management, which allows disrespect towards employees to even customers. I am a former employee of Goodwill in Hudson NC. And recently quit due to the awful state of this business. From a neglectful manager always behind on her responsibilities, to the theft of merchandise during and after hours and the blaten disrespect the store manager has for her Employees to even customers.. pricing and placement by management wrong and misplaced then blamed on employees and especially myself. I myself would be blamed for mistakes and mis-pricing even when she created these mistakes as it seemed just to come down on me and others, as she thinks management means only a negative enforcement on myself and others. This business has many things not done properly and must be taken care of properly as noone seems to listen to myself as an employee or even after .
Even safety requirements, covered against walls, not enforced or even the safety guide and protocols manual never printed or shipped to the store and management allowing or even enforcing shirt cuts which has and will again allow damages to product, the store and yes employees and on 2 occasions even customers cut and bleeding, luckily they did not want to sign the incident report. Still not ethical or in procedure of how this establishment should be run and something must be done to maintain a SAFE and PROPER business. I recently quit as I was the only male working there and often blamed for Soo much when others even management created this issue to start with.
This 'Manager' often on her cell phone, leaving to eat almost 3 times a shift and yet telling employees not to accept a call and especially when it's an Emergency ? I had to twice walk off the floor for an emergency call from my son and still spoken down to in a condisending manner. In tolerable this establishment and "So called" management was and surely still is. This is not what you should stand for or in fact any business would have ended such awful practice at first sign of negligence. I had to leave this location before another empty lie or manipulation was created to harm me and in doing so my life and my son.
One large issue addressed before I was hired and voiced as a concern was my scheduling as I am a single father with noone to watch my son and this so called store manager would purposely schedule me leaving my son alone at home and at 12 years of age he is capable tho this was and is unacceptable. Many times things were manipulated to deem me unsatisfactory when I worked faster then each employee there, efficiently and correctly from pricing to placement.
The women there were very unprofessional often bringing there problems at home to work and taking it out on the company and employees. As I've said I was the only male there and often other employee's / women, would have troubles at home with significant others then carry that with them even pushing there problems on myself as if to generalize men and there problems onto myself.
Frequently I was made to work the product trailer whole shifts because "so called" management 'Carrielle Duke' ordered trailers at wrong times, forcing trailers to be finished at inhuman rates of speed or not ordering trailers at the proper time either, I assumed it was my job description when it WAS NOT! senior employees voiced there concern as to why I was working the trailer for 6 hours and ALONE because in there experience had never seen someone made to do the work I was doing especially alone.
This location has many problems and they run down the ladder from management. As a former manager the short cuts, the manipulations and lack of training for employees is unacceptable, should not be tolerated and can simply be proven by checking the surveillance system and asking employees. I enjoyed my job tho a low level employee we should still have a voice and this was not the case when I was employed. Honestly I'm without work because of this place and what has been left unchecked and with what I've witnessed and been subjected to it worth legal action. Any sane rational individual would do as I did and quit such an awful place of work.
I looked for a reason to love my work and enjoy my job, not just like the money I'm payed, which wasn't much considering what I was made to do and even endure. Doing my time and getting out was what it turned into which was sadening in itself. I wanted to work there and still do if under proper management, tho sadly I feel this will have no mager change is status at this location. Tho something must CHANGE something CORRECTED and management relieved and a respectful, mindful and importantly Educated individual to resume command over this location to breath life, efficiency and a happy work place environment for all employees and customers alike.
Thank you to whomever read this and truly hope you see to this location and it's threats against what GOODWILL stands for.
Good day

Jun 08, 2017

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