Goodwill IndustriesAbusive manager. Unethical behavior.

OnFriday February3rd, I brought a car full of items to Goodwill for resale.
The employees were very helpful to unload my car as I am handicapped
With Spinal Stenosis.
My car is clearly marked with a handicapped sticker. My service dog was with me and was clearly marked with his vest which states, Emotional Support.
I decided to take a look at the store.( I recently moved to Sopchoppy Florida)
from Tallahassee Florida.
Your employees were very pleasant. One gentleman in particular welcomed my service dog.
I took my dogs vest off and was going to put him in the cart.He is a Dachshund and of medium size. Lifting him is difficult.
The Store Manager approaches me saying, "Get that dog out of here."
I explained to her that he is a service dog. She said, " I want to see his license."
I said, "It is in my car."
She said, " You are lieing. I don't want that dog biting my customers."
I went out to my car and came back with his papers.
she ignored me and leading me towards the door said "Have a nice day."
I told her I had just donated a carload full of things to the "ministry"of
Goodwill. She kept saying, "Have a nice day."
I called her a b---- which I am sorry for but who goes to Goodwill with the best of intentions and gets treated this way.
The whole experience was exhausting.
I think someone in authority should be aware of this incident.
This woman needs to be confronted and I deserve an apology.
Thank You.

Feb 06, 2017

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