GoodRX / meijer's pharmacy #188 livonia, mi ph #[protected]

I went to the Goodrx site to check prices on my meds. I submitted my prescriptions to the pharmacist and told him I was using Goodrx to help pay for them. He wanted a card, which I've asked for and not received, and I told him I had the info on my phone. He told me to give it to them when I picked them up. When I went to pick up the meds they at least doubled the cost I had from your site. All the costs I had written down were quoted from Meijer's pharmacy. I gave them 9 items that should have been under 100.00. They tried to charge me 93.+ for just 5 of them. 3 of these were stated as being only 4.00 and 2 others were less than 5.00 for the first fill. I and many others are on a fixed income and cannot afford a surprise like this. When I asked for the containers back so I could have them filled elsewhere, they had disposed of them and I now have to go to another pharmacy and have them call Meijer's to have my scripts transferred to them. I had previously had them filled at different pharmacies depending on the price quoted on your site. When I paid for them they actually came to less, not more than double. I hope you can correct this so another person is not lured in to their store.

Mar 23, 2017

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