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GoodLife Fitness / uncertified professionals

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GoodLife Fitness falsely advertise their Personal Trainers are certified. Fitness Managers are encouraged to hire uncertified people as trainers that are passionate about fitness so they can put them through their own three day cert process at a cost of $500. Even if someone comes with a 3 year kin degree or already certified they must go through the process (albeit at a reduced rate of $200). This is because David Patchell-Evans is also the owner of Can Fit Pro the governing body for fitness professionals in Canada and getting people certified is a revenue stream he does not want to loose. Each club is given a PT hiring quota every month with the idea of hiring 3 to keep 1 and to get their $500 asap before they decide if they truly like what they are doing. As well, new hires are expected to work 20 - 30 hours a week UNPAID and UNTRAINED and are even given write ups if they do not comply. Often someone is hired, pays $500 and is written up and out the door before the end of their 3 month probationary period without recouping their initial investment.

Apr 17, 2013
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      18th of Nov, 2013
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    Yes Goodlife is known for shady practises, almost all my friends have bad experiences with goodlife fitness, many of which are extreme pressure to sign up (they will do just about anything), When you sign up they will tell you about all the things they offer (motivational calls), which never happen. I contacted goodlife online and they told me, since this was a "verbal agreement" they cannot honour it. Which to me says: our employees can say whatever they want and we won't go through it unless its in the contract, but for an everyday person they trust the employees are telling you the truth. Goodlife changes their policys without letting people know. for example when i signed up they told me i can put my membership on hold for as much time as i want( i made sure of this because i am a student and won't be using the gym from sept- april roughly as my university has a gym, however when i told them in october i want to put it on hold, i am too busy they told me the policy was changed in july and now you have to wait 1 year until any membership can me on hold... Overall i had a horrible experince with goodlife, their washrooms really smell, constantly really dirty, no paper towels, overall service sucks. AVOID GOODLIFE AT ALL COSTS!

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      29th of Nov, 2013
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    I was recently a employee with GL and i can tell you that my expereince was brutal. I went to this Three day course i paid 500 for and i had the lady in Calgary by the name of Susan, Call me a Pot head for not understanding her way of teaching she than started making sexual thrusts on a bench well showing the class a stretch and making comments she has not been laid in years. Due to this i walked out of class and went straight to the regional manager and he had told me that he has recieved complaints on this matter. He told me i will be getting two emails. One apology and the second giving me a date with a different teacher i can take the class as i would have to do so before writing the test. So 4 weeks went by and i recieved nothing. So i messaged the regional and told him i had nothing sent to me and was wondering about the test. He replied it is out of my hands now, get your Fitness Manager to call Mark Iken and set up a date to write it without the doing the class again. So i forward this email to my FM and one month later she sent me a text saying if i didnt have this course or test done by Nov 1 i would be stripped of my clients (10) and released from GL. She than said it wasnt her job to contact Mark for me, With the regional Manager backing her up. So fair to say on Nov 1 I had my clients stripped and was fired. GL is a very "cut throat" Business. And would Deflate your tires to add air into theres. I have had over 2400 dollars taken off my cheque due to "commission" and members not paying there bills. So this showed me 1-they charge out the ### for everything. 2- if bills are not paid they take money off the employees cheques. They dont take care of anyone and its a terrible company to work for and even worst company to put your money into.

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