GoodLife Fitness / sexual harassment at st. clair & yonge location, toronto

Toronto, ON, Canada

Dear goodlife

I'm writing this because I was so disappointed with what happened to me on aug 31 (Thu), 2017 at around 11pm at st. Clair location goodlife.
I was trying to write this letter earlier, but I couldn’t get out of the trauma that I felt from that day and it took me time to get out of it. I’m still suffering.

It happened on aug 31 (Thu), 2017 at around 11pm.
I went to the goodlife centre at st. Clair location to cancel my account because I didn't have enough time to go to the gym on a regular basis.
When I got there, there was a staff whose name is michael at the front desk. He said I can't cancel my account because there was no manager. But he lied.
In a few minute, ramon came out who helped me to register at the first time. So, I explained why I needed to cancel my account. He asked me a few questions to find my information, but he kept pretending that he couldn't find my info. And it happened at that moment. Ramon said "oh, that's why! I remember this lady (Pointed out his computer and showed it to me), not you. They tried to humiliate me saying that how I look is so different, depending on how I wear make-up.

And ramon, michael and another staff who was asian lady all laughed at me.

This is absolutelly sexual harassment!!!

It is not acceptable. I was utterly embarrassed and traumatized at their group action.

I want you goodlife to train them proper gender education and also compensation for me who was humiliated and laughed by your uneducated (In terms of sexual harassment and assault etc.) and impolite staff.

There must be a cctv record on that day and time. I would advise you to check it first, before the staff delete it.

Hope you deal with this matter seriously. I don’t want any other women and girls get similar humiliation at goodlife when they ask cancellation.

Look forwad to hearing from you soon.


Hyeonjeong yoo

Sep 20, 2017

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