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GoodLife Fitness / cancellation charges

1 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I lost my new ipod nano in one of goodlife clubs(on roydon place in ottawa), only to find out that it was turned in by one of the local club instructors to the main desk but stolen by one of their employees, the manager of the club tried her best to cover up for the employee and claimed to assume no responsibility of the theft!! i guess she forgot to post that "we are sorry but our employees could be dishonest and thieves so don't turn in any found items in the gym" the managment tried to insinuate the honest instructor who handed in the item as one that might of taken it!!!

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  • Jo
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    Good Life Fitness is a joke of a gym, and the manager in the Calgary Canyon Meadows location is creeping out the females. Do not join this gym go to Gold's you will be much happier.

  • Me
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    i went to the goodlife on mavis/ i was going back to skool, i asked her for a one/two month membership.she told me i'll be charged 30 sumthing i signed the papers with them and she told me that my contract will commence once i pay the fee but made me sign the dya i called them up saying that i dont want to work out at the gym and she told me ill have to come in and cancel the membership which i havent even paid for so technically didnt even start).i did not remember and after a month, i got an outstanding balabce of $58.I called the helpline and they told me that i have to pay $80 sumthing plus cancellation feee for brekaing a one year contract.I told them that i never asked for a one yera contract and she told me that i had signed the basically the lady at the club lied to me saying im signing you up for a one month contract when she made a contract for one year.i called the headoffice and they told me they cant do anything.i talked to the lady who made the contract and she wont answer when i aske dher why she made me sign a one year contract and told me she can waive off the cancellation fee cuz she knew she tricke dme into it.she told me ill still have to pay the outstanding balance bcz i didnt cancel the contract.i told her tat she told me i can come in whenever to cancel it and she was adamant syaing i told u u have 10 days.i told her if she had mentioned 10 dyas, i wudve come and cancelled but she wont accept her fault.she blame dme syaing if u hadnt recieved the notice of outstanding fee, u wudve never cancelled the contract which i found very rude.i told her i wudve made it quick to cancel it if i ha dknown the time period and charges which se shudve mentioned when i told her im not joining the facility.

  • An
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    Same thing happened to me. While I was exercising one trainer approached me and began talking to me about how effectively she can make me loose extra pounds. She was so smooth. I signed in for 10 lessons for $ 600. When she was makin up the schedule for me all of a sudden she was not available this day and that day. So my three times a week was redused to two times a week and at the end I havn't lost a pound. So I asked her what is going on. WHy am I not loosing weight. Basically we were not doing anything different that I was doing by myself before. She didn't answer. When my 10 lessons was up I told her that because I havn't lost one pound I was not very happy. SHe just walked away. I went to my bank and put, , stop payment, , on Goodlife membership and after that they called my and said that they will send my outstanding ballance to collection . I told them to go ahead . THey never did. SO. Thats my story. THey are out to get your money and make themseves rich . THey don't care about your health or shape. This is what its all about. Money. Just remmeber that. The 1 year contract is the RED FLAG! Its like going to see a movie to the theater and they ask you to buy tickets for a whole year. Rediculous! Many clubs are on the monthly basis and this is how it should be. If for some reason you don't like it, or don't feel like working out anymore the choice should be yours and yours only!

  • To
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    Goodlife fitness is a sham they do not care about the people or there belongings that use the facility. They could care less if you use the gym. Aslong as they get your money thats all they care about!!! (poor cust service)

    I started to use this gym in july 2008 and stopped using it because it is not open late enough to get there in time to use it, and also becasue
    A} there were always postings about theft in locker rooms and how they were not resposible!!
    B} you could not have a locker to use for your deration of your contract, as they had postings that any locks left on the locker would be cut off at the end of each day!!!
    C} also because i'm going into the army and will not be around for 3 yrs

    I haven't used this gym since mddle of June 2008 mostly because every time i went there they were closed. I called the help center now wich is the middle of september 2008 explaing to them why i haven't used the gym and want to cancell . They still want $24.75 for the biweekly payment aswel as $99.99 cancelation fee. When I asked the lady to talk to a manager she replie "managers doesn't take calls"and to write him a letter. WHAT THE ### IS THAT!!! what kind of business is this??????????? I was told to write a letter. rather then putting me on hold so i can get this straighted out asap.

    Any other business would love you freed back to see whats going on in there place of business to try to enprove it in anyway possible not hide from them!!!

    That to me is complete ### why do they have a $99.99 cancelation fee, why can't you talk to a manager???????

    because they know that there gym is not the best out there and they just do not care???????????????????????????????

    I was fool enough to try them out with out researching it first. I will never do that again there are alot of true complaints about the same stuff over and over again wich again is a result of lack of commitment for this place to keep customers happy!

    As for my outstanding bill the can go to hell before they get my money.

  • Ka
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    OMG I can't believe this! The same thing happened to me! I signed up with a 3 month summer contract and got tricked into a one year - now I have to pay a cancellation fee and they already took $30 out of my bank account despite the fact that I paid $300 for my membership + personal training (which I never recieved!)
    I will be out approx. $450 because of this gym and am not in any better shape. I am a student and can't afford this ###. DON'T GET TRICKED, GO TO ANOTHER GYM!!! This is a horrible, corrupt corporation.
    (I got tricked at the Queen Street location in Ottawa).

  • Ai
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    Just remember GoodLife is in the business of sales - not fitness. Apparently, a disgusting gym doesn't mean anything. If you are considering signing on in Kingston, Ontario. Don't do it - it's a filthy place to work out. And, it still cost me the $99 cancellation.

  • Sm
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    so im a member at the goodlife in ajax, and where do i begin:
    when you sign up, theyre all smiles. But whenyou ask for something, its a huge fuss. i.e. do you have a band aid?

    also, the management at the club is very poor. its a fitlhy gym, its run by immature kids, who are nowhere near "professional". their conduct and demeanour is very foul, and not typical for a fitness center but maybe a highschool hallway. The management team refuses to action member requests, such as a cleaner locker room, paper towel inthe dispenser and soap in the dispenser.

    the gym is also very filthy, and is poorly maintained. The training studios are rented out and given priority over paying members, and these studios are left in a mess after these private users. A mess which is not cleaned up for a day or 2.

    ive brought this issue to the attention of their head office and as previously mentioned inother complains.. its the same "SOL" company line that others have recieved.

  • Je
      7th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    All of you need to stop complaining about things that you could have stopped in the beginning. ALWAYS read things before you signing them. Is it Goodlife's fault that you didn't read what you were signing? No, they are going to take your money (you allowed them to and they are a business) if you don't like the club, don't join. You really should look into thing, like hours of operation, before you join something.
    You have 10 days to try it an can cancel if you don't like it. If you forget to cancel in the 10 days, well that's your problem and your fault.
    Of course you can't have a locker all to yourself for the 2 or 3 years you joined. They don't have enough lockers for everyone to do that. I don't know what your problem is with bring your stuff in and out. I don't know of any gym that would give every single member their on locker.
    Why don't you just use your gym membership and get in shape?

  • Am
      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    Actually, it's bolded on the back, and the term of the contract is written my the salesperson in the front so it should stand out, but they should tell you that. You sign a contract for one year, 'tis how it is. Many many companies have the same thing. I'm so excited for when my Rogers account is up!!! PEOPLE HAVE TO READ CONTRACTS BEFORE SIGNING THEM. It's YOUR fault. And why would GoodLife be responsible because someone else stole your stuff? And to the person who didn't lose weight, I'm sorry that happened, keep trying! Unfortunetly excercise isn't magic. You need to change your lifestyle. If you eat horrible food you won't lose weight. It's all about calorie input vs output.

  • Tj
      17th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Read Contracts Before Signing Them! Before signing up for anything request a copy of their contract terms in a legible font (i.e. not fineprint and faint grey ink) and take away with you and read on your own time. If you are satisfied with it then sign up. If they are unwilling to do this, then like Goodlife, they are a disreputable company. There is grounds out there to fight based on oppouruntiy to read contract and false representation but with the document of proof in the contract and the fineprint on the back you have to stand your ground. These companies dont care about your health and fitenss, they care about the money. What does it actually cost them to cancel a contract? $0. You arent using there facilities? A quick mark on the computer and your membership access is gone. Thats it! You are but a number. Member Number 12345.

  • Sp
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    I was really shocked by Goodlife's practices. I paid $99 for one year rather than take two years for free, stopped going. Assumed at the end of the one year, that would be the end of me and Goodlife. WRONG! Contract was over, membership was not. I didn't notice the $50 out of my bank account for a long time. When I did, I phoned, arranged to come in and sign the papers to cancel. When I cancelled I was advised that they drain on my bank account would continue for two more payments.. six weeks! deliberately misleading. At one point I was afraid the place was going to close because there was never anyone in there, but obviously they don't need anyone to actually go there to make money! Beware Beware Beware!

  • Fe
      30th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    We got a letter from Casey Van Moorlehem demanding that my son pay the fees that he supposedly owed to Good Life Fitness within 7 days. We called Good Life Fitness and informed them that my son had canceled his one month free trial membership on the last day the free trial ended. He had hand given a letter withdrawing from the contract to the person at the front desk of the facility. She never gave him a letter confirming his wishes to withdraw. About a month later my son had noticed that Good Life was still withdrawing money out of his bank account. So he put a stop on it and written another letter withdrawing from their contract and demanded that they reimburse him the money they took after he had withdrawn the first time. He had mailed it to them this time. He never received a confirmation letter from them confirming the membership was indeed canceled. After five months of no word from them at all he received a letter from Casey Van Moorlehem Barristers and Solicitors, demanding he pay his outstanding fees within 7 days. When he spoke to Good Life Fitness he was told that he has to pay it because they said that never received any of those letters, and even tho we had copies of those letters they told us that there is no proof that we actually sent the letters to Good Life Fitness. Furthermore, we found out that part of those charges are a cancellation fee that they charge that supposedly are written on the back of the agreement. We informed them that there is nothing written on the back of the copy my son was given that shows that there is a cancellation fee of $99.99. I argued with them over this and told them that this has been badly mishandled and that I believed that my son who is only 19 and unaware of fine print in contracts was taken advantage of and was scammed by them. My problem is now what to do about this should he pay the full amount or not before we start getting those harassing calls? Does this affect his credit rating? He's only 19 and should not have to suffer because of incompetent workers and hidden fees. Any suggestions?

  • La
      27th of May, 2009
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    owned noobs! l2 get fit.

  • Vi
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    I had this horrible experience in my life that no one has gone through or at least i am hoping no one should go through at least to lose weight...I went to this goodlife fitness at Greenbank, Ottawa. I signed up for the program, then after 2 weeks, I lost my job. So I left a letter of cancellation of my membership for the manager at the reception desk since the manager was unavailable. Then i called the manager to notify over the phone that i have cancelled my membership, she told me "DON"T WORRY I WILL TAKE CARE OF IT". She never mentioned that there is a $100 cancellation fee. I also called the head office to notify them that I am cancelling my membership with them. The head office told me about the $100 cancellation fee. I asked the manager to waive the fee b.c I don't have a job. She was never there every single time I called and left messages and they were never return to me with a solution. Finally on Aug14, 2009, I went to the Greenbank location on person, still the manager was not available, so I asked for someone to help me, since the manager was not there. I did get a cancellation form and also when I asked they did say that they will waive the $100 fee. Now I got a notice, that I have been billed since the day I cancel my membership with them, of $265, so they are asking me to pay for it or they will send my
    name to the collection. How could they do this? The manager was irresponsible to put that i cancelled my membership in June and now I have to pay for her mistake???? the mean time the manager called me this morning saying that the $100 cancellation fee that
    she has waived is put back on and I have to pay for it...Where is justice? We live in Canada, Right?

  • Kr
      4th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have a corporate membership to Goodlife and had 38 sessions bought with a personal trainer there. I have had very good results with this trainer> Unfor I find out that yesterday the trainer was escorted away and does not work for them anymore. I want a refund of my remaining money for the sessions about $2200.00. The fitness manager says that they will put me with another trainer, but I do not want another one, I just want my money back. Does anyone know if I have any case to get my remaining sessions reimbursed?

  • Iz
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    Yesterday evening, i left my $300 glasses in my locker. Next thing to know after my workout it was gone. I tried talking to the staff member in the front desk, but he refused to cooperate efficiently.

    Goodlife needs to come up with better security systems in change-rooms.

  • Pr
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    Goodlife fitness is a sham, take this from me because I work on the inside and I see these problems that all of you have everyday. Gyms are not approprietly stocked with proper sanitizer equipment and even sometimes go with out papertowl for days! actualy new record... A week!

    I have spoken out to higher up goodlife and I have had a reply but they brushed it off as if it was nothing. It is poorly micromanaged actually. The real problem is the management above club level cycles through new club managers all the time and they actually get fired for BS reasons that are out of the club managers control. Head Office just likes to put the blame on clubs individually. Another problem is... customers with any issues that the manager was trying to take care of has to start all over with a fresh off the boat manager that gets thrown right into the chaos that has no idea how to fully run the gym yet...

    Head office gives each gym a budget to go towards to make sure upkeep is proper, The problem is the clubs are underpayed to make sure everything gets done properly. Club level will contact head office regarding it and they will either terminate us or tell us to suck it up, Another thing is... pay sucks because our pay is based on our upkeep budget, so staff are getting messed around just as bad as the members are. Its a lose lose situation here and a big win for headoffice realing in the dough.

    So if your wondering who the real enemy is here... think agian. So much for top 50 managed companies eh?

  • Mi
      10th of May, 2010
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    How do I cancel my member? Is there a number I need to call or a fax number to send a letter to??

  • An
      14th of May, 2010
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    the cancellation crap is probably buried in the fine print, but I was stupid and went by the statement of the club owner. I asked on multiple occasions, both over the phone and in person if there were cancellation fees, as I intended to cancel my membership in three months time, because I was in Ottawa temporarily and there was no good life in my hometown. However, when I cancelled my membership I got some made up crap about a fee they had to charge which made no sense. The charge was about 90 bucks. He didnt admit that the fee was a cancellation fee, but that is obviously what it was. So much for any prospects of me joining good life in the future, as they are building a good life in my hometown. Rat [censor].

  • Br
      2nd of Jun, 2010
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    I actually just cancelled my membership a week or so ago, and i had no problem cancelling it. But I never payed for one month because I wasn't going, and now I apparently owe the bank money on top of goodlife, and i got a letter saying i owe them money and now they're charging an extra 25 dollars for it being late. Well i cancelled it because i have no money, so how am i going to pay for these fees? They're gonna try and take money out in a month, but since its cancelled, does anyone know if they can actually take money out? Never signing up with goodlife again. I never noticed how many problems peole were having with them!

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