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GoodLife Fitness / bad business-poor ettiquette

1 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Recently Goodlife took over for Gold's in a plaza on Chemong. I used to attend the original Goodlife 6 days a week and followed them to the new facility. It definitely took some getting used too, but since switching over I have heard stories of bullying and harassment from old Gold's members, as well as poor manners from former Gold's employees(trainers). I even at one point over heard a trainer talking badly about Goodlife and how he would be going to another gym because of the change over(he is still training for Goodlife). The trainers, mainly from Goodlife, but some from Gold's also are anything BUT professional. Often trips to the gym end in frustration with poor gym etiquette, messy gym floor, inappropriately stored equipment, misused machines and just missing parts on top of dirt and hair in the tanning beds and a change room with only one garbage and a shower that has been out of order for 3+ months now. At one point in time the Male change room was without hot water for 6 whole days and the dry sauna, as far as I can remember, has never worked.
But my trip to the gym today took the cake. When I changed and walked out onto the workout floor I went over to a row of 3 squat racks. In this already congested area there were 3 bench press bars on the floor, a yoga ball, 2 medicine balls and 2 bench's completely out of place along with two members who brought their bags and clothes onto the floor. These members specifically were using chalk (which I didn't think was allowed) and the chalk dust was EVERYWHERE. I have chalk dust on my gym shoes and on my gym bag still because of the amount of chalk. One guy was lying stomach down on the floor for the entirety of my workout and the other sat on the bar of the rack. They watched me do my work out as well as talked and joked with a Gold's trainer who was also working out on a separate machine. The gym was not empty, it was actually particularly busy for this time (Sunday-3pm) and these two men were taking up an unrealistic amount of space!!! The trainer said nothing about the obscene mess there were making or about the fact that neither of these men were wearing shoes.
Once before, 2 men from Gold's verbally attacked 2 young men from Goodlife for improper form during a shoulder press! The behavior among the gym members is atrocious not to mention the behavior of the staff. Some are exceptional and I would be very forthright to give names of those. But there are a certain few trainers and staff that either have no idea what is going on in the day to day or make it very clear that they do not want to be there or help.
I am completely understanding of the transition and the growing pains that can be experienced with these changes but the management has turned a complete blind eye to the disgusting conditions in and out of the change room as well as the blatant bullying and harassment that can be experienced on the workout floor.
I welcome comments, or contact with anyone from Goodlife or otherwise to further discuss this, as well as a handful of suggestions I have to improve the service and possibly make it a more welcoming place for all of the current members.

Apr 14, 2013

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