GoodLife Fitnesstaking advantage of students

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Former goodbody fitness centre but now owned by goodlife fitness. Selling one year memberships to university students knowing full well that they are moving back home after their seven months at school.
I had a three-month membership for first term. When it was bought over by goodlife, the three-month memberships went away and I was told in january that I have to sign up for a yearly membership. I told them repeatedly I only wanted three more months. They insisted that they were extending my membership to a year.
My girlfriend's parents phoned the gym directly and they accommodated her with another three-month membership. When I asked why I didn't get the same, they just said it was 'a special arrangement just for her'. Nice.
Now they are trying to collect for a bunch of months when I was gone and can't use their membership (No goodlife in my town). Now they have sent my outstanding balance to a snake lawyer in calgary named peter stephan to collect.
Head office mandarins just repeated over and over that I signed knowing full well it was for a year and that the conditions are all outlined in detail in the fine print. I. E. Tough luck.
Don't sign up with these people. They have no concept of customer service... Very short-sighted.


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      Aug 09, 2011

    That said, are they right, that you knew you signed for a full year? If so, WHY DID YOU SIGN? You knoew, probably better than they did, that you didn't have a GoodLife Fitness close to your home. You also knew (and they didn't have to ask you!) that you were moving back home at the end of the year...
    It is sad to read so-called complaints about people that want a service but not be bound by what they sign in the contract. That is your own name you are signing at the bottom of that contract: respect it and read the WHOLE contract... So, you feel pressured by the sales person sitting accross from you while you read it??? Too bad for them: they don't have to stay in front of you if they don't like it!

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      Sep 02, 2011
    Goodlife Fitness - Opaque Policies
    Goodlife Fitness

    Be weary of signing any contract with them, many are meticulously worded and in fact extend past a mentioned date or allow to withdraw additional amounts of money that they see fit.

    Very shady business, avoid at all costs

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      Sep 02, 2011
    Goodlife Fitness - Still taking cash after 2 cancellations
    GoodLife Fitness
    United States

    I signed up at goodlife fitness, my membership term expired and I stayed on. In June 2009 I called to cancel my membership the manager at Deerfoot Meadows did tell me no problem your membership is canceled.

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      Apr 25, 2015

    What I find more appaling, is the lies by the sales people.

    I received the exact same letter. Only in this case, I cancelled many months ago and have even received
    a cancellation letter from Goodlife. The person I signed up with also made no mention of a contract, and said I
    could cancel at any time.
    Canic, its sad to see companies trying to collect money using scare tactics. I will definitely NEVER return to Goodlife Fitness again!

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      Jul 15, 2016

    Goodlife is linked to this SCAM. I owe nothing. I have an apology in writing for over-charging...and a collection notice. Poor form Patch!

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